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My Custom Ordered 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage with a 5 speed

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So hello everybody and welcome back to mitsubishi madman yeah it’s mitsubishi madman here uh i changed up the channel name uh because you know codecrafter9000 was a little a little weird anyway so today is delivery day we are taking ourselves well no we’ve not taken ourselves we got my mom taking me to the dealership to get delivery of my brand new 2022

Mitsubishi mirage that i custom ordered uh i’m excited i hope you are too let’s get straight into it and here we go guys we have the brand new 2022 mitsubishi mirage and this is not your normal base model mirage because i custom ordered this back in december when i got into my accident i am doing a whole lot better now i already gave you all the update video

But today we are going to be reviewing and looking over my brand new 2022 mirage with all my upgrades and features and stuff on it we’re going to take a good old look around i just came back from the tent shop today day after delivery um yesterday i shot the intro today is the next day wasn’t able to do anything when it came to video inside the dealership they

Didn’t want that gotta respect their privacy and they also didn’t want anybody videoing in the tent shop again i respect privacy privacy over anything else i got it in mystic black metallic and i am so happy to show you all let’s get straight into it first thing we’re going to look at is this front grill i got the effects package from mitsubishi and i also got

The led fog light upgrades the led fog lights down here there as you can see and then of course the effects package gives you the carbon fiber and red trim bumper it looks amazing in person the carbon fiber feels amazing i don’t think it’s real i think this is some type of vinyl layon but it is a great add-on for your 2022 mitsubishi mirage coming down to the

Side of the vehicle we got ourselves deflectors and at the front we also had deflectors um on the side and the front of the vehicle uh moving on to the back we have the brand new led tail lights and this brand new bumper down here with the built-in diffuser it is uh and also we also do have carbon fiber trim back here as well that’s something you couldn’t get

With the effects package in the earlier models they actually added a rear bumper trim piece also we have ourselves this trunk and if we open it up we have our roxford fosgate sound bar i ordered the roxford fosgate system as well in this vehicle yes a lot of people think oh well that takes up a lot of trunk space i really am not the type of person that’s always

Lugging stuff around and if anything it actually helps with the step up when you fold the seats down the roxford fosgate system is level with the seats when they’re folded down so it’s a win-win situation moving on into the inside of the vehicle we have the brand new cloth seats with the red stitching we have of course since it’s the base we have the 5 speed

And we have our polyurethane steering wheel uh i’m not going to get into modifications just yet we’re doing a review and then on top of that let me see this on top of that we also have the console illumination lights and we also have the floorboard illumination lights so at night time when you open the doors the blue shines down onto the floorboards and it

Looks amazing and we got the center console illumination which is always on whenever parking lights or headlights are on so headlights are on headlights are all parking lights are on and then then when you open the door you get the blue illumination in the footwells and then it fades away so that’s nice also while we are on the interior of this vehicle we have

The new 7-inch touch display android auto and apple carplay system bluetooth audio fm am and it’s sirius xm compatible you can add siriusxm to this it doesn’t come with it so you would have to buy the antenna yourself we’ll get into more detail on another video we of course have the roxford fosgate batching we have the automatic climate control standard on all

2022 models also standard on 2022 models we’re going to have ford collision mitigation i added parking sensors and parking assist sensors um which are toggleable which is nice so then we also have something new on the base which we didn’t have before we have turned that off we have the temperature gauge which we didn’t have before so now when you’re flipping

Through this you have yourself a nice good old temperature gauge so you know how cold or hot it is outside and it’ll let you know when icy conditions are uh in the making so it’ll give you a little snowflake up here it’ll alert you saying ice and stuff like that on this display which is kind of nice um i only have 84 miles on it only drove to work yesterday and

Back and into town to get my tent done not even 100 miles on my brand new mitsubishi mirage automatic climate control sets the temperature gets to it and comes back down it works amazing this uh i don’t know if they updated the compressor or something in the newer 2022 models but this compressor that does like the ac like getting the air cold and stuff is so

Much better i like it is so good moving on in on to this seven inch touch display we have uh android auto apple car play bluetooth and am fm which is nice and everything and so when you get the roxford fosgate uh system you also get the rockford fosgate badging on the trim uh it’s not very prevalent that you have a rockstar fosgate system badging wise but when

You turn this radio on and you start playing some music or you got android auto and apple carplay and you got your spotify your pandora your apple music whatever you’re playing it is crazy like this sound bar it definitely does uh wonders when it comes down to uh just the sound quality it is so loud you can hear it in you it is amazing i can’t get over it but

Yep that’s the overview of the 2022 mitsubishi mirage guys that i just got custom delivered it the only thing i’ve done to it is tint once again so uh i hope you all enjoyed today’s video if you did please let me know by hitting that like button i will be updating y’all on all the things i plan on doing i already have parts oem parts from mitsubishi on the way

In here so uh i hope you all enjoyed today’s video if you did please hit that like button let me know and tell me what type of modifications you would like to see done to the mirage uh of course we’re going to be doing wheels and tires but there is so much planned for this we are not doing decals on this car just wait and see uh y’all are going to be in store

For a lot of interesting content with this car i am so happy to be back making mirage content uh i will see y’all later goodbye

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My Custom Ordered 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage with a 5 speed! By Mitsubishi Madman