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My 2023 Outback is here BUT I cant take it home yet?

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Many of you have asked me about the stop sale on the 2023 Subaru Outback/Legacy models so in this video I share what I currently know. I’ll be sharing more updates as they become available.

Many of you guys have asked about the stop sell on the 2023 subaru outback and legacies and so today i decided to make a dedicated video talking about what is going on all the information i have up to this point and hopefully shed some light for you guys so that way if you are eagerly waiting for your new car you have a little bit more information and hopefully

Fingers crossed we can get a howard new 2023 outbacks and legacies i know i’m super excited i’m sure you guys are and i can share in your frustration in this because mine has finally arrived but due to the stop sale i can’t take it home yet so we’re going to talk about what we know what we expect moving forward and when we expect to hopefully be able to take

Our new vehicles home if you guys are new to my channel my name is alex i like to share weekly videos talking about new subarus telling you all there is to know about them including topics like today’s video so if you enjoy that type of content then that definitely click that subscribe button down below i’d really appreciate it if you guys have any questions at

The end of this video which i’m sure you will leave those down below and i will try my best to answer those to the best of my ability so what is the issue that subaru found we’re gonna hop in the car right here this is actually mine and we’ll see what is going on so with the sos button right here this is what you press if you’re ever in an accident or you need

Roadside assistance so that button is not working it does not connect to subaru starlink typically when you press that button it’s when you’re in an emergency situation and you need help maybe you’ve gotten an accident or you’ve got a flat tire run out of gas where whatever it may be obviously with that not working that is a bit problematic so of course if you do

Currently have a 23 right now you’re encouraged to call 9-1-1 if you’re an emergency or call your subaru roadside assistance according to subaru this does not affect base model 2023 outbacks or legacies because they do not have the sos system in them also if you have a previous model year outback or legacy this does not impact you because there is no known issue

With the starlink system in those model years and if you already own and drive a 2023 outback or legacy you will have if you haven’t already be notified by a super of america notifying you of the problem with the sos button and once the fix becomes available you’ll be able to go to your local retailer and get that fix completed so here are all the 2023 subaru

Outbacks that we have that are already sold but they can’t leave the lot yet until they get the fix eight of these cars behind me are actually my own customer cars that they have ordered they’ve waited most likely two to three months for them they finally arrived but i had the fun time of sharing the bad news with them that they can’t come pick them up quite yet

So end of last week i was tracking these cars good news i had reached out to my customers at like six seven o’clock in the evening texting them hey your car is actually on track to arrive tomorrow i’m tracking the truck it’ll usually take me a day or so to get it inspected and be ready for pickup so everything was going well well then the very next day we got this

Bulletin from subaru of america letting us know that we could not in fact sell those cars yet because they had just found something wrong subaru sent out a bulletin to us on september 26th making us aware of the situation and they stated in that bulletin that they expect to have a fix identified within the next 10 days well that puts us at today’s day october 6th

So i expect that we get news from subaru soon letting us know that a fix has been identified now in terms of how long that fix will take we don’t quite know yet it depends on what parts are available or what what it needs to fix the issue at hand i have been telling all my customers that we expect to have the fix fairly soon and we’re hoping that the fix will be

Made available by the end of this month so that way customers can take their car home towards the end of october and that future orders in november and december won’t be impacted but we don’t quite know yet we’re just hoping for the best and we will have to wait and see so we just got another truck today and i don’t know if you guys can tell but this one right

Here i believe is mine haven’t checked the vin yet but it is the white onyx edition so hopefully that one’s fine i’ve been tracking it supposed to arrive today but just like you guys unfortunately i have to wait until we get that fixed before i can take it home so here’s my car rolling off the truck right now a little scary seeing it come off the truck oh don’t

Back into the tree oh he’s good he’s got it there it is i hope that you guys found value in this video i do truly believe that we will be able to take our cars home soon so please do not be mad at me i am just trying to share all the information i have with you guys to help ease some of your anxieties if you are eagerly waiting for your new car to be ready to

Take home hope you guys have a great day if you guys enjoyed this video please be sure to click the like button and i will see you in the next one come on

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My 2023 Outback is here BUT I can't take it home yet? By Alex Prestigiacomo