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My 2023 Elantra Mods | 2021 – 2023 Hyundai Elantra Mods Upgrades

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Today I get to show you all the mods I’ve done to my 2023 Hyundai Elantra SEL Convience! These mods have changed the way the car looks and makes it a lot more sporty and futuristic! This all should work with 2021, 2022, and 2023 Hyundai Elantra’s!

What’s poppin tjm unbox welcome back to a brand new video this is my highest requested video i’ve ever had um it is going to be a walk through of all the modifications i’ve done to my 2023 hyundai elantra sel convenience so here is the car i’m going to have links for basically everything i’ve used on this car some things you can’t really buy you either have to find

Someone to do um or do it yourself it’s a little bit harder but yeah and all the modifications i’ve done don’t really interfere with the warranty on the elantra if you guys know hyundai has a really generous warranty and we don’t mess with any of the engine components i’ve only done a couple electrical mods um nothing with splicing wires all of it’s just plug and

Play but it makes your car look like this but if you see it’s still very very glossy and one of the reasons it is so glossy is right when i purchased the car i took it home and i ended up installing my own ceramic coat and what a ceramic coat is is it’s a sacrificial layer uh you basically put it on it’s similar to a wax but instead of being waxed and that can

Be rubbed off the ceramic coat is actually similar to like an epoxy and it basically coats your car with a very thin layer and it will help protect your car from light scratches uh if you go through some dirt or some dust or if you’re washing your car you might accidentally scrape it and scratch it but instead of scratching the clear coat or going through wax the

Ceramic coat just adds extra protection and you can also put wax on top of the ceramic coat which i will be doing before winter time and it’s extraordinarily helpful when i’m cleaning my car i have a water bottle i’ll just pour some water and you can just see all of it just goes right off and this is literally months after i’ve had this carved with the ceramic coat

The next upgrade i did was i installed these badge covers so i didn’t really like having the big silver emblem on this black car i noticed that was very distracting when you look at it on all the pictures so i got these covers these fit completely flush it doesn’t replace your emblem it just has sticky 3m on the inside and that covers it there it also came with

The back hyundai badge so that also blacks it out and also the steering wheel hyundai badge it covers up so those were really easy mods and all of the things that i’ve done are pretty easy to undo in case you want to sell your car or if you don’t like the mods they’re all pretty easy they don’t damage your car so that is another thing to keep in mind with all the

Mods i’m going to be showing you so i also want to talk about one of the coolest things i think i’ve done this is a splitter for the car i had to have my friend help me use jacks to lift this up but it doesn’t really add anything beneficial besides like a little bit of down force not really it’s more of just an aesthetic upgrade it makes the car look a little bit

Lower when you’re at the ground and this was fairly cheap it was really easy to install there’s just some screws on the bottom and also some sticky stuff but yeah it looks very good very clean and pretty affordable and it just adds like a really aggressive look to the car i’ve gotten a lot of comments ever since i did that just because it looks so great another thing

You can tell from the outside of the car is i do have tints on this car uh during certain times of the day the tints look darker uh but in the front i have 35 like light goes through 35 and in the back i have 25 so only 20 of light goes through and you can see it looks very dark right now from the inside it looks pretty easy to to see through but yeah i really like

The way that looks and also in the back it just makes it super flush super clean very sporty uh and yeah the black just looks great another thing i did uh was i replaced these little panel covers so originally they come as a matte plastic this is the exact material that it looks like you can see my car is a little dusty but this is the exact material that would be

Right here right here and right here and i didn’t really like that because it didn’t add to the gloss the paint is very glossy the windows are very glossy so i got these sticker packs they come with all the sides they have these two that back piece and then the same on the other side so i end up getting those uh they’re really easy to install they just stick onto

The side you can see a little bit of a gap right here that happens on them but it just makes it look very gloss black and i really like that and again super easy to install and if you ever need to remove them that is also very easy to do i will be getting an extra cover right here uh pretty soon that’s just the mod i’m working on and another little mod is i added

A blind spot mirror this helps so much with visibility uh you’re able to see a lot more cars when you’re driving i’ve noticed since you don’t have a back window right here and just with the compact style of this car there can be a couple blind spots when you’re turning so those blind spot mirrors help greatly when you’re driving also for parking you can see your

Little space a little bit easier when you’re driving and that just adds to it really really well and since we’re on tints uh i installed this one myself i paid someone to do the side tints um just because i knew i’d mess it up they usually cost about 180 to about 300 i paid 200 flat for mine but yeah that’s what they will about run you when you look for people to do

It or if you decide to do it yourself i did this top one myself this is a five percent tint and that just makes it look a little bit lower uh since it’s gloss black with the top black it makes it really good and also when light’s coming down from the sun that top visor really protects me when i’m driving uh and i don’t need to put down my little mirror flap things

Up on the side so that’s really great and i really like it let’s go turn on the car just so i can show you the lights now uh because the lights are really really impressive let’s go okay so these headlights come as incandescent on every single model unless you get the m-line or the limited so i ended up replacing them they’re really easy to install uh some people

Say you have to remove the bumper i didn’t have to do that i was able to reach my hand around and actually change them out i’ll have a link for those down below if you want to get the right ones that i use they’re really bright and some people ask why you’d prefer led over incandescent mostly it’s like an aesthetic thing i like that it’s a pure white it’s way more

Modern than an old incandescent that they used to be using cars since like the very beginning so leds are just modern they use less power and they also tend to be a lot brighter you’re able to see a lot more another thing with this car you don’t actually need to have two bulbs for the high beam and the low beam you just need one since it is a projector light bulb

It actually uses one light bulb for the high beam and the low beam that’s something that’s new to me and i haven’t really ever dealt with on my old cars another thing i did myself was i actually tinted this top piece so usually this is like a pure orange and i didn’t really like that because it just made it look like really dorky i guess these side markers were

Really really orange and it just took away from the aesthetic of the car so i used a five percent a little bit darker than a five percent tint but it just blacked that out so it really matches the paint and they don’t stand out as much when the headlights are on those little side markers are on so it makes them show a little bit more but usually it just looks all

Black and you kind of saw that when the headlights were off so let’s go around to the back i installed this full led bar i actually made a video on my channel you can check out i did an aftermarket install of that bar uh it is the original part from the limited and the end line and it fits plug and play in the sel and the se uh so that is why i did it but i really

Like the way that looks that’s one of the reasons i bought the car and after i bought the scl convenience i actually thought it had that led bar and i was really upset that it didn’t and i was honestly thinking about getting a different car but gladly i found out online i was actually one of the first people to do this but i found out that you’re able to exchange

It with the other models so if you haven’t seen that video check it out i also did put a tail light cover on uh this is just tinting on my license plate a little bit it’s not necessarily the most legal but it makes it look a lot more stealthy especially during the day i know we’re filming at night so it has lights on and stuff but it just makes it look a lot more

I guess stealth it matches the black a little bit more i also did replace a lot of the lights with leds this is led light bulbs they’re usually incandescent but i just like the modern white glow with the red lights that just looks so cool when you’re driving down the interstate highway yeah i’m gonna turn on my flashlight so you guys can see some other mods i’ve

Done to the back okay so another thing i did was i actually got these covers for the elantra and it comes in carbon fiber so usually they’re bright chrome you can actually see a little bit of it on the side and these are just covers that go right over if you ever need to sell your car you can always just remove these same with the top cover right here but just by

Having it blacked out it looks a lot better than having it super bright and super silvery i just didn’t like that look that much yeah that is what it looks like and i’m telling you guys that looks so clean i know the reds don’t really look like they match right now but in person they match perfectly it’s just on camera so let me go in and turn on the turn signals

So i also upgraded the turn signals for this car uh you can see both of them on these are leds and leds are just so much brighter these ones are almost too bright uh they’re extremely blinding and these are the lase fit led bulbs i’ll have a link for them down below as well these ones were a little bit more tricky to install i’ll just say i had to reach my hand

With uh some pliers and some clamps and actually twist it off myself but that did take about two hours honestly to do um just because it was so tough to grab on the back these ones were super easy to install i installed these ones myself again these ones are leds these are not lase fit it’s another brand that i’ll have a link for down below but it’s just a lot

Brighter people can see you a lot better it’s a lot flashier and you get like an instant reactive light instead of it being like a slow build up with an incandescent i just i prefer that look it’s really up to what you think also since those were so bright i actually tinted this uh turn signal and i also tinted the reverse light i bought a pack of tints online and

These were really easy to install i just sprayed some water and it all went on really well but you can see now that the lights are off just how everything looks very sleek very minimal you only see those two reflector lights and then the full bar at night and during the day it just looks really really clean i know we’re filming it’s a little bit later at night but

Yeah it is a pretty pretty fancy car not gonna lie i think that about does it for the outside mods let’s hop inside and we can take a look at the mods that i’ve done to the car okay so we’re on the inside these i have the replacements to do led but i haven’t installed them yet but that is something i need to do i ended up finding this carbon fiber wrap online you

Can see it just changed how the plastic the car is dirty sorry and i also have carbon fiber here also in there so i have a bunch of random carbon fiber spots it didn’t necessarily fit my car the best but certain parts work better than others for that kit i’ll have a link for that down below hopefully if i can find it and i also got this from amazon this is a carbon

Fiber cover uh it just uses these things and it makes it a little bit softer right here and it also makes it look like it’s carbon fiber so that’s really cool and i really really like that this part also is carbon fiber so it’s just a couple pieces that could be replaced with carbon fiber i think right here is carbon fiber two so it’s really up to you whatever

You prefer to have carbon fiber um but the kit had a lot of custom pieces that fit perfectly um and some of them didn’t fit perfectly but let me turn on the car so we can see some of the lights in here the car is pretty dirty but i did install this little blue el wire strip this is a very simple mod that i’ve made videos on in the past but it just makes it look

A little bit more futuristic a lot of bmws audis mercedes have that and the reason i went with blue on the interior was because it already has a lot of blue lights these are all blue from the factory these are blue so i want to keep it in that blue theme and i also have underglow for the all the the footwells and the driver the passenger and also in the back but

The back is dirty uh same with this whole car i probably should have cleaned it before this video but and that just really adds to the vibe of the car just because all the blue really matches i really like the way that it looks uh i do want to show you the blind spot mirrors a little bit i don’t know if the camera’s gonna be able to pick it up but the blind spot

Mirrors are right here so when i’m driving i can just look out and i’m able to see a little bit better like you can just see this mirror really doesn’t show anything but this one does it shows that there is that little concrete barrier there and it helps with parking and also just helps with driving when you’re driving around uh with this little car and i also have

This car link wireless airplay adapter so i’m actually able to use a car link through my apple phone to the little head unit right here uh so that’s really easy instead of having to use the cable all the time i’m able to use this i really only use it with long road trips and people need to use my cable to charge their phone but yeah it’s really convenient that i’m

Able to do wireless carplay it does take about 30 seconds to connect to your phone but it tends to be pretty nice that you’re able to control it wirelessly with your apple maps and your music uh this light i did install this one’s led uh it’s usually incandescent but yeah it’s pretty nice that i have that little light up there i think that’s about all the mods i’ve

Done to this car i have a lot more i have led reverse lights i didn’t show you um but yeah basically upgrading all the leds making it a little bit more modern um making a little bit more stealthy i guess another thing i have a radar detector that’s something i’ve had with all my cars ever since i got my first car i’ve had a radar detector it really just helps when

You’re driving around if you’re on the interstate making sure you know where the cops are scanning but uh but yeah that’s about all the mods in this car i haven’t really done anything else like electrical any other big modifications and i’ll have links for everything let me know what you think about this down below i might make an updated video about this in the

Next like month or two once i get some more mods for the car because i do want a couple other things i’ve seen online but i’ll catch you guys in the next one take it easy peace

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My 2023 Elantra Mods | 2021 – 2023 Hyundai Elantra Mods Upgrades By TJM unbox