MSRP Miracles: Best Car Deals by Category

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With all this talk about dealerships jacking up the msrp the price of a new vehicle being on average over forty eight thousand dollars used car prices are more expensive than new car prices and interest rates and all that crap here are some good deals actually the best deals uh by category whether you need a small car large pickup this list right here will show you

The biggest discounts available right now i’m gonna give you the top three biggest discounts available on new cars nationwide by category these prices include all rebates and incentives so here’s some positive news all this negativity out there all the doom and gloom i’m gonna give you a little bit of everything so in the small car category top three that have the

Greatest percentage off msrp right now uh 2022 infiniti q50 two percent off msrp so the average discount almost 900 bucks you can get that vehicle for almost 49 gram uh 2022 volvo s60 two percent off the msrp on average is about 47 gram and then the chevy bolt 2022 14 off msrp the discount is over 5300 bucks the price of that on average is 39 000 mid-sized cars now

Gonna go through all of them so be patient uh one percent discount on a 2022 volkswagen rtion so the average msrp just over 42 gram uh genesis g80 2022 one percent off seventy thousand almost 71 000 for that and then a 2022 volkswagen passat uh average discount 44 off msrp about 1100 bucks 28 570 for that larger vehicles top three uh it’s about a push on the 2022

Genesis g90 76 gram a 2022 toyota avalon two percent off msrp about 800 bucks almost of the average discount that’s about a forty four thousand six hundred dollar vehicle on average and the chrysler 300 yeah 2022 still got that for the time being thirty eight thousand three forty average percentage off eight percent sports cars all right top three uh 2022 subaru

Wrx you can get one of those on average 33 grand save about two three hundred bucks dodge charger 2022 uh average discount five percent off msrp this is nationwide numbers now uh 44 grand on average and a dodge challenger forty one thousand dollars on average eight percent off msrp luxury vehicles maserati ghibli nine percent off msrp looking at still 82 grand

Maserati quattro porte saying that right 107 000 almost 108 000 but nine percent off msrp if you’re in that category and 10 off in alfa romeo julia at just over 50 grand 2022 small suv category now jeep renegade 2022 8 off average msrp is 3740. uh fiat 500x uh thirty thousand six seven six ninety five it’s a nine percent off ms srp and gene compass you can get one

Of those 12 off msrp average discount is 3 800 bucks so just around 31 grand for that mid-size suvs as we rattle them off here three percent off a chevy blazer so eleven hundred dollars in the average discount that’ll get you about 35 000 for that one 48 400 for a jeep grand cherokee seven percent off msrp 7 off msrp as well for the ford edge that’ll cost you about

48 grand large suvs as we go down the list here 2022 acadia six percent off msrp 36 gram jeep grand cherokee wk46.5 that’s a six percent discount off msrp 7 off msrp for dodge durango that’ll be 40 grand for the average msrp large actually just luxury suvs six percent off in alfa romeo stelvio 52 gram mercedes glc 7 off msrp 45 000 maserati levante 92 grand but

It’s 9 off msrp would be mid-size pickup trucks gladiator 2021 three percent off you get that for 40 gram a 2022 gladiator five percent off msrp 50 705 uh 2022 gmc canyon six percent off msrp 34 000 full-size pickup trucks uh 2021 ram 1500 seven percent off 41 6 2022 ram 1500 8 off msrp 46.2 and then around 1500 classic 10 off msrp that’ll be 46 335 and last but

Not least large pickup trucks uh almost a push on gosh all these 2023 silverado 2500 hd 70 000 295 you save about 800 bucks chevrolet silverado 2500 hd 2022 60 grand almost and the 2023 chevrolet silverado 3500 hd 2 off msrp and that’s at 1500 is a discount 72 almost 72 gram all right if you want to look for any vehicles in your zip code and get these deals and

See if there’s deals are being offered in your area quotes dot just type in the make model and your zip code that’s key because it’s going to show qualified dealers in your area they’re offering deals incentives and so on the lowest price is there if you don’t find what you’re looking for let’s say you are looking for

A silverado a chevy but there’s no chevy dealerships in your area expand your zip code and find something a little bit further away make the drive save some more money but these are the best deals by category top three right now around the country good luck hope it helps adios one final note if you are in the market for a new vehicle soon great connect with your

Local dealership and price and test drive at least three different vehicles a vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses can only be discovered when you are behind the wheel my reviews can be good but you need to test drive these yourself visit select the make model in your zip code and you’ll get invoice pricing in your area on those vehicles

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MSRP Miracles: Best Car Deals by Category By Everyman Driver