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More Transmission Things | Toyota Crown Restoration

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There are good days and there a bad days. Today falls under the bad day category. It wasn’t all bad though …. we still made some progress. Got some seals changed, started replacing old fluids. Slowly we’ll get the Crown back to it’s prime. Thanks for watching, please subscribe for more!!

What’s going on indium crew in this video we’re gonna be working on the toyota crown so we have a little bit more work to do well actually have a lot more work to do but we did a little bit of work behind the scenes we retrofitted the drums that we purchased to fit on to the car so the car has new rear drums we replace the spark plugs we got used spark plug wires so

Ones that are much better than the ones that are on the car where all the car previously are we installed on the car now and we installed or we replace the rear differential fluid so now that that stuff’s wrapped up today we need to get the output and input shaft seals on the transmission replaced we need to get the rear main seal on the engine replaced we need to

Get the pilot bearing replaced and we need to get the transmission by the bearing the transmission installed and in that car so then we’ll be on just the tail end of it just the tail end of the race and we’ll be done so without further ado let’s get into it all right guys we got hemorrhoids oh shoot that’s for our other video i’ll ship your meal here burgers

Quick before we get copyrighted we got a new invention here yeah we’re gonna use a for all the tape in a block of wood so let’s go alright guys we’re closing off the video here short video today we wanted to get a lot more done we didn’t get the transmission in the car because it’s right behind us we destroyed the seal which means we have to buy and true

Ndm fashion we ruined another seal what and we’re not talking about the seal that is the animal we’re talking about a seal on a car but luckily it wasn’t the rear main seal the rear main seal went great the fabled technique of using the scotch tape worked fantastic jing tape roll of packaging tape ok packaging tape wherever it says scotch inside of this it’s a

Scotch brand sponsor us a sponsor a scotch yeah so we need to reorder the output shaft seal because we destroyed that reinstalling it because we didn’t have the right tool as per usual yeah and we currently destroyed the pinion bearing or pilot bearing sorry yeah because we didn’t have it bearing using bits and pieces didn’t have the proper tool so in the process

Of us taking it out it got mangled time it’s the old one we don’t need it it’s the old one it’s just a matter of getting it off and then we’ll be able to get the new one on that’s fine but that’s why you know we’re calling it we’re calling it yeah we’re like we’ve had enough it’s uh we’ve been battling for a few hours but you know what we’ve had some really good

Days lately so it’s just bound that but like it’s about time that we have a crappy day so we still got some stuff done got some stuff done and that’s pretty much it but see you guys next time peace out stay classy crew

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More Transmission Things | Toyota Crown Restoration By New Dimension Motorsports