MTC CLUBMANS – Racing on the Best indoor RC car track.

Amazing rc cars driven by skilful drivers … The BRCA MTC clubman’s series visited Eastbourne and saw cars from several manufacturers battling it out on track.

Thank you thank you hello welcome to problem rc i’m carl this is mark and today we are at the mtc clubmans we are yeah it’s round six i believe and we are having a go today we covered it last time didn’t we round five at monkeys today where i’m gonna go well you’re having a go i’m having a go i’m on counter duty today so hopefully we can get some amazing

Footage of these cars in action thank you so the track carl this is probably one of the biggest tracks i’ve actually ever raced on it’s amazing i am very jealous that you’re racing on this track today now what strikes me on this track we’ve got a nice long straight over the back there we’ve got a lovely sweep in section here which reminds me of the

Leighton buzzer track a little bit yep but then over there it’s crazy yeah so i’m worried about the crazy bit i am worried about the crazy bit but you know what we’re coming in to just have a go have a bit of a laugh we’re running the two-wheel drive version there’s two heats today so whichever one i’ll be in i don’t know is yet but hopefully fingers crossed

We’re gonna do all right foreign foreign yeah with a car you’ve never driven before how’d it go really good i was thoroughly impressed with that to be quite honest it um it did what i wanted it to do i got around i didn’t embarrass myself which was the main thing a little bit rear-endy but as the grip level comes up i think that’s going to be as good

As gold a bit slow on the straight but we’re gonna increase the timing slightly on the motor but i’m not doing anything yet i’m just going to enjoy it today to be quite honest and uh what time is running 33s and i don’t intend on changing them no it is worth noting we’re at a competition and you’re only allowed two sets of tires today yeah it’s a little bit

More strict on these sort of things so yeah they mark the tides of the blue dots on them like that so we’ve got our tires all marked up and that we do have a second set here which are 36s so we might run a slightly harder tire on the front if the grip comes up crazy high towards the end of the day anyway let’s get back to racing foreign what’s going on boss

Problems what we got a problem was a blinking light it’s not working i crashed it and it stopped working completely dead and that’s where we are so we’ve got options we can either go home early we’ll try and fix it foreign so what i think it’s been right ups and downs along the way it was an early start and we left i was up at half four just to get down this

It’s been a bit of a drive to get here that car amazing in heats rounds one and two you were you just get the hang of it wouldn’t you absolutely i was getting the hang of it really enjoying it and then all of a sudden the esc just stopped working we don’t know why it’s brand new it’s a hobby ring one and that was it we put in um another esc it wasn’t quite up to

The job and it’s consequently i think it’s just getting hot because it’s not meant to you know power this car really is it that’s fair one but you know what the thing is that’s racing up to this point we’ve had some great outings we’ve had good racing along the way um but hey it’s just it’s just a fault sometimes these these things happen right i’ll say with

The exception of me breaking a few cosmetic parts uh with the hot shot at the revival we’ve pretty much gone two years without any serious technical issues at race means so i don’t know what it is what it is yeah i think it was always going to happen it’s just a bit of a shame it happened today when we’ve got up at five in the morning then we’ll say but hey it

Is what it is we’ve seen some cracking rates and met some decent people who are all too willing to help which is good at these places you know when we come here so all in all a cracking event will we will we do what’s the next round we are due to come back for another uh mtc event so we are running the carton frontier let’s say handling the performance was it’s

Been an absolute dream to drive um yeah it’s just unfortunately let down by the electrics today foreign thank you it’s nice to see everybody here can drive there’s no one here we can not try so if you come to an event like this you know it’s good to eat if you’ve got a few hours under your belt you know you’ll be all right is what i’m trying

To say you know definitely i mean there is some very skilled drivers here um and it’s been a pleasure to watch some close racing it has but anyway it’s time to wrap up get this lot tidy big shout out to the lads at carton for helping us out uh with the car it is a great car we will be back we will get uh we’re at the center you’ve got to send the esc off tomorrow

And we’ll get a new one stick it in there and we’ll be good to go anyway i hope you’ve enjoyed that yeah um we’ve got plenty more videos coming your way well it’s worth saying this really is the first proper adventure this winter so the winter season is kicking off the summer is done um so everyone is going to be starting to move indoors for the carpet racing

That’s what we like isn’t it there’s lots lots of clubs who want to visit yeah so keep an eye on what we’re doing anyway like i said like subscribe smash the ding dong bell and we’ll see you soon

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MTC CLUBMANS – Racing on the Best indoor RC car track. By Popalong RC