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MY 800+HP AUDI RS6 MONSTER IS FINALLY BACK Full car tour, Accelerations | VLOG 8

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After 1 long year patiently waiting, “LEON” my 2020 Audi RS6 is back in my hands and ready to be properly tested! This monster has over 800Hp and feels like a supercar! By far one of the build I’m the most proud of and honestly the best super family wagon there is on earth!

Oh welcome to a new vlog yes and we’re starting to vlog with a huge huge epic truck a car transport truck look at this thing is that a serious transporter or what how many cars you have inside i don’t know i think we’re gonna find out but this has been the home of the rs6 after all the troubles we had with the car being stolen in stockholm uh corona and all

These things so martin a friend of mine from ss transport he has been kind enough to transport the rs6 let me see now first from stockholm down to marbella we had different plans so we left so then the car has actually had a detour up to daniel and apt so the car that comes out of this truck is a car that i haven’t actually seen in this configuration okay and

Then from up down here so thank you martin for making my logistical life uh much easier but now i finally get to have the r6 we can use it i’m curious i’m really really close i’m both curious in my car what that looks like now with that kit and i’m also curious on the inside of this thing so martin normally drives a regular kind of between marbella and sweden

So if you need to transport cars there or anywhere around here i might have a car soon so i should benny welcome to the world of logistics and transporting cars i need the martin’s phone number yeah a proper car transport should look like insane been too long i mean i’ve owned the car for almost a year with corona and like the car getting stolen and and then

It was at the police station for three four months and uh and so i’ve driven the car for a total of three four minutes was it just outside the yeah it’s just outside that sound is fantastic i mean i haven’t seen all the details yet from like now it’s like a an upped slash you know some morph are we ready almost right because you’ve been you still haven’t been

In the rs6 no i’ve seen the inside but i haven’t been in look at the yeah the level of high-techness anyone who’s ever transported a car a low car knows the struggles the struggle is real i can see a classic i see the mustang fits here also i think thank you so much i almost forgot i saw an email from martin that if you’re watching this video and you need to

Transport your car you can get a 15 discount okay this being just super nice so uh you have all the info in the description so now you know how to transport cars in like an overkill trailer but now we’re gonna get many inside of this for the people that haven’t seen the car maybe we should just say what’s done to it i mean inside of here you have uh stuckman

Motorsport have done their magic and i don’t have an exact figure but 800 something horsepower and then now all new apt uh body kit one out of 125 we have the brixton wheels which is you know very very special of course the wrap is designed by sean ball who makes the sickest wraps ever and they’re made by or they’re apps made by rapzone i see lots of new

Details yeah it is and the brutal exhaust you know my last r6 people love the sound of that so i said let’s go with miltek again it sounds even better than the last one it is all the common did you have this much cabin before no this like this this line is so so so sick jump in yeah 120 years of app a nice coffee table book now we are fully loaded as you

Might see here in the back it’s kind of packed because since the car made a little detour to marbella we threw in a bunch of stuff that was gonna go here to monaco already yeah oh like it it’s insane here sport we’re gonna just do a little circle that the engine heat up i have a car again wow that’s insane but you’re like one tenth on there nothing but it

Sounds insane already god i missed having an but it’s rs6 a nice you know family wagon yeah going crazy now whenever we don’t have anything to do we can just go out and do this ready to hold the camera wow that was that was insane that was insane i have goosebumps it’s like you know that it was it was insane i thought we were taking off macaroni wow no

Way oh the echo in this oh i don’t know if you could hear the echo but the whole valley was just on fire the sound okay he’s coming back it’s insane from the outside but it’s like it’s proper super superpower okay wow hello hola she was saying to leon before over here show your fingernail hello hey good to see you hi hi everyone hello and should

We show what you’ve learned today um okay benny yeah that means good in english and he knows when he does good things it’s foolish look here let’s see if we can can you put it on here he’s growing so fast he’s becoming a big boy but now the bigger boys are gonna go and uh uh show you guys a few more shots of the car we’re gonna bring sebalonga because he was

Real curious on the car yeah is he downstairs i think he is all right well then we see you soon i can come with you guys you’re not loudly on your twitter okay bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye look at this i was gonna show you look i i tried uh the look without the uh front discs which i think is super rad as well so second part without being without

This to see how that looks let me know in the comments what you guys think i’m like kind of torn with without with or without comment but i love this as you can see here say hello to the baby wagon beautiful good to see you too hello good to see you this is awesome i saw it in the car park i have to admit i had a little peek oh yeah yeah alright the wheels are

The things but they’re not the same i’d only seen the other side yeah so we were debating now back and forth because i was kind of like just trying uh without yes so we’re debating like um with this or without i’ve never seen this before taking a bit of trial and error to get a workout it’s very cool yeah i mean it takes some getting used to but it’s awesome

I mean anything like any concept car you see they always have wheels like that yeah and then they go into production and then no nothing but it’s cool because you got sitting on man as well very nice yeah should we see if we disappoint her if you’re okay okay i’m i’m worried your neighbors are gonna hate you oh my god what how about it sounds like a lion

That hasn’t eaten for about three years you can’t even have a conversation oh i mean the kids are never going to be late for school are they look and then we do this super comfy and it’s double glazing on the windows yep see you’re a much better car reviewer guy than i am double glazing two screens this is actually really cool that they put this as a new

Screen all the climate control stuff this is probably and these are big words huh but the rs6 platform is probably the best all-round car currently in production i i think it is so what an animal i mean i guess that floor it so you could have more power but you haven’t been full yet so stackman uh we’re gonna have to already there’s one acceleration he’s

Already booked the truck no the thing is having an acceleration where you where it doesn’t get dangerous yeah you can actually do this oh yeah i know it feels perfectly safe no but it’s like right borderline like yeah yeah no it’s like fast enough that it makes your stomach go into your throat but it’s also like you can’t control it i mean this is the kind

Of thing which could cause avalanches prohibited it’s super like feels like just like a tight normal or a six like not too core sometimes yeah i feel a bit sketchy yeah i think out of all the builds i’ve done i think this one has like the best overall yeah like look and feel to it so it might last more than two weeks then that’s what you’re saying yeah

Because the thing so i was offered a bit over 300 grand for this no way but i was like i don’t even know like you know what else should i get yeah yeah because you’re gonna go build something else but yeah but like if you’re gonna build the same thing again yeah or something worse what’s the point you have absolutely nailed it and it’s even got cup holders i

Know it’s complete that’s all you need tested child i could use four cup holders though you probably do look pull nothing down you ready oh bang that that’s what i’m saying problem solved do you have anything else you could teach us about ski trap but you probably know about that better than that i hope you were aware there was a second uh oh oh yeah how do

You open it i really really got that done coming here uh probably like this there you go we haven’t really gotten to that point look how cool is that because then your sun in the back and you’re less claustrophobic leon will love that much more light yeah he’s gonna have a twisted view of what’s normal in her car i was thinking if he started in a car like this

When he imagine how loud his future cars will need to be for him to be impressed because he’s like oh guys you don’t realize what i went to school in when i was a little kid the loudest car you keep doing this like whenever he’s like with a play card he’s like perfect we see it in the video it’s so cute it sounds like one of the things i find the most impressive

Is i mean if you look at this anyone who’s had a lowered tuned car would think oh it looks great but it’s going to do a lot of scraping none there’s been zero scraping either in the front or in the back and controlling the gap no and i yeah it’s it’s equal like wow and like to get that fitting is really hard but uh but i say with with the view of this thing uh

We’re gonna end the vlog because we might as we said we might have to look down tomorrow so we got to go and do some grocery shopping yes but now we got to do the perfect car yeah we can do we can go fast to get groceries but i hope you like it and let us know what you think about the rims like discs or no dust what do you guys think i think this just because

You’ve never seen it before yeah i guess it is uh yeah i think i’m on team disc as well but yeah over and out and we’ll see you soon i i’ve been really feeling like i want to do some normal vlogs i should shoot a a day in my life of current living where i i have some different wake up and going to bed times as i’ve known and laughed about but what that is

You’ll find out in the next vlog so yes we’ll see you soon and uh don’t forget to check benny’s books as well you have to have them in the description are you going to make one as well yeah i think we might make a quick little video now yeah you absolutely should and then you have uh also ss transports uh info in the description but that’s it over and out from

Beautiful monaco in last day of freedom see you soon leo we love you

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MY 800+HP AUDI RS6 MONSTER IS FINALLY BACK!! Full car tour, Accelerations!! | VLOG⁔ 8 By Jon Olsson