Murder In Memphis | Young Dolph, Yo Gotti & Trulla Mafia

Murder In Memphis | Young Dolph, Yo Gotti & Trulla Mafia

17th november 2021 after loading their guns and putting on their masks at around 12 20 pm two people pulled up to makeda’s homemade butter cookies they leave their white mercedes and start walking towards the entrance of the store armed to their teeth with the target in sight the two men unload their firearms the victim falls down after 22 shots penetrated his body

The soul that went missing that day was that of a memphis legend a rapper who went by the name of young dolph the same person whose music and persona shaped the 2010s not only in memphis but the whole usa you see dolph was one of the few if not the only rap artist who made it to the top of the game making his music his way and not having to answer to any record

Label at all he had a strong vision of where he wanted to be and how he wanted to get there and this is exactly what put him in the target of many which ultimately led to his death dolph believed in himself and most importantly his music that belief went on to the extent of turning down multi-million dollar offers more than once much i’ve been having a 22 million

Dollar contract debating on i do the deal or not i’m saying i’m like should i take the 22 million the 22 million the only thing stopping him was the fierce competition that would use any means in order to reach their end this is the story young dolph and what caused him to meet his tragic end this is the story of a murderer in memphis adolf robert thornton jr

Was born in chicago illinois on the 27th of july 1985. however when he was two years old his family moved to memphis tennessee the city in which dolph built his music career most children in south memphis were raised by their grandmothers as their parents were drug addicts dolph had a similar story dolph even counted himself luckiest he got to see his parents every

Now and then like how was your grandma this or how did she do this and how did like i don’t know man like living under grandma’s rules was in no way an easy task but according to young dolph it helped shape who dolph was as a person they’re bringing up that he experienced under his grandma turned him into a responsible grown-up in his own words stalk’s grandma

Was the meanest in the world just to give you an example of what she was like for a long time growing up he didn’t understand why his grandmother ida may declined to acknowledge some of the company that he kept she would never allow him to call those people friends however as he got older he began to understand why ida was like that she was prepping him for the

World in which people leave you out to dry when you least expect it that’s precisely why young dolph said these words like like she prepared for for life my grandma influenced me so hard my little boy can down there sit and tell you about a lot of that he ain’t never even married don’t know nothing about it real talk like she the up in a good way as he grew

Up dolph’s felt the need to be more useful in the household getting a regular nine to five was not an option for him so following what seemed like the only option to dolph he got more and more involved in street life quickly enough young dolph was pushing drugs can you imagine a 77 year old woman trying to raise three elementary kids in the middle of the hood with

All this gang activity and drug infestation that’s hard to do for any old lady so my situation i’m realizing all the responsibility i couldn’t let her take all the responsibility i always liked money so when i was 15 16 i went headfirst into the streets however the life he found in the streets was also a part of the reason why he started doing music one for the

Vast number of connections that he made at the time young dolph may have never made it to the hall of famer rap if you asked off the same streets that raised him or the same streets that watched him transition into his music career even though dolph loved music since he was a youngin he didn’t start making his own until a bit later in life when his grandmother

Died dolph took a serious loss the loss of his grandma was tragic but he used that trauma and he turned it into music he started rapping as a way to cope with the sorrow the lyrics he was putting on paper were coming straight from his heart and people felt that immediately in 2009 dolph dropped his first track he made it purely out of fun but little did he know

That that was the beginning of something beyond his imagination people around were encouraging him to spread out his music to all of memphis and see where it would take him dolph had the money and the guts to do it he was a known street figure and a lot of djs knew him already he had very little to lose so dolph decided to give it a shot he pressed up 20 000 cds

Of his mixtape paper route campaign and he started giving them out to every single club that he could find in the city from the smallest and insignificant ones to the major players in the game golf also made sure that nobody’s pockets were empty even at such a young age he had knowledge of economics dolph knew very well that good marketing comes always comes with

A high price tag the audience reception was overall positive this is when the earliest doll fans were born without too much hesitation dolph decided to pursue a career in the music industry as expected from such a wise persona he did it his own way astonishingly enough just two years passed before young dolph managed to kick off his very own label in 2010 dahl

Formally established his very own record label and it was called paper root empire the name pr-e stemmed from dolph’s fascination with money it was an independent record label meaning they’re not under jurisdiction at any other major record label what they did was their own business that same year on july 2nd 2010 dolph would go on to release welcome to dolph world

If you ask him he considers this to be his first official mixtape it’s produced by dj scream and all the tracks were reminiscent of the music that historically came out of memphis like that at three 6 mafia eight ball and mjg but this mixtape only paved the way for the music that was coming in the following years in 2011 dolph drop mixtapes high-class street music

And high-class street music episode two and with these tapes he started to come govern his own style young dolph’s tracks became recognizable thanks to his deep voice in the aggressive delivery of his verses at that point with a number of mixtapes under his belt and quite a street rep to go along with it young dolph was a crew in serious attention his popularity

Eventually captured the attention of another successful memphis rapper yo gotti that time yo gotti was already somewhat established and the opportunity to sign other artists to his record label that’s why gotti offered young dolph a record deal with his collective music group or cmg for sure cmg was formerly known as a music group but they changed the name to

Better suit the market dolph got offered in 2014 but he declined it he wished to stay independent and do his own thing little did anyone suspect this would only be the beginning of a serious beef that would last for years between him and yo gotti according to an interview that young dolph did at the breakfast club the history between him and gotti was pretty simple

There were basically two issues that gave birth to a whole plethora of consequences one was the fact yo gotti want a doll sign but dolph rejected him number two was the fact that dolph dated got his girl let’s first cover the whole dilemma of the deal that was offered to dolph yo gotti texted doll for two years he desperately wanted young dolph signed to his record

Label and he even asked dolph to send him a track with an open verse so he could spit on it together this was even before the two of them met in person it was at their meeting at dolph drew to the conclusion of denying the deal and here’s why the meeting between dolph and gotti happened in 2012 and it took place because one of the djs who worked with dolph managed

To convince him to meet with yo gotti at gotti studio as dolph was waiting for gotti to show up he was approached by gotti’s manager a man by the name of pepper before gotti even showed up pepper hair already suggested dolph not take the deal he thought of dolph as a guy who had his own thing going on and he doesn’t need goddy’s help that’s when gotti showed up

The two of them finally met and got straight to talking gotti immediately showed dolph appreciation by acknowledging the fact that dolph already has his money his team and his music however gotti had a vision for the two that was beyond just music it was a business proposition more than anything else and remember dolph already knew his business but as gotti was

Trying to close the deal with dolph he made a crucial mistake he talked poorly of the artists who were already signed to him he diminished the work of his artist zilla and starlito he said they were like children and that he needed to hold their hands all the time and show them how to do everything gotti thought at golf as a different animal he was self-sustainable

He needed no guidance that was the deal brand how can you downplay your own artists just to get another one signed what will ever assure dolph that he won’t end up being thrown under the bus just like zilla and starlito suffice it to say dolph was disappointed the deal was off and there was no way they could ever work together plus a big reason why dolph wanted to

Stay alone is that he didn’t want people to think one day that he only made it in the rap world because of gotti in all honesty sometimes it’s like that according to yo gotti the last time the two spoke was on august 4 2012 as hinted earlier the second issue that caused the fallout between the two of them was the fact that young dolph had a thing with yo gotti’s

Ex-girl even though it was never discussed or admitted publicly by either party everyone on the streets knows the business the elf had a thing with gotti’s girl and he referenced the fact throughout his music first time that happened was in the mixtape south memphis kingpin or young dolph who had a track called scared of me yeah he can rap but he lying i’m through

Sugar coating and oh yeah him yeah he cool but he fake is doing all that tricking on that still your baby mama then on october 8th 2015 he released a mixtape called shooting on the industry on the title track he mentioned someone’s baby mama the eminem and guess who that girl is guess who baby mama dm me say you i would tell you but i’m always starting this time

Around yo gotti took notice of subliminal shots the young dolph sent his way that’s when he brewed up a response for dolphin his track legendary where he rhymes you really hate me about the my dude that someone how you gonna be a legend when you’re doing legendary suckish the next thing that happened in the timeline of these two represents a tipping point in

Their relationship on february 9 2016 young dolph announced his new album titled king of memphis this is where things started becoming more and more public and out in the open the whole world was catching up to the discs that existed between these two the competition for number one memphis rapper became apparent yo gotti always claimed that he was the king of

Memphis and now here came dolph hungry for his shot at the title the fact that yo gotti released his eighth album the art of hustle on february 19 2016. the same day the dolph released his king of memphis spelled nothing but trouble memphis rap scene had to choose between dolph and gotti and this paved the way for the ultra violence that ensued only months later

Throughout his life young dolph was targeted at multiple times it’s uncertain as to exactly how many times there were attempts at dolph’s life but the number of is concerningly high nobody has the exact number but it’s probably higher than anyone doing research can expect but the first attempt that we have information on is the attempt at the ciaa in 2016. from

The 23rd to the 28th of february there’s always a big celebration at the city at charlotte in 2016 dolph was there performing at one of his late night parties at the event 50 to 60 shots were fired at young dolph’s mercedes-benz sprinter van luckily for dolph he wasn’t in the van however his manager was the incident took place near the sky condominiums and hyatt

Hotel on south caldwell street on february 28 2016. the police estimate that 40 to 50 shots were fired into the two cars and into the lobby door of the hotel there were three suspects were apprehended the same night howard wright kevin thompson and derek bolton were arrested and charged with three counts of shooting into an occupied dwelling and charging a firearm

In city limits even though these names might not seem known to you one of them is pretty known to yo gotti howard wright was yo gotti’s road manager and the vice president of cmg it was the first attempt at dolph’s life coming from gotti’s crew the ciaa event in 2017 couldn’t go by without an incident either on the 25th of february 2017 dolph and his crew showed

Up at the ciaa event again this time around the circumstances were different not only was young dolphin the car that got shot up but the number of shots that were fired was significantly higher too roughly a hundred bullets were targeted at young dolph luckily for him the car was bulletproof and dolph survived without a single scratch not only that but he went

On to perform that same night just hours after the shooting he performed his disc yo gotti track play with you in front of the crowd and he even called out the whole cmg label right after his performance came to a close this incident would serve as a blueprint for his upcoming album which dropped on april 1st 2017. the album is called proof the first track on the

Album was the legendary track 100 shots the people who are behind the hit were quickly brought to justice just like they were back in 2016. however this time the perpetrators turned themselves in three men including yo gotti’s signed rapper sammy benson aka black youngster turn themselves in alongside him were frederick black and antavius garner they all came from

Memphis black youngster was charged with six counts of discharge in a firearm into occupied property and on one count of felony conspiracy 2017 wasn’t over for dolph there was yet another incident targeted at dolph a couple of months later on september 27 2017 young dolph was targeted in la both he and yo gotti were staying at the lowe’s hollywood hotel three men

Approached young dolph in front of the hotel in the valet parking area what started as a verbal argument quickly got out of hand and guns were drawn one person a man by the name of corey mcclendon took out a gun and shot dolph multiple times dolph needed immediate medical attention so he he was rushed to the hospital but he made it out alive corey was apprehended

But released the following day because of insufficient evidence if you were suspecting some sort of a connection between yo gotti and corey mcclendon you’d be correct corey mcclendon was yo gotti’s affiliate no man is untouchable and the hitters that wanted golf gone were persistent the fourth time the dolph was targeted was the final one for him on november 17 2021

Young dolph left his home in his camo painted corvette to grab some cookies from his favorite cookie place little did he know he was going to his own demise that was the place where the gun down soon occurred makita’s homemade butter cookies according to the store’s owner young dolph was approached by a vehicle while entering the store as he was getting inside he

Was intercepted by a hail of bullets coming from the chambers of two hitmen memphis rap legend young dolph was pronounced dead shortly thereafter some sources claimed dolph was hit by 22 shots by the two guys who ran up on him even if the bullet wounds weren’t as serious as the source claim they were still sufficient enough to take away his life the news of the

Incident sparked such a big interest from the locals that the government officials had to intervene urging citizens to stay inside until some evidence was accrued by the police department believe it or not yo gotti’s place was patrolled by police cars due to the high probability of retaliation right off the bat they expected some sort of connection with yo gotti

And the risk was too big to take at the time however the mystery that gotti’s connection was solved on january 5th 2022 and according to the official story that the police department came up with there’s no link between gotti and dolph’s death in fact the suspect justin johnson who was a rapper and goes by the name of straight drop had affiliations with key glock

A fellow pre artist who dolph enamored the second suspect was cornelius smith he was already in custody he had been indicted on first-degree charges even though there were no obvious links between yo gotti and dolph’s hit there was another mystery in play here a more sinister one there are a lot of things happening behind closed doors involving young dolph that

Nobody knew about until recently she allegedly dolph was making deals with some very dangerous people that was in all likelihood what got him in such serious trouble so much so that shooters were sent to take golf out knowingly or not dolph made dangerous enemies when he crossed the trulia mafia and that he had the ultimate price his life trouble in golf’s paradise

Awoke on the same day that young dolph decided to sign an artist who made a troublesome history with the true love mafia his name was uncle danny aka big onk you see benny was the one accused of taking out d-money an integral member of the trulia mafia game therefore we could see where the problem stems from the second the dolph’s pre had uncle danny under their

Belt they invited their demons to come out and play the names and suspects responsible for dolph’s tragic death they’re both members of the truelos the true mafia is notorious for the brutal crimes they commit in the city of memphis almost on a daily basis from grand theft auto vote to order in hits these people do it all but they are not the only suspects among

The most important ones is none other than the leader of the trula a man called ceo teasey ever since the hit on dolph tz ran off to jamaica with tz’s name being dragged into the story the whole script dolph’s hit now changes the fact that ceo teasey might be involved means something that a lot of people predicted from the inception this is where the cmg comes

Back to the story cmg and trula have connections very deep ones too yo gotti’s brother big juke was a known associated ceo teasy footage can be found at tz and juke together on several occasions the fact that they can be seen talking during tz’s birthday celebration implies that they are in fact close friends however that’s not the only link between cmg and trula

Another suspect in the investigation adult slain is a man by the name of chandel barnett shindell is a known associate of blac youngsta the cmg rapper who dissed off in his songs and even attempted to hit on dolph but was released because of insufficient evidence shundelle appears on blac youngsta’s videos it’s believed that it was an accessory to the ambush that

Took place on november 17th even though money was surely involved the trailers didn’t do it for the bag a main motive was retribution d-money and his brother j money passed and someone had to answer for it they were high ranking members of the mafia gang and the only policy they believe in is an eye for an eye the fact that d-money was signed to dolph’s label meant

That in their eyes they were close especially because dolph doesn’t make deals with just anybody that’s what led to the murder of memphis orchestrated by the true love mafia and backed up by cmg the day the dolph died was the day that memphis lost one of its musical legends all the ways in which young dolph touched the community can be fully comprehended the city

Of memphis ever named a street after young dolph the fan base that he amassed during his career is one that is loyal to the bone his fans will forever rock to his music and make sure that his name never gets forgotten even now when he’s not with us anymore people are still listening and learning more and more about him and his music the more i learn about dolph

The more it hurts to know he’s gone young dolph had something that most rappers or even people today don’t have a heart he had morals no surprise he didn’t mess with yo gotti after he just talked his whole team to get dolph to sign with him dolph looked at everyone with respect you couldn’t have a low self-esteem and be around off you had to keep it one thousand

Percent with dude i think dolph just didn’t like how fake yogati’s approach was without any slimmer a doubt dolph’s legacy as an independent artist and businessman is carved in the hip-hop universe his acts of charity and all the numerous donations that he made will forever stay in the hearts of all the people at receiving ends of that money what a lot of people

Fail to understand is just how prolific dolph was in terms of his financial establishment dolph managed to create a record label all by himself from scratch starting from zero when he builds his own empire and he made it with nothing but hard work and dedication that’s precisely the reason why he’s such an inspiration to this day to all the folk folks who ever

Heard even a single song and read a single article about young dolph that’s why his name will still echo in the streets for a very long time

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Murder In Memphis | Young Dolph, Yo Gotti & Trulla Mafia By Rap Reset