MUGEN Steering Wheel Install on my FK8 Civic Type R

In this video, I performed a Mugen Steering Wheel install on my FK8 Civic Type R! I LOVE THIS THING! It makes a huge difference and I highly recommend this modification.

October is going to be a month full of installations on my channel i’m very excited i have so many parts to install for the type r it’s it’s kind of ridiculous first and foremost today i’m doing a much needed interior modification for those of you who have a 2020 or a 2021 type r you’ve probably you’re probably starting to notice at this point that your steering wheel

Is getting a little grimy uh yeah this is looking like it’s got a lot of dead skin cells on there kind of gross and it doesn’t it doesn’t feel the same anymore oh yeah that feels freaking awesome i haven’t even gotten to actually grip it yet listen to that this is real dry carbon on the top and the bottom and it is a true flat bottom steering wheel first things

First we need to make sure that the car is exactly where we want it for the install because the battery is going to be disconnected for this so i’m just going to turn it on it already looks like it’s pretty straight but i’m gonna make sure it’s extra straight didn’t really need to start it but steering wheel looks pretty damn straight to me step two disconnect

The battery paint is looking fresh as right now boys what’s not looking fresh is this engine bay but by the end of october this thing is going to be looking really really nice marco’s going to be painting a yellow valve cover for me the purell turbo inlet pipe will be installed as well as the race math intake tube and then a bunch of other little stuff here

And there now i’m going to let that sit for about 10 minutes and then we will get started i also got some brand new tools for this job this is a master hex bit socket set we’re definitely going to need one of these to take off the steering wheel you guys can see and then i also got a mini pick and hook set links to these as well as the steering wheel itself

Which i got from king motorsports will be in the description of this video so now we’re going to need a t30 hex bit i put that on my screwdriver here that’s what we’re going to use to take off the screws that are in here on either side of the steering wheel all right just a warning these are in there pretty darn tight but it’s coming out oh well that’s why i

Had a little bit of loctite on it if my calculations are correct airbag should just come right off and it is look at that there are only a few more steps to get this thing off right here we have the ground wire and then there’s a green plug and a gray plug for these ones it’s gonna compress okay now i’m going to try the green plug i need to be careful because

The only thing holding this in is the ground wire okay super important thing with this ground wire because i’ve actually spent like five minutes trying to get that off it’s going to be plugged on facing down like this there is a little lever right there and if you push on that you’re going to hear it release and then you’ll be able to just slide it right off

So instead of trying to like pull it out with brute force you got to get your thumb in here and pry that thing upwards now i just have to take off this white plug foreign last thing we need is this little 10 millimeter hex bit i’m going to put that on my impact gun oh wow there’s a light on this thing that’s pretty cool and this is in there with blue loctite

So it’s it’s pretty tough let’s see if i can get it okay so this is just not coming out at all boys i called in some backup definitely okay it’s not it’s not pointed at you i am going to use my torque wrench because i don’t have a breaker bar yet i don’t know how i don’t have a breaker bar yet but i don’t so i’m gonna destroy my torque wrench to get this thing

Off and i’ll worry about everything else later sit in the car with all those spiders yep foreign yep just like that you’re gonna hold this as tight as you possibly can what exactly are you you’re right it’s as hard as you can oh there we go let me give it a couple more turns then i’m going to use the impact drill again see if that’ll take it out that thing

Is rated for 250 foot-pounds of power and then 400 foot-pounds of breakaway torque but obviously that wasn’t enough okay thanks pip now i’m gonna go pick up vivian subway because that was the deal will this be able to get the rest of this thing out definitely struggling dude what a piece of crap i have to buy a new one of these freaking things damn that

Is a fat boy dude look at all the that’s not a blue octa that’s green maybe it’s blue and it goes on and it turns green i don’t know oh crap am i supposed to get this thing out of there there okay that’s out holding you guys in my armpit let’s see and she is out all right my friends here’s the moving steering wheel this is what the back of it looks like a little

Close-up of the stitching looks like they did a pretty darn good job damn this perforated leather is beautiful here are all the tools that i’m going to be using first we need our phillips head screwdriver we’re gonna take out this one this one that one and that one and then this is holding in a ground wire we’ll do that last and i’ll slip this one out foreign

Now this should pop right off okay this is where the plastic trim remover comes in there what is this stuck on now oh through these clips that’s right you can take them off from the inside it looks like here we go damn these little uh picks are about to be my best friend’s oh look at that that was super easy all right now for this little there’s three little

Prongs making a triangle we have to push those prongs in so that the bolt can go through because right now the prongs are like this so we need to push them in i’m gonna try something that i saw a torque toolbox do foreign there it is it’s off okay i’ve come to the conclusion that if you want to do this and not mar any of your stock parts any of the stock trim

On the steering wheel you should probably just order all new trim because i’ll tell you what dude they did not design this stuff to be removed now we’re onto this part first you’re going to press down on this thing i’m just using a phillips head screwdriver to press down and you’re going to feel like a tiny little pop that’s because it’s breaking through that

Styrofoam rubbery compound right there and then you push in on that one so i got that side out a little bit this is what the other side looks like and i’ll show you what i did hear that i’m going to press it over here press harder right here foreign what a pain in the butt this is now for this beautiful mugen steering wheel to get installed on the car oh

Yes brother look at this doing everything in reverse order i’m really going to take my time with this piece because i would rather this not break i’d rather be able to use everything on the car today especially because this is my only car right now okay this is not going in very easily oh that one just clicked into place really guys you just have to freaking

Squeeze this thing in there next is this thing this is the one that i am worried about i did bend a couple of these a little bit when i was pulling it out so i need to be careful god beautiful that looks freaking amazing making sure everything’s lined up here there we go look at that oh my god that looks so nice there are a bunch of things back here you need

To make sure are lined up foreign foreign back through under this little now for this other ground wire sweet it’s all put back together guys take a look at this work of art holy moly i’m so excited to drive this car around with this new steering wheel this stuff needs to go right through here okay give it a little press make sure it’s in there this guy

Is going to go back on here now here is my big bolt damn it now i don’t have any markings on this one to know i think it was something like oh crap i think it was something like that let’s rock and roll these two markings are supposed to be over here at about two and three o’clock yep that’s as far as she goes man freaking dewalt should have got milwaukee i

Knew it almost there guys okay i’m pretty sure that is where it was all these clips are back on now i need to twist it this way i think yep yeah brother just like that the moving steering wheel is in the type r oh my god that looks so good i am already in love with that it’s much more bulky just the fact that it has real dry carbon on the top and bottom with

That little mugen logo i’m gonna go drive it around but first i obviously i have to reconnect the battery foreign that was actually the first time i disconnected the battery in the type r first drive with a new steering wheel we’re off by the way my rear passenger tire is leaking it’s a very slow leak that was only at like 22 psi oh yeah dude this steering

Wheel feels freaking awesome how do you dude i always get so amazed at how the smallest modifications make such a big difference like the weighted shift knob this is the stock shifter with the ascend racing weighted shift knob and that was incredible when i put that on and i still absolutely love it this steering wheel oh my goodness this feels perfect car

Should have came with this from the factory or you know what dude they should have offered like a moogan’s steering wheel from the dealership of the factory whatever i mean you might as well 700 aftermarket yes dude to top it all off it’s 83 degrees here in riverview florida at three in the afternoon so this is usually when it’s the hottest we are a few days

Post hurricane ian right now and it’s still the weather is just immaculate i love it it feels like fall is in the air this is already one of my favorite modifications i’d say right now my top three modifications are you gotta have an exhaust system on this car the steering wheel and then probably the wheels those are my three favorite modifications right now

The shift knob will be number four what a difference this makes i love it so much the perforated leather it’s it’s not too okay hold on oh boy yes sir oh my god this is an amazing car steering wheel feels great though that was only one turn but i think the perforated leather helps a little bit with grip oh i don’t even want to touch the carbon on top or

Bottom that’s just so beautiful good job moving with the steering wheel guys i highly recommend this modification dude downshifts are freaking aggressive in our mode i’m so in love with this car every time i add a new part to it it makes me love it more and more i forgot one thing i didn’t make sure if these steering wheel controls worked or not so i’m gonna

Do that real quick wait what interesting the car is still freaking out because i unplugged the battery earlier wait a minute okay so i already know this stuff works i already did that earlier volume up and down just a bunch of static but all right that works and the cruise yep all that stuff works awesome here’s some close-up footage of it in the car this

Is just like i said one of my favorite modifications i’ve done so far i think it would have been really cool if it came with replacement parts for all this trim right here because now it just kind of looks a little bit off but that’s with any aftermarket steering wheel in my opinion for the type r that’s okay though i’m just being super picky for no reason but

Okay i’m gonna get out of the car now and lastly i’ll have some nice pictures of the steering wheel on my instagram also uh i’ll give you a tree update i submitted a fallen tree removal request with hills with hillsborough county god it’s hard for me to say bam yeah it’s probably only like a 15 foot tall tree and my next door neighbor’s house is still for sale

It was pending for a while and now it’s i don’t think it’s pending anymore but if any of you guys want to be my neighbor we can do a bunch of installs all the time yeah there it is thank you guys for watching i will see you in a couple days

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MUGEN Steering Wheel Install on my FK8 Civic Type R! By Cameron Hill