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The electric car market in the uk is absolutely booming at the moment with a new model seemingly being produced every other week now genesis might be a relative newcomer to the uk but it isn’t wasting any time in bringing its own ev here and that brings us to this it’s the gv60 now we’ve been given a sneak peek of this car ahead of its full launch here in the uk

So we’re going to take you through some of the really cool features that this new electric car has the gv60 arrives as the sixth car in the genesis lineup here in the uk and so that means that while it’s got an innovative and exciting exterior design it does have a couple of features which ties it together with the rest of the genesis range these include these

Distinctive headlights and around the back you’ll see that the rear lights mirror this design too as we move along the side of the car you can see that the door handles are flush and they only pop out when you press the key and want to gain access to the vehicle and we also have these really cool streamline cameras which relay what they’re seeing to the inside and

Act as a replacement to conventional door mirrors overall it’s a really exciting design and there are going to be other colors available so if this yellow isn’t for you and you can change it should you want to the gv60 is absolutely packed full of technology including these digital wing mirrors but it makes the cabin a really exciting place to be so let’s dive in

And check it out even the process of starting the gv60 you get a sense of what this car is about get it going and this all spins around now i think that’s fantastic and it’s a feature that you might have seen on the genesis x concept car which we shot recently now what do you think of that do you think that’s a little bit over the top but personally i think it’s

Great and that gives you access to your gear selector controls elsewhere things are really good we’ve got a huge screen set up ahead of us with a large infotainment in the middle and then digital dials ahead of you which shows all of your key information as well as your range which is obviously quite important in the middle we’ve got physical controls for heating

And ventilation with these toggle switches for the temperature which is really nice because it means you can get the temperature exactly how you like it without having to fiddle through the screens themselves and then there’s practicality on board too you’ve got a large space in the middle here and then interestingly you’ve got this drawer set up in place of the

Conventional glove box overall it’s just a really exciting and interesting place to be the first thing that stands out at you when you sit in the back of the gv60 is the material quality it’s it’s really good you’ve got some nice stitching here you’ve got some brighter elements work there and overall it just feels very very pleasant these seats in particular are

Cooled as well and you do get some nice big cup holders at the side which is kind of a rarity for rear seat passengers and then there’s the space of course because you’ve got no transmission tunnel and you’ve got a nice flat floor you’ve got plenty of legroom and plenty of headroom too and in the middle there’s a huge storage area which is actually large enough to

Fit an entire umbrella should you want to so it’s really got a lot of practicality on its side as well come around to the rear of the car there are some more really exciting features including this full black spoiler which blends really nicely into this full glass hatch of course we’ve got to talk about practicality here so in terms of boot space the gv60 offers

432 litres of load area and as you can see it’s quite high but the load lip is small too there’s a small section of under floor storage area there there’s an extra load area in the front which is a great place to store your charging cables when it comes to the powertrain underpinning the gv60 there are going to be three different options there’s 168 kilowatt rear

Wheel drive single motor model then there are two dual motor options providing all-wheel drive the first is slightly less powerful while the second has two 160 kilowatt electric motors mounted on each axle however this can also be increased to 180 kilowatts by pressing the boost button on the steering wheel and this extends the power for about 10 seconds so it’s

Great for when you’re overtaking then in terms of range it’s the rear-wheel drive option that’ll give you the most amount of distance between charges and that brings 320 miles after that you’ve got 292 miles and 289 miles from the two dual motor models respectively the gv60 also has the ability to charge at speeds of up to 350 kilowatts and this is ultra rapid

And in fact means that you could do a 10 to 80 charge in just 18 minutes however hook it up to a 50 kilowatt charger which there are more of dotted around the uk and you’ll see a 10 to 80 charge conducted in just over an hour of course the proof is always in the driving but even through this initial look of the gv60 things look really promising it’s got a fantastic

Interior it’s got a spacious cabin overall and of course it’s got a really good range to back all of that package up we are going to be excited to get behind the wheel of this car but even this initial look shows that things are very promising indeed you

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