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My 05 Chevy SS Silverado is trying to kill me What could be so bad the CAR WIZARD cant fix it?

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The CAR WIZARD 🧙‍♂️ recently got this truck and it just seems that it’s slowing trying to kill him. What’s so wrong that he can’t fix it, and what do you think he should do about it? Also, I do not believe the truck wanted this video out. Both cameras had corrupt video files (which has never happened before or since), the editing was almost impossible, and the lift music didn’t save (we added stock music from YT). It’s amazing you are able to watch this.

My ss truck is trying to kill me let’s take a look why this thing wants me to die let’s get started this is my 2005 chevrolet ss silverado with the 6 liter and it’s all-wheel drive you guys remember that this was on hoovie’s garage and ended up buying it from hoovie for five thousand dollars i kind of just give them the repairs and things for free it was kind

Of a swap and it’s worked pretty well for a while it’s hauled things i just wanted it to haul stuff whole trash boxes limbs whatever even for shop work like hauling engines transmissions and it’s done a very good job but the last few trips are really concerning to me i always knew this was a rusty vehicle you remember we had to take the bed off and replace a

Bunch of rusty parts and do a fuel pump and things of that nature we had to replace a cross member that holds up the charcoal canister it was quite a lot of doing to get this thing a little bit more safe but i’m starting to think that this may be at the point where i need to do something with it and i’ll let you guys in the comments let me know what should i do with

This thing after we look it over there’s two things that are concerning the last few trips that i’ve took it on when i get home underneath will be small little piles of rust or little flakes some of them as big as my hand and you know a few of those i didn’t mind but after it kept doing it over and over it’s like okay this isn’t right the second problem i’ve been

Smelling fuel i keep smelling i’ve looked in the engine bay i don’t really see anything so we’re going to take a look around this thing together then we’re going to get on the lift and find out just how bad is the rust and where is the fuel coming from this is a really cool truck i really want to like it i really want to keep it i hope it’s not a goner externally

It doesn’t look that bad if it just passed by while you’re cruising on the street you would say that’s a clean looking truck from the rear it’s also very clean the paint is shiny there’s a story on the rear bumper that i’ll share with you guys in a minute that is really cool as we look down on this side you can see that it’s straight there’s no dents there’s no

Scratches you don’t really see any rust as far as the bonnie is concerned you would think that this is a clean daily driver but we will see that that is so wrong let’s go ahead and open the engine bay so when i open this hood the truth starts to come out let’s take a look up here guys not so clean anymore is it now keep in mind a lot of these things i decided

I would just look past it because i’m just going to beat it up and use it for hauling things but starting to scare me this rust is pretty bad you saw that on hoovie’s garage but this has actually gotten worse i may have to replace this hood or do something with it but here in the engine bay we have the six liter ls based truck engine a vortex 6.0 and i think

A 300 or 320 horsepower and it has quite a bit of torque like 375 i think it’s got really good power i love this engine i love the way it drives if anything i guess i have a good engine the transmission you can see some surface rust like on that little pump there vacuum pump and some of the brackets and things but it gets way way worse let’s go ahead and look

In the interior okay ladies gents let me cover up that light just real quick on there yes you’re reading that correct this thing has 192 000 miles on it so it’s not like oh service airbag hmm well that wizard explained that but it’s not like this is a spring chicken it’s got a few issues up here for one looks like it’s got some you know heat damage for maybe

Sitting outside a few million a thousand times dash actually is in good shape nothing torn bad up there standard controls right there nothing major going on got the lovely ss emblem over there but yeah he’s kept it pretty clean in here we’re not going to see rust on this part because everything is either covered with carpet or in this case a nice darker kind of

A leather gray with a nice again ss emblem on the headrest as you move to the back seat it is a full back seat nice bench seat so this does have enough seating for five people as we roll up to that headliner though yeah we’ve got a few issues over there got some sagging going on along the edge a few marks here and there got some stains in a few spots but at least

It’s hanging up there and not dangling in the wizard’s face and as we end at our steering wheel view nice controls on our steering wheel another major complex going on here it isn’t a bad truck to drive i’ve driven it a few times and it’s fun right except you know that rust does worry me wizard let’s show them the underneath before we get to see in the air i want

To explain what’s going on with the bumper you can see multiple different screws holding on this pad here this rubber pad you can see it was impacted here this lens is cracked there’s dents in the actual body this all happened on a rainy day i was sitting in the office with crazy d and a delivery driver with a semi truck for whatever reason was backing up alongside

My building when i don’t even take deliveries back there when he realized that he shouldn’t be back there he started to come forward again and the sign of his trailer just wham right into the side of this truck the whole bed kind of bounced up and down up in the air the bumper was sitting on like this and i knew the bumper was trashed but the rest of the damage

I didn’t even know about so the delivery company had an insurance adjuster call me he said take it to a local body shop we’ll get some estimates so i did that the body shop found so much damage they were like this is going to be almost five thousand dollars to fix this i contacted the adjuster a cinema copy of the estimate from the body shop and i got a check

In the mail for five thousand dollars and obviously i didn’t have the body work done i just screwed the bumper back on and i just i don’t care about the dents the crazy thing is i got this from hoovie for around that much and now i got a refund basically of all my money based on this debt i don’t care that it was dented i don’t care that the bumper was botched

Up so almost a free truck guys i was really upset that they did that but after i got a payout i was like yeah i’m not sad the truck’s almost free now keep in mind they were going to put a complete new tail light lens a whole new bumper repaint the bed a whole bunch of work to make everything right but i know the thing’s so rusty i know the thing is getting

Towards the end of its life i’m not going to put that money into this truck so it sucked that it got hit but at the same time was kind of cool i don’t know anyways let’s get this thing up in the air okay one thing that’s really scary is i was lifting this thing up and something popped and i saw a fourth pile of rust fall so this is getting worse as even as

We’re lifting this thing let’s take a look and see what exactly is going on here now wizard is it okay for us to go under there yes i i think it’s fine for us to go under there but there’s definitely something back there is very iffy i don’t want to have our daughter be an orphan no we don’t need that that would be very bad well i can see a lot of surface rust

That’s been painted over here but that’s not really coming apart the engine’s nice and dry everything looks good there the steering gearbox has got a little bit of a seepage but it’s nothing serious and here’s our front differential for the all-wheel drive system you just had and this is my magic wand you’re you’re magic wand yes it’s my wizard one that looks

A lot like a flat screwdriver yeah it’s going to work for that today okay our strut is good the cv boots are good the brakes are good on this side nothing loose there that strut is actually a shock i should say is good cv boots are good this caliper has been replaced you can see it’s brand new because it was so rusted that it seized up but i do see something

That’s very common i’m finding on this truck like it’s kind of scary here’s a brake line it’s literally just i mean just crumbling and you let me drive this yes here’s our transmission it’s nice and dry everything’s going good there here’s our transfer case the powertrain on this thing is fine everything does exactly what it’s supposed to do it runs very well

But structurally as far as the frame is concerned i think we’re going to be in trouble on this thing and we go back here we can see the drive shaft is in good shape here’s our exhaust you can see it’s starting to flake here and you can also see the body is really starting to flake pretty bad that’s pretty bad there so here’s the pile and also where i heard the

Pop noise there’s the pile on the ground a bunch of rust just fell down oh man this thing is just ready to separate almost ugh look at that mrs wizard and what is that smell i smell i smell gas you can see it’s wet right here yeah i think these lines are so rusted that they’re just leaking fuel i bet if i poked that really hard it would just collapse uh please

Don’t i don’t need a gasoline shower today no we’re not going to poke that that’s definitely going to be a dress first but one thing that concerns me is not only is this cross member crumbling but the actual frame itself is starting to flake and come apart right there that’s all the way down you can see it’s been compromised it’s really thin scary scary stuff

Same thing over here it’s not as bad but i could sit here and chip it away and break pieces off it’s really worse in the rear and it must be from road salt like when it’s snow or ice on the ground or whatever so that kind of stinks here’s our exhaust which i had welded on from here back some good exhaust here’s the differential which is currently leaking i didn’t

Know that that was happening so bad let’s check see these calipers are both new on the back because they had rusted you could see this backing plate is just crumbling as well this one is oh man it’s just crumbling this whole truck is crumbling these brake lines are suspect you can see there are also very crusty like they could just snap i don’t want to push on

It wow even this differential cover has got pin holes from so much rust that it’s coming out the rust is really bad on this vehicle spare tire is going oh my goodness ah this is very upsetting guys this is just this is definitely not what i wanted to see it’s so sad you can see that we did put in that cross member there it’s a new one we welded on and it there was

Barely anything to weld to but it did work for our shock mount and also to hold up the gas tank because it was literally about to fall so that’s been replaced that before this thing falls on us let’s get this thing back on the ground so even as i was letting this thing down on the lift as the weight transferred over to the rear axle i could see the frame actually

Start to settle in and i occurred like rice krispies when you pour milk it was crunching like just the weight transferring and it’s just really really concerning it’s kind of scary again a lot of you guys up to northeast drive stuff way worse than this and that’s fine if you want to risk it but i’m just really concerned about this truck i have someone i knew years

Ago that had a really rusty vehicle like this and they sold the vehicle the person they sold it to the rust finally gave way the frame gave out right on the railroad track and as it broke down a train was coming and the person was killed and the person that i know that that happened to that sold the vehicle that killed the person is still dealing with that today

So when i see this frame rust and you guys say oh come on car wizard that’s not bad i know someone who has had someone die from it so i don’t know what to do what do you guys think i should do i knew when i got this thing it was rusty but i didn’t know that it was going to continue to advance and get worse so fast also it didn’t have much of a fuel smell once

We got everything fixed in the back but now i’ve been smelling the fuel and i’ve also been finding the piles of rust it’s just getting worse and worse and now i see that entire fuel line all the way along the the frame is going to have to be replaced because it’s just crumbling it could burst at any moment so the statement my truck is trying to kill me it’s true

If the frame were to give out and something were to fall to the ground and metal scraping and sparking while there’s fuel literally coming out i could have just had an explosion it literally could kill me the town that i live in in newton is known for their trains they have trains going through it’s been a train town since the 1800s and it hasn’t gotten any less

Since then in fact probably more so the combination of rust and the fuel and the trains it just brings me all the way back to having to deal with my friend who had sold his car to someone and killed them because of the rust i’ve had ideas maybe i should just pull the engine and transmission and keep it for a cool project someday i could swap it into an el camino

Or something and scrap the rest or i could just drive it until it collapses or i could do a frame swap i don’t know really it’s kind of so upsetting to me i just really don’t even want to think about it right now and again i’m not upset with hoovie or anything like that i’m just upset that that it happened the way it did let me know in the comments what would you

Do with this so i’m glad you guys could follow along and let us check this thing over if you’re curious what kind of tools we use actually to do this job we just did check my amazon affiliates link in the description below we get a small cut we really appreciate it and make sure to hit the subscribe button because there’s so many more cool videos to come thanks for watching foreign

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