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Most Off-Road Capable Ford Ever? 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor | Buyers Guide | MotorTrend

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The Ford Bronco Raptor lends the Blue Oval’s retromodern off-road beast more power, more performance, and more attitude. We dive into what could be the most off-road-capable Ford ever built. Learn more about the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor right here ➡️

For the last four years i have been a judge at the hot wheels legends tour it’s a car show where people bring in vehicles that they’ve built we judge them and the winner becomes an actual hot wheel one of the criteria we use when we’re evaluating a car is is it going to be a cool children’s toy will it make a good hot wheel why am i mentioning this have you seen

The raptor foreign it’s not really called the raptor technically speaking the name of this thing is the ford bronco raptor what is it many years ago ford built the raptor they took an f-150 pickup truck they made it wider they put long travel suspension on it and they basically built a baja pre-runner they could go over almost anything people loved it massive

Success they’ve applied the same formula to the bronco they put on these 37-inch wheels they gave it more power the raptor just kicks it up past 11 and this truck can do almost anything which leads me to this tricky part and that’s the competition what does this compete with the obvious one is going to be the jeep wrangler rubicon maybe the rivion r1s and r1 team

A forerunner g-wagging kinda not really you know as it stands i think you’re looking at the king of the production off-road suvs as for the design nailed it just look at it it’s so cool a couple things to point out it’s got the raptor grille so it just says ford and you know massive fonts it just looks so purpose-built i i love the front of this thing coming down

You’ve got these tough running boards gun sights are cool one bit of controversy these fenders here these flares the internet hates them they think they look cheap i think they look cheap but it’s okay because of the type of off-roading you’re gonna do with the raptor is so extreme make them look cheap and easy to replace when you get out back they have a 37 inch

Tire on a wheel carrier with the chimpsil that’s the third brake light and a backup camera like only a factory is gonna be able to do this the best way i can end this is by saying that if i were you know judging i would vote for this to become a hot wheels i’m inside the raptor and i gotta say everything i didn’t like about the interior of the bronco ford fixed

So i really like this thing they put this like tactical the sticky rubbery material all over the place up here on the dash on the grab handles which are located all over the place and it just feels tougher more substantial more solid these seats are really nice i think these are raptor specific seats and then you’ve just got this great layout like you do in the

Regular bronco these switches here your lockers your trail turn controls they’re right here they’re logical they make sense they’re not buried in the screen however what a great screen all kinds of technology does everything you’ve got your goat mode selector go over any terrain goat mode get it they’ve just done a great job very comfortable plenty of room in the

Back seat and as far as the cargo area goes it’s not quite as good as a wrangler but it’s good enough the raptor interior i think it’s great performance well are we talking on-road or off-road start with on-road ford gave the raptor a bigger engine so instead of the 2.7 liter twin turbo v6 you’d find in the regular bronco you’ve got a three liter twin turbo v6

That here makes 418 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque pretty decent numbers all of that power goes into a 10-speed automatic transmission and it hits just the rear wheels this weighs about a thousand pounds more than a regular bronco ford is saying 5700 pounds we think it can hit 60 miles an hour in 5.5 seconds which is pretty good for something this size

Fuel economy it’s rated at 15 miles per gallon city 16 on the highway i saw about 11.7 and that was after a lot of freeway driving so not very efficient but that’s on-road all that matters is off-road and i can’t really explain how capable this thing is but i will leave this vehicle performance wise is the king of the production off-road vehicles for now safety

We don’t know because nobody has crash tested a raptor nitza did crash test a regular bronco but remember that’s a very different vehicle it gets a three-star rollover rating as far as standard active safety features go this thing comes with a lot blind spot monitoring rear cross traffic alerts emergency lane keeping assist it also has some optional stuff like

Adaptive cruise control and evasive steering how much the raptor begins life at over 70 thousand dollars this one sitting here is a bit over 77 000 bucks okay that’s a lot of money but what about the competition that jeep 392 with the extreme recon package that’s like a little over 85 000 a ford raptor about 84 000 a little more than that those rivings we were

Talking about the two motors not out yet which would be in the you know 70 some thousand dollar range the four motor that’s going to be over a hundred thousand dollars when you expect it for the off-road equivalent so you know in terms of value within its segment raptor is a pretty good deal if there’s one thing i want you to know about the 2022 ford bronco raptor

Aka raptor it’s that it is the most capable production off-road vehicle you can buy ford took the bronco which is a decent truck had some flaws and they fixed everything that was wrong with it and then by blending in the raptor technology they have created an actual monster the raptor can go over more obstacles and take you to places that no other vehicle on earth

Can yet it remains great to drive on a regular road that’s hard to do but ford and ford performance they did it to see vehicle rankings and a complete buyer’s guide please visit cars

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