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Hello ladies and gentlemen hope you’re having a great day and welcome to the tundra dude 34 youtube channel if you’ve been here before welcome back if you’re new to the channel welcome aboard make sure you hit that subscribe button and notification bell so you know every time i put up a new video and or a live stream okay ladies and gentlemen this is a very unplanned

Video as most of you know that have been around here a long time i live my life on websites like autotrader cargurus i’m always looking at tundras whether it be old or new i’m looking at them for myself but i’m also looking at them to find something cool and crazy out there for you now today i spotted a lunarock 2022 limited double cab with the trd off-road package

Now there was one or at least looks like one modification done to this tundra it is for sale so even if you own a 2022 tundra you may want to check this out because this modification will make your tundra look amazing and it’s not that expensive so first let’s take a peek at the truck here once again 2022 lunar rock they’re asking 58 888 for this truck right

Now uh i will put the link in the description below for the truck it’s in indiana andy moore toyota i believe it’s called this truck has just under 6 000 miles lunar rock exterior it has the soft text black leather on the inside this is the regular iforce engine 10-speed automatic transmission with four wheel drive please remember when you get these double cabs

Especially in the limited configuration now they’re loaded up real nice this one has the extra stuff on it like the moon roof you will see the jbl sound system very nicely loaded has the premium headlights up front so let’s take a look you can tell me what you think nice side shot here and that’s the modification i want to talk about right up front it is the trd

Pro grill it’s not like it used to be you don’t have to buy this around with it which makes it very expensive now you can buy the insert right in the middle now you could go body color the previous owner could have went body color here on that grill surround as well that is an option that is on as well but even with the chrome lip around that trd

Pro grill it just changed the look dramatically especially if you don’t get the trd off-road model the trd off-roads come with a unique grill that is very nice but the next step up is this trd pro insert here but as you can see nice side shot you get the 20 inch trd wheels with the falcon wild peak all-terrain tires really good look going down the body by body

Color mirror caps you get the chrome handles some people like the double cab some people don’t it’s going to come down to that for you of course if you’re a fan of it i want to give you a little side shot here and tell me what you think obviously six and a half foot bed the double cab back seats have gotten a little bit smaller if you have passengers that are going

To be back there all the time especially if they’re a bit taller i strongly suggest you either go look at a double cab in person or just go right for the crewmax because you’re going to want your passengers to be comfortable back there the old double cabs you could totally fit people back there no problem but these ones look like they got a little bit smaller as

Far as the back seat so just keep that in mind before making purchase you definitely want to go in person and see this truck before you spend all of this money because as we know these are not cheap trucks nowadays so here is a shot of that trd pro grill up front as you can see there’s that little area for the led light bar but the way toyota set it up that even

If you don’t get that light bar in there it doesn’t look bad it doesn’t look like it’s missing anything if you want to add it you can down low is the toyota safety sense sensor and this has the little camera for the 360 view and all the bird’s eye camera options they have going on here you will see that right under the toyota heritage logo but a nice looking grill

Up front i feel like it ties in that black section in the middle that a lot of people just do not like you can comment below and tell me what you think right between the fog lights it says tundra that area down everybody wishes that was body color i’d love to hear what you think but the toyota heritage grill the i should say the trd pro grill really does tie that

Front end together another side shot lunar rock is beautiful it is gone for 2023 on the trd pro trim it is still available on other trims but it is not available for trd pro anymore it has been replaced by magnetic ray metallic so if you could find a trd pro in lunar rock for 2022 you might want to grab on to that this has the chrome rear bumper uh ends on it you

Can change that out to body color once again if you don’t like it has a 4×4 logo in the back with a big tundra it looks like uh they put the black inlay in that tundra logo across the bed and once again this is four wheel drive even though it’s trd they do make trds that are two wheel drive so make sure you’re always checking on that as well when it comes to interior

This thing has basically all the options you could get when it comes to a limited double cab which is more than it’s ever been so now you could get the jbl sound system in the limited double cab you can get the moon roof which has never been available on a tundra in a double cab configuration it always had to be crewmax now you can get it on the limited double

Cab only sr5 does not get uh moon roofs at all so double cab or crewmax no moon roofs but if you want it if you went to the limited and you got the crew actually get the panoramic roof uh but if you go double cab this is optional it’s not on everyone so if you want that moon roof on the double cab you got to make sure you check to make sure it has it uh soft text

Black leather seats uh you know heated cooled like i said the options are plenty on the new generation tundra for sure and there’s a great shot of those wild peak tires that everybody loves they have always been the dark horse of the all-terrain tire picks for tundra owners everybody loves these tires and now they’re standard on a lot of the models including the

Trd pro which is awesome and i feel like these black 20 inch trd wheels are the best looking ones available for the new generation tundra among all the different variations they have out there including the trd pro i like these ones better but that’s just me please keep in mind if you get the trd off-road package in sr5 it is an 18 inch wheel and tire package and it

Is different from this wheel this is the wheel you get on the 1794 unlimited when you go trd off-road just something to keep in mind if you’re shopping there and once again the price is 58 888 uh so i don’t know if you’re going to pay that or not this one 6 000 miles like we said uh you know nothing is cheap out there right now but this is a nice looking truck and

With that grill up front i definitely wanted to help some of the owners out there if they’re looking for uh just something to tie it all together and there’s a lot of ways you could do it so as you can see that grill is 195 dollars if you use this is if you use promo code tundra dude 34 it saves you five percent on this website they also have things

Like we talked about this in the video the rear bumpers chrome you could change that out to body color the handles are chrome you can change that out to body color the surround around the trd pro grill on the front of that truck we just looked at you could change that out to body color you could take all the chrome off the truck but the way that that owner had it

It actually looked pretty good so if you’re not looking to spend you know a thousand dollars on all this d chroming this is a nice start to tie it all together real nice once again the trd off-road grill is unique this year and it is beautiful but there’s nothing like that big toyota heritage splashed across the front with this insert right here so once again 195

Dollars if you already own a toyota is this something you feel like is needed on the truck because that grille insert will even fit on sr5 and you know everything like that it’s just a nice little touch and i love the fact that toyota made it so it’s just an insert this time if you look behind me that’s a 2016 quicksand trd pro setup on the front now if you were

To buy that you have to buy the grill here the insert and all the way around it has to be bought too all right that little spot on top that’s optional but this down here has to come with the grille it wasn’t just an insert situation for the last generation so this makes it a lot easier and a lot cheaper and saving money right now is rare but will take any penny

Saved that we can so once again sparks parts tundra dude 34 promo code it saves you five percent site-wide so what’d you think about the truck what’d you think about the trucks price and what do you think about that trd pro grill do you feel like that is a must-have option on a tundra for the old school classic fans of toyota for the people that used to own the

Old toyota pickups with that toyota splashed across the front like that i feel like that’s a big deal and i think it just looks fantastic and i love that it’s available for all the trims out there let me know what you think in the comments below until next time twitter instagram linkedin facebook at tundra dude34 200234 you guys have a great day be safe be well

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