Most EXPENSIVE Car Weve Filmed | 2022 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

The Maybach S580 is one of the most luxurious sedans in the world. At a starting price of $240,000 CAD, the Maybach S-Class features a number of upgrades over the regular Mercedes.

My favorite part about the maybach is the different fragrances i just love it when these expensive cars give us different types of cologne for us men fragrance my drug dealers this is the mybach so this is the most expensive vehicle we’ve had right here in our studio this thing is a whopping almost three hundred thousand dollars canadian this is the s580

Maybach but there’s also an s680 my buck that has a v12 but in canada we only get this boy that has the v8 inside but who cares about that there are so many toys on this thing that blows away the regular mercedes-benz s580 that we already reviewed so i’m gonna spend a lot of this video on all the coolest stuff about this my box so here are the top 10 things on

Why i’d buy this mybach the most compelling reason to buy this mybach is for these seats check this out seat positioning and give me the sleepy sleep give me the first class and there’s so much going on i have no idea there’s just a lot of movement so this thing comes up and then that thing comes up for my heel take me to my mansion driver so we’re given hands

Instead of pulling buttons we just use our hand to close the door bye bye peace so if the driver picks up food or you want to work on your laptop where do you work do you have a tray table of course you do it’s a my box check this out folds up rotate and then it opens up it’s a bit hard but voila so i could use the handle to get out but that’s disgusting

Weak is much better thank you check this out how cool is this it shoots lasers based on the temperature i pick so if i go hotter it goes red if i go colder it goes blue and then if i alternate i get this cool it’s like playing video games next up are these fancy flutes here you go darling put it right here in this little clip it holds right there and i take one

For myself and we want some privacy so let’s load up cheers so i’m done with my drinks and i want to clean this all up instead of pushing it forward i simply have this button and it closes i have to turn the volume down this thing has 30 speakers this burmeister sound system is crazy everywhere i look there are speakers i couldn’t even turn it past a quarter

What what and yes this 30 speaker burmeister sound system does have active noise cancellation but it also has something called 4d sound which basically has speakers in the seats that not just over here to give you sound but in the seats to give you bass and it’s very bassy and no matter how loud i turn this thing up no matter how loud i haven’t gone past halfway it

Is crystal clear this is by far the best sound system hands down in any vehicle that i’ve ever driven this has a 13 000 option for all elements leather which includes this headliner it’s fully stitched leather in different portions it’s so nice it’s softer than nappa leather fancy so my favorite thing about this benz i mean my buck is something called energizing

Comfort and what that does is it changes the leds all over the car this ambient lighting is crazy the craziest ambient lighting oh thank you for passing my seatbelt yes this has an assisted rear seat belt as well it has an airbag in it but it doesn’t matter energizing comfort is king because it massages me in different ways based on the theme i pick so anything

You pick changes the color changes the massage you get change the heated seats changes everything about everything just by picking freshness warmth vitality joy well-being forest glade marry me so i’m going to start the maibok drive in my bach diamond mode and that basically just illuminates all did i say illuminates i mean eliminates all the bumps in the

Road it’s buttery smooth and you could just fall asleep it’s so smooth and it’s so quiet and when you start this thing up you can’t even hear that it’s on it’s like ultra quiet and then there’s something called curve mode an interesting part about this is that you can get two different options you can get the back wheels to turn four and a half degrees or a 10

Degree turn which means the back wheels turn to make the 360s really easy so there’s no three-point turning in this big boat it’s just simply a turn it’s so good it’s so easy to turn this thing but that also works with curve mode and tries to flatten the car when you go around corners so that nothing in the car flies left and right but look at this turning this

Is crazy this steering like this is wild i feel like that back wheel doesn’t move it just stays planted and then the whole car just rotates that’s amazing that part is cool but it’s just interesting how they have two types of degrees a four and a half and a ten that cost thirteen hundred dollars why not just throw it in all right so now i’m in curve mode here

And there’s a bunch of curves this is so smooth oh man this thing does handle pretty well it’s a little bit floaty but this thing is what if i told you how fast i’m driving right there that i do not feel at all wow wow the other interesting thing about this thing is that i would expect it to weigh like 6 000 pounds but it was 4 900 pounds which isn’t even

Heavy when you think about these type of vehicles they’re always extra heavy so when you’re driving along you don’t take your eyes off the road this has a massive heads up display where it tells you the speed you’re driving the speed limit it tells you to keep you in your lane it also has the coolest augmented reality that has blue little arrows that point to go

The direction you want to go when you put an address in the navigation system so a really good job i like how it says straight and then when you’re approaching it it kind of becomes bigger and it’s left left left similar to what the escalade does but this is a cleaner system and it’s more accurate i find and it’s more like augmented there’s just bigger it’s just

More in your face than what the escalade provides so this car starts at 240 000 canadian and this thing is equipped just under 300 000 at about 295 000 bucks and it’s kind of weird because it has all these maybach type pieces like maybach everywhere even the display has a million may box and there’s maybach here maybach there but it’s so similar to the s-class

That was like half the price and that benz had the exact same interior color so i feel like i’m driving the bends and this display is exactly the same everything’s the same even this badge says mercedes right on the steering wheel so what’s up with that mercedes even the glass says mercedes like says mercedes not just the emblem it physically says mercedes and

From an engine perspective this doesn’t make any more power than the regular s580 makes 496 horsepower and 518 pound-feet of torque which is plenty to propel this thing it does have some electrification involved a 48 volt battery but it’s exactly the same as the benz so you’re really paying for the outside the fact this looks like a maybach i’m sure there are dudes

Out there that’ll take the regular s-class and put this pin striping on it throw some maybach badges and that is it and they’re rocking maybach that’s all it takes really so you can save a lot of moolah now the hood is definitely different you have this chrome strip that lines right in the center nothing in the back but when i look at this rear view mirror i do

See this cool little pinstripe maybach piece back there it looks so luxurious i’m really just trying to scrape for really 150 000 bucks here i know it’s hard from a driver’s perspective augmented reality is super cool the gesture control super cool the 3d dash super cool 150 000 bucks one thing i can’t deny though is the eyeballs this thing gets stared at

Everywhere i go i’ve had it for like six days now and no matter where i drive everybody’s staring at this thing it gets so much attention which is worth a hundred grand i guess from a marketing perspective everybody sees you everybody knows you that’s worth a hundred grand i’d say where’s my checkbook foreign

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