It’s been a long time since you have seen the E46 BMW M3 but after restoring the car there’s one final thing left which means the M3 needs to be stripped all the back one more time!

We’re back on the second channel thanks so much for the support on the first video of the second channel and if you don’t know this is behind the scenes and this is a recent purchase of murcielago but in this video come with me we’re going to be checking out a few of the projects which have been long and lost and you need a little update on them including the e46 m3

And to commemorate that check out the new t-shirt which are available already with a link in the description box below and if you haven’t seen the m3 before you’re going to see it at the end of the video it’s so close to the restoration but for now let’s give you an update on everything that is going on and what has replaced this sort of space here you join me in

Unit number two with the e24 and it’s an absolute mess we’ve not really made any progress on this car since we pushed it into this unit and there’s still bolts kicking around everywhere i’ve since had some new ramps put in and these are actually better than the ones i’ve got in the other unit i wish i got these in the first place these are like low rider lamp ramps

So they sit really low and you can get low cars in there and it’s just better look the things at the top there’s no bar along the bottom uh i’m pretty sure got these from east midlands ramps if i can remember uh the issue with the 24 well it’s really rusty it’s rusty along here it’s rusty along the bottom there’s a fair few holes in it everywhere and sort of in

The predicament now of i could just go at it strip the engine bay to pieces and then i can buy all the separate parts to start patching in and welding all the bits to get it back on the road or a hold out and wait for a new shell and if i can find a shell which is half decent or one with a battered engine then it’s going to be a lot easier and stress-free to just

Be able to rebuild the engine which is sat just down there put it in the new shell and then go from there and then we can make a good car out of two bad ones kevin oh oh he fell he fell so we’re gonna clean up this unit then we’re gonna move on to the other cars in the other unit okay the unit is a little bit cleaner now we’ve just dropped the engine back into

The e24 that bike is buzz’s buzz is going to take that so we should have space potentially for merchant argo what’s this we wait for a new show now was going to turbo this that was the plan um let me just lift this bonnet up and i’ll show you so to turbo these engines it isn’t that hard what i’ve learned is that it’s easy as a turbo a left-hand drive on so with

The right hand drive on you’ve got all year brake masters sitting doing everything here your steering rack which comes out here but then also the exhaust manifold on this engine comes out here so the turbo would have to sit on this side and of course all of this is all in the way so unless you have the turbo mounted up here with a hole in the bonnet or something

Like that it’s going to be very difficult whereas the left-hand drive boys they have got everything on this side steering rack uh pedal box that sort of stuff on that side so then you’ve got all the room to put a turbo there so that is the issue so i’m thinking new shell reboot this engine back to standard manual conversion and you guys will see in the main video

What the actual plan is for this i don’t want to give it away too soon i need to put this body back on and we’re back in the unit just finished up filming the pause video actually got this running me and liam are basically mechanics we’ve uh got the calling funds on um at this point you probably won’t have seen yet baby you will maybe you wouldn’t this has just

Arrived and this is actually going to be a second channel video quicksilver have sorted us out with i think it’s a bat box or it could be the rest of the aston martin exhaust but i really want to see the exhaust tip we got what we’ve got what we got oh yeah man oh they’re all small though aren’t they but they might look big on the car carbon fiber exhausted well

They’re certainly better than what’s on it got jordan yeah absolutely sensational come on set up yes save yours chris is that your instagram or what yeah yeah okay yeah so if you haven’t read i’ll ask about mark mccann’s for a podcast and uh chris is just picking up his new car as well you could be wrong actually ah you smell this it smells nice it’s got that new

Car smell i’ve never smelled that before oh yeah i’ve never smelled a new lamborghini yeah what’s the mileage for 441. oh my gideon less miles than your mum and here is the podcasting area there we go mark’s weapon very clean and here’s all the trophies for the world’s cleanest car yeah there’s a lot in there bloody hell all these detailing awards yeah what the

Hell is that do you even know what it is that what they use on top gear to go around offices how do you sit on that are your legs we have to stay under your legs oh yeah yeah yeah matt what have you got to remember welcome thanks for the invite and a good introduction is that right yeah um do i get a job and we’re back in here e24 is out there now and liam is

Here because before we get the next car in here which you guys may have seen already i’m assuming you probably have seen already we are doing the light so we can actually work in it actually there’s no point of me even hiding it because the engine for it is here but you’ve got to rebuild liam’s building up scaffolding we’re getting some big spaceship lights in

Here so we should have some nice lighting we’ve already got some on the side there’s the boot for the lamborghini um yeah it’s gonna be loads better than your side fabian the low’s better look at we’ve got the floor in this from garage star i’ve got this floor in the other unit this is like a plastic floor it is actually mint and it’s it lasts really well this is

What’s going on here today uh leo many any words would be cool because people might want to know what’s some technicals yeah i’ll take the camera but what lights are we going for what like we’ve got what you like to call spaceship lights spaceship lights they are called us ufo lies basically spaceships for the electrical technical specification they are 100 watt

Yeah i don’t know how many lumens they are actually that bothered i can find out yeah just make it up make it up how many lumens let’s say five million are you a qualified electrician now i like to think so yeah because you’ll get that from people i’m a qualified electrician people will say that you won’t yeah so we’ve got an electrician here he isn’t just like a

Guy you know he’s an electrician because we’ve already had it because look at that yeah i’m gonna stay out of this liam has complete depleted the lights it is nice and bright in here hey kev i’m mav here’s kevin here he is way oh and here’s map here we go the maserat is out today when we’re supposed to be at petrol head of nissan live at nine o’clock and the time

Is already nine o’clock because we’re classically already late to see the situation yeah maz is looking clean let’s get there first things first this is most better than mine are the headlights this is the first time i’ve actually seen them fit right hand drive headlights left and drive but ryan drive headlights right it says drive on it just so you know that’s

The driver side oh that wing that is really nice jeez nice oh wait wait this is those better than mine as well yeah he’s telling me okay brakes they’re better than yours yeah that’s pretty cool this window better than yours door better than yours another minute there’s better than yours on it better than yours thank you this is cool yeah i think it’s just loads

Better than mine yeah and it’s all left-hand drive again as always chris has found a dog jack’s rated uh milo an eight out of ten rate in milo i’m gonna give him a seven seven spotted the v8 hoodie there and the v8 hoodie there there it is the maserati sat outside the liberty water stand with loads of other liberty wars and we’ve got the road trip trio chris licks

And chapman hill it’s not really good quality though is it what’s going on with this then so this is where i had a bit of hit so my headlight brackets are broken um so the decision was either to budge the headlight brackets on this or if i bought a new headlight i’d have to buy two because this lens is like clear coated to tin same as that one i would never match

It the same so i’d have to buy two headlights so it’s basically uh the brackets are just a hole drilled through them and then a zip tie i understand so what is that race car it’s race car it’s race car chris do you reckon uh jack in the super’s got a wobbly headlight race car and it’s lightweight with no bolts and more zip ties and boris has made it back from the

Two and a half thousand mile road trip and it’s now going on the dyno so if it’s not asking to blow it’s gonna blow up oh okay i’m saying 17.4 sound like all right put your dick away i may have overestimated yeah i’m supportive that’s fast that just shows you how good that car was and staying with the astons two and a half thousand miles round of europe

65 horsepower at the wheels okay so right now the maserati yes the maserati is actually on a dyno let me just show you but the maserati i’ve never had it on a dyno before um doesn’t really deserve to go on a dino just as a report and looked at i think uh i i think these should be around 400 stocks so about 69 000 miles we’ve absolutely crushed it i think estimate

At the engine 350 break it’s a lot of weight but we’ll see foreign the best pull it did was 439 whoa stop s they’re massive it’s because of the wheels 430 the engine these are 400 stop and the wheels will ignore that 200 and something but 400 and 30 break which is 30 no it’s actually 2500 more than what it should be at the engine it’s alive thank you i’ve

Kept this car well maintained and now i’m off to the body shot to go and check up on the e46 m3 you haven’t seen it on the main channel in a while the last thing it needed was a full it needed a full going over with the bodywork we’ve done everything mechanical to it it just needed a full strip down and that is exactly what it’s getting here it’s going to be fully

Stripped down windows out everything back to repainted the laguna seca blue as it should be but this should be mint apparently it’s in bits at the moment so we’ll soon find out what it looks like so here is the e46 m3 kind of going backwards to move forwards really everything is fully stripped apart bumpers lights trims everything is off um it still looks not so

Bad on this camera to be fair but if you look closer there’s a loads of lack appeal here there’s lack of peel at the top all these trims were no good windscreens came out all the windows that came out rear windows came out again this is these are all going to need to be replaced looking nice and clean i think these were black um i think we’re gonna go everything

Back to chrome um i’m still thinking what color to do the calipers i’m not too sure but yeah it’s uh this is the port this sort of point of the work what i can’t do the painting which takes a lot of skill and a lot of experience to do all these i think we’ll go back chrome get it all back original but it’s not looking so bad but i do miss this car look at the

Interior it’s fully stripped out obviously the glass looks like it’s been uh broken when it’s came out but it’s bound to happen on these uh cars of this age but it’s the start of the beginning i think but look at all of this it’s gonna look absolutely mental when it’s done and look well it looks how it should do but the annoying thing is that it doesn’t look so bad

On camera but when you do come up closer you can see where all the luck is gone and that’s about it really you can’t really see the headlights or anything like that we already did the lenses but that is the condition of the m3 so far and it’s just a little update for you guys because on the main channel i know a lot of you’ve been commenting saying where’s the m3

Or where the other cars will now you know and it won’t be long until it’s back on the road and looking fully original which is well it’s going to be exciting so as i mentioned on the main channel i’m going to need your full support especially with this build and don’t forget the limited edition e46 m3 t-shirt which i’m wearing now are now available i’ve popped a

Link in the description box below and there’s only a limited amount thanks so much for watching this video we’ll see you in the next one and going and going

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