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MX-5 V6 Swap vs Supercharged: Tuned Miata DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST

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It’s carwow vs Car Throttle and Mazda MX-5 vs Mazda MX-5! Mat’s behind the wheel of his very own supercharged Mk2 model, with 196hp and 237Nm! Car Throttle’s Alex Kersten, meanwhile, is driving his 260hp, 325Nm Mk1, which has a 3.0-litre V6! It’s supercharging vs naturally aspirated – who’s gonna win?

Hi everyone matt here from carlo gustas matt with one t it’s not even a name i’ve got a really cool race for you today mate watson mark watson i’m sat in my own supercharged mazda mx-5 it but woodson who taught so it’s got a 1.8 litre supercharged engine obviously that’s not standard and it puts out around 190 horsepower at the wheels today i’m going to be drag

Racing in others they mix for now next to me is the most famous mx-5 on youtube it’s phil let’s have a word in its keeper alex from cars roll tell me what you’ve brung i have got my v6 mx-5 aka phil how much horsepower she got currently undine owed but should be around 250 260 and around 240 pound foot of tall looking at your car i’m bit disappointed i thought you

Were going to bring something that was half decent i know you’re kind of like prejudiced against mark t’s because they’ve got silly headlights look good but they will act as drag which will counteract the fact that you’ve got way more power than me everything you spend apart from maintenance on phil how much directing you spent i think i’ve spent around i know two

And a half thousand pounds it’s got to be slightly north of 20 grand so my car i reckon in total including the car the labor and the fact that i actually cheaped out on the part so i got secondhand parts so let’s see what happens you ready to race can i just say a couple more things see our lane roll over boy i’ve got side protection bars are for so done loads

Of sound insulation so i’m probably gonna be i’m making a good hundred kilos heavier than you plus add to the fact that i’ve got one gopro there one gopro there one on the back and i only see two on the exterior of your car i put my pop-up headlights up and i’m running out of race driver excuses and we’ll see just how much of a racing driver he is in a moment but

Before we do make sure you subscribe to this channel hit there bell icon to turn your notifications i’d also check out alex’s channel car thrall just click on the pop-up banner up there to go see that you see lots more old backfill and some crazy antics that he gets up to anyway let’s race come on phil come on phil right the only thing i’ve ever drag raced in phil

Is an e46 m3 and an oil leak body and both of those i lost so today it’s going to be very interesting let’s see what happens oh i’ll keep the red lo i think oh it’s close now he’s going oh bugger bye-bye that was super close therefore the wind oh i love you so much oh the glory that was fantastic well alex looks like you’re 25 grand car beep i’m so happy

Oh yeah yeah i mean pretty so then what exactly happened alex’s v6 swapped mx5 to the stunning quarter mark in thirteen point two seconds my supercharge mark two did it in thirteen point eight seconds now for the rolling race 50 miles an hour in third gear i’ll count it in come on then get level be shy three two one go and now he’s going that’s disappointing

Not that much of a difference but goodbye fell i think they’ll do do you know what i’ve never driven this car that fast before i don’t like ain’t too quick in this i’m used to modern cars that actually have like airbags and you don’t wanna birdstrike you fly with me i will be your master strong your mid ranges bleh thank you very much okay we’ll do the break test

Let’s go to 17 when we hit the line full emergency staff there we go here comes the lied come on fill it comes alive here comes a line here comes a like oh no i’m sorry that is the best breakfast we have ever done on that felt so bad that was not good i just want to go and have a quick little check of the old damn wash oh dear everything’s good nothing to see here

Hmm oh no oh dear oh dear that does not look good i think i won that one that’s two one to phil and alex but no way to put this in this thing this is embarrassing look we put it here it’s hot as well really hot with their good job i’m not wearing a black jumper oh no wait i mean what is happening i’ve got nowhere to put my radio it’s just gonna flop around it

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MX-5 V6 Swap vs Supercharged: Tuned Miata DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST! By carwow