MW 2000 Paris Motor Show | Retro Review

Motorweek Season 2006

Seven it’s that time of year again auto show time and this year we kick off the motorweek auto show tour and the world’s most glamorous city paris now naturally we expect the city of light to have an auto show worthy of its reputation as the fashion capital of the world so let’s take a look despite flashy fashions this year’s paris motor show echoed the dilemma of

The automotive world in general on one hand you have exciting new high performance and luxury at all costs and on the other hand you have designs that break new ground in how little ground and fuel they use on the small scale at least in size is the all-new mini cooper it’ll be available in the u.s in 2002 at selected bmw dealers the two-door four-seater combines

Traditional mini looks with a modern chassis and interior power is actually big for a mini with a 1.6 liter four-cylinder as for new engines the most interesting approach comes from saab known as the saab combustion control system it combines variable spark gap and valve timing with direct fuel injection the heart of the system is an integrated spark plug and

Fuel injector saab claims it can drastically reduce emissions and reduce fuel consumption by 10 percent without any loss of performance a near future concept from nissan is the fusion so called because it represents a fusion of western styling where traditional japanese elements the glass roof panels that flow out of the windshield provide plenty of light during

The day while the center panel houses a fiber optic system that creates a wide range of color for interior ambiance look for fusion styling to influence new infinity sedans for outdoor ambiance there’s the x-trail concept looking ready for production it showcases nissan’s fresh dedication to the mini youth market with the xterra such a huge hit here a smaller

More accessible suv to do battle with crvs and rav4s looks like a no-brainer to us gm’s opal introduced the third generation of its popular corsa it’ll go on sale this fall across europe the looks are familiar but the corsa has grown a bit its spacious interior and choice of six different engines should keep this car a big seller making its debut in the corsa

Is an easytronic automated transmission it’s a manual shift for ultimate fuel efficiency but has an auto mode for convenience going head-to-head with the corsa is this lancho y fresh styling should keep it competitive in the very populated subcompact class buyers have a choice of two 1.2 liter engines a 60 horsepower version and a peppier 16 valve version with

80 horsepower but grabbing the most attention at the launch a display was this nia concept while not the most radical in looks it’s a concept that attempts to push the boundaries of communication both between the driver and the car and between the driver and the rest of the world around him it’s designed to be more of a traveling companion than simply a means of

Conveyance one of the most fashionable production cars at paris was from stuttgart the mercedes-benz c-class sports coupe its panoramic sliding sunroof will please sun worshipers europe will get a 197 horsepower 2.3 liter supercharged 4 with v6 power destined for america france’s homegrown peugeot had one of the most dominant displays at the show on the production

Side is this new 206 cc it’s a compact four-seater with a retractable hardtop and it’s a real looker on the concept side was the promothy its windshield continues up and over the front seat passengers its novel door system consists of a single sliding door on the left side two doors are on the right side one convention functional and one slider as well as a rear

Glass lift gate sticking with the french connection renault offered the world its new laguna too going on sale in november will be the clio sport v6 the mid-engine two-seater sport coupe is powered by a 3 liter v6 with 230 horsepower a six-speed manual is standard here’s a new production car that will be coming to the states it’s the 2002 volkswagen passat with

The new design volkswagen hopes to keep moving the brand up market mitsubishi’s new pajaro pinin made its european debut it’s another small 2-liter powered five-door sport ute aimed squarely at the likes of land rover’s new freelander but not one that’s likely to make it to the u.s while hardly excessive paris was also full of motor vehicles with large prestige

And passion another car we unfortunately won’t see here is the luxurious citro nc5 it replaces both byzantia and xm this upper class citrine is a key element in citran’s global strategy to increase free sales by 50 percent in the next six years here’s a car that will make it stateside but unfortunately only for a few it’s the ferrari 550 barchetta pin and farina a

Very limited production roadster with a familiar v12 up front with the ferrari sound in your ears and the wind in your hair we can’t imagine a better ride also way up on the prestige scale is this porsche carrera gt supercar concept with a 558 horsepower v10 and power going to all wheels all the time it sounds almost too good to be true and it just might be porsche

Hasn’t committed to building the gt yet gm hasn’t committed to bringing alfa romeo back to the states in 2002 but if the rumors are true we hope it’s with this new 147. this sporty hatchback will be available in europe in both three and five door styles and wrapping up our parisian automotive delights is this z9 cabrio from bmw controls are divided into two zones

A comfort zone and a driving zone it’s just a concept at this time but we can always hope as we do hope that the car world of the future will be big enough for both practicality and for dreams and at the next paris motor show is even more alluring

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