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Motorweek 2001 Subaru Forester Road Test

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Motorweek 2001 Subaru Forester Road Test. I don’t own this video.

News more than 25 years ago a little japanese car company began selling a four-wheel drive passenger car here in america it quickly developed a small core of devoted believers but it was largely overlooked by the masses years later when the company announced that it would build all of its cars with full-time all-wheel drive the response was hardly overwhelming

Then a funny thing happened the term sport utility vehicle took hold in the mainstream vocabulary and that company subaru soon found its cars very much in demand plus subaru even did its own suv the forester and now with a new freshening the latest forester is all the reasons subaru is still riding an all-wheel drive high and that high with the public showing a

Continued thirst for suvs doesn’t seem likely to end anytime soon so with the 2001 forester subaru has taken up the mantra often echoed in times of prosperity don’t mess with success so with the exception of a new chrome grille and bumper in the front and a new premium package for s models that adds monochromatic styling freshly designed 16-inch alloy wheels and a new

Rear bumper and tail lights the forester concept basically remains the same rugged little ride we came to appreciate when it was a member of our long-term test fleet several years ago much of that rugged reputation is owed to subaru’s two proven all-wheel drive systems that come standard on all subaru vehicles equip your forester with a 5-speed manual transmission

And you’ll get the continuous all-wheel drive system that employs a viscous coupling in the center differential that delivers power and an even 50 50 split between front and rear opt for the 4-speed automatic and your all-wheel drive system is governed by an electronic variable transfer clutch and a transmission control module with this system power is split at

90 percent front 10 percent rear bias in normal driving conditions if slippage is detected in the front wheels hydraulic pressure is applied to the plates in the transfer clutch sending the needed amount of power to the rear wheels forester s models also get a standard viscous limited slip rear differential also contributing to the forester’s rugged character is

The sturdy 2.5 liter single overhead cam 16-valve horizontally opposed four-cylinder that powers this little sport youth with 165 horsepower and 166 pound-feet of torque running through the four-speed automatic it powered us to 60 and 9.1 seconds and through the quarter mile at 16.9 seconds at 80 miles per hour torque comes on strong at 3 000 rpm reaching its peak

At 4 000 but the forester continues to pull strongly all the way to the red line at 6100 rpm the four-wheel disc abs control brakes also performed strongly bringing us consistently to a stop from 60 and an average 129 feet pedal feel is excellent and tracking is true despite a fair amount of nose dive forester l models come with a disc drum configuration a run

Through the low speed slalom also revealed a fair amount of body roll and tire rollover but the forester still felt nimble turn ends displayed a bit of mild understeer and are not overly precise but nothing in the forester’s demeanor is unpredictable the forester sports a fully independent heavy duty raised type strut and coil springs suspension with stabilizer bars

Its softness so noticeable in low speed maneuvers pays handsome dividends on the highway by delivering a ride that belies its relatively short 99.4 inch wheelbase while inside the forester’s comfortable accommodations belie its rugged nature there you’ll find manually operated firm and supportive bucket seats that are available with heated surfaces and side impact

Airbags the forester s also adds a leather wrapping to the tilting steering wheel shifter and handbrake as well as a very nice in-dash six-disc cd changer to the am fm cassette stereo go all out and add the premium package to your s model and you’ll get a moon roof that rivals the texas sky for size that’s big room in the back is more down to earth with seating

For three and three point belts for all passengers the 60 40 split seat backs fold nearly flat without having to remove the headrest opening the back up to 63.1 cubic feet 58.5 cubic feet if you have the moon roof we told you that thing was big leave the rear seats up and you have 32 cubic feet at your disposal moonroof or not to purchase the forester you’ll need

Twenty three thousand three hundred ninety dollars at your disposal slightly more for models like our forester s tester with premium package which went out the door for twenty five thousand four hundred twelve dollars in a field of small suvs where new competitors are sprouting up at a rapid rate the 2001 subaru forester uses handsome styling in a well-appointed

Cabin to distinguish itself from the rest of the crowd while a proven engine and all-wheel drive systems provide the distance that should keep it ahead of the crowd it’s a market-tested formula that has proven successful for subaru and unless someone messes with it should continue to do so i hope you’ll join us next week for more motor week and help us kick off the

20th season of television’s original automotive magazine we’ll test a new turbocharged powerhouse from porsche and an all new luxury ute from acura i’m john davis we’ll see you then to learn more about motorweek television’s original automotive magazine visit us online at or america online keyword pbs motorweek has been brought to you by

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Motorweek 2001 Subaru Forester Road Test By Hondata97