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My F30 BMW is FILLED with Water

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In today’s video, we’re going to figure out how the interior of my F30 got absolutely SOAKED, so it doesn’t happen to you!

Behind me is my f-3328i a car that rarely makes it to the channel and when it does it tends to be different colors you see when i bought the car it started out silver but it had been in so many accidents every panel was a different shade of silver then it looked like the harlequin volkswagen with a blue fender a black hood and gray bumpers then we wrapped it matte

Black but in all honesty it looked kind of bad and the only person who really liked it was batman so we had the wrap removed and as you can see the car has a fresh coat of paint and every single panel even though they’re not fully attached everything on this car is the same color but that’s not what this video is about as you could tell by the look of my windshield

It is raining and even though it’s not a hurricane in our area ian has come through and has brought us four days of light rain now a little rain in moderation is great it helps crops grow and if you have an outdoor pool it helps fill it up but a little rain in your car can lead to an indoor pool which is no good man i’m so happy i bought all-season mats alright so

I’m curious and i’m sure you guys are as well let’s see how much looks like just over two inches of water awesome so as you can imagine it’s slightly annoying that i have an indoor pool in my 328 i got water all over the seat i got puddling water over there and now i am working on another project that i can’t really tell you about right now but the fem was out and

I hate to say it but i’m actually really glad it is because look all these connections are all wet so who knows maybe that would have shorted something out look at this i’m like shaking water out of the connection oh my gosh this is terrible splash pad also the other thing i forgot to show you is as you can see i literally have water falling off of this microphone

And actually goes all the way back to here so my entire headliner is basically soaked right now and i really don’t want any mold issues and being that there’s a puddle back here i don’t want any electrical issues either now if you have this problem in your car this is super bad the first thing you want to do is always disconnect the battery because you never want

Wires especially for your seat airbags all that kind of stuff sitting in water so the first thing i need to do is disconnect the battery and then suck that water out oh crap oh boy wait a second oh nuts i think the battery’s disconnected so as you can see i did remove the fem module and i have some things apart because i’m working on another project that actually

Doesn’t involve this car now whenever you do anything like that you should always disconnect the battery which it looks like i did but normally i fold the seats down as a preventative measure so this doesn’t happen but i guess i goofed this time now i am going to still have to show you guys how to get into a lock trunk and i’m actually really glad that the battery

Was fully disconnected because again i have two full inches of water sitting in the car i can’t look at it anymore so let me grab my shop vac and get the water out now if you’ve ever soaked your carpets in your car like this before you will know that it is a huge pain in the butt because what happens is you start to get all the water out and then more just appears

And as you can see here look at this there’s a bubble under the carpet i mean i’m gonna have to take a whole carpet out did i mention that it’s 42 degrees outside it’s actively raining i’m soaking wet and although the shop is right there i can’t get the car there because i can’t drive it because of the fem because all this electrical stuff all right it’s time for

Vacuum round two now some people are probably going to yell at me for what i’m about to do but i feel like i just need to put like a little hole in the carpet just so the water can come out so let me turn the vacuum back on i guess i overflowed my shop back it’s like all shooting out the back all right so at this point i have as much of the water sucked up as i

Can i still got a little bit on the seat and also up there now if we take a break to survey the damage this is soaked this is completely soaked over here is damp you can see that this is like light gray and on the other side it’s dark gray that’s because it’s soaked you can see if there’s water in here this is all soaked i’m surprised water is not pouring out of

There and it goes all the way back to there which is a huge issue because that means this whole thing has a ton of water it’s four days full of rain in it and i really don’t want this car to smell like mold in mildew and i also want to give you guys a firm answer as to what the heck happened so i’m going to guess because i have a sunroof that one of those little

Drains has clogged especially because i live in the woods in dirt and debris gets in there and it can clog it up being the age of the car it’s very possible that is the issue but what i’m going to do just for ultimate visibility for you guys i’m gonna pull out all of the pillars in the car drop the sunroof and i’m going to sprinkle additional water if the the rain

Isn’t enough so we can actually see exactly where the water is coming in so it doesn’t happen to your car it’s removal time foreign i punched myself in the face all right so here’s a little progress report you can see we have the a-pillars we have my visors we have the soul center console thing we have the little microphones all the handles the light and then

Also the rear light and then from there we just have to get these pillars out of the way pillars in the back and then i believe these are just clipped in i should be able to just kind of pull it down i could see a couple clips right over here there’s one right there one right there so hopefully this is just kind of a you yank it down and it comes down with you this

Thing is absolutely soaked there’s no way that this was going to dry without getting mildewy and moldy and nasty without me physically taking it out of the car foreign here’s a look at my f30 now oh my gosh look at this thingy thing all right put these over here on these crazy carts all right so now that we’ve gotten here let’s see if we can figure out exactly

Where the water is coming from okay so if you look right there it looks like that’s where water is coming out as much as it pains me i think i have to get the hose and i’m going to mount my phone here and see if we can see anything coming out right there and then we need to get into the trunk power up the car and then move this out of the way and then we can see

What is going on from there see if we can see any oh crap oh my gosh look at that it’s just like all going right into the car what the heck i can’t believe i didn’t catch this for four days i don’t really drive the car look it’s still dripping thankfully have a towel on the seat look at this this thing is completely clogged i so i was expecting a little water

Look it’s still dripping there’s not even that much water up there anymore that just shows how many gallons and gallons and gallons of water actually ended up in my car which i gotta rip the carpets out still this is gonna be a pro i gotta move the car inside so next part of the process um that’s awful all right now as a reminder the next thing i need to do is

I need to reconnect the battery but the problem is the trunk is shut and the seats are locked which means i am basically going to have to try to dive in now unfortunately this car is heavily under construction here but i have to reach if you look all the way in the back right there i gotta grab that little wire and then i’ll be able to open the trunk the only

Problem is i have to get my whole body in this hole and there’s a whole bunch of junk in the trunk so let’s see if i can do it yes all right so i was able to get this on i literally just got the car back from getting painted we got some new fender liners and stuff so uh oh that’s not good the battery is connected okay that means we may have a bigger issue than

I thought but then again the fem is disconnected i could imagine it has to do with some of the electronics so as you can probably tell my day is not going as planned and i hope there’s no more surprises coming so what i’m going to do now is i’m going to disconnect the battery for real this time and then i’m going to try to hit all these wires up here these ones

In this area here for the fem i’m going to hit him with my heat gun try to dry them out the best that i can and then i’m going to plug in my front electronics module this thing is still dripping look at that and then let’s try to get this car inside so i don’t have to be out in the rain anymore my shoes are so i’m soaked and it’s freezing so yeah go team all right

So it looks like something happened to my heat gun so let me go grab my daughter’s hairdryer this video is now sponsored by the con air cord keeper in all honesty this is probably a better idea anyway because it doesn’t get super super super hot all right so what i’m going to do now is i am going to plug in the fem everything looks to be thoroughly dried out which

Is a really good sign hopefully this water didn’t cause any other electrical damage um the floor up here is completely soaked so definitely have a lot of drying to do once i get it back to the shop and i can have it inside overnight and whatnot i am going to rip the seats out i’m going to rip the carpet out and this is about to be a much bigger project all right

Now that that’s all done i’m going to connect the battery and pray that nothing fries out i wonder if the latch works now yep that’s what it was dang it all right let me grab the key and see if this thing starts up right yeah baby with minimal errors all right so off camera i just plugged that in and what i want to do now is i want to see if we could see the

Little drain thing and see if it’s actually clogged now normally you have these little drains and they get clogged you know especially if you live where there’s trees and stuff like that but let’s see if we can actually see and oh my gosh there’s a ton of water up there so if you look in here look that’s not right yeah i don’t see it but let me get the shop back

And suck that water out all right so from underneath this is the little tray that’s filled up and then the water goes through this little tube right there and then over there and then down so this is normally what gets clogged now that i know where i’m looking so it’s kind of hard to get in there but let me get my towel in case this thing starts to spew water out

And i’m going to disconnect it from the inside of the car what i’m going to do is i’m going to take it over to the other shop and i’m going to put some compressed air through here test out this one now i do have a towel on the seat so don’t worry all right so it seems like both are probably pretty clogged i’m going to take my air compressor and i’m going to hit

It here here and then same on the other side and then i want to retest to see if we still have the same issue this giant chunk of dirt actually fell out of here so even though i can’t see it and i’m getting wet oh yeah i wonder if you can see this oh there you go look at that ah it’s so gross try to get it steady look at that that’s disgusting let’s check out the

Other side okay the other side’s gross too yeah both of those are disgusting so that is 100 the issue so let’s go blast these out close the sunroof soak the car again and see if we get wet so let’s blast these out here now all right something shot out at the top so that must have worked and then i’ll do over here let me do the other side now check this out this

Actually came out the top thing it wasn’t even the tube so i’ll bet you something’s going to shoot out of here i totally saw something shoot out that sucker blasted all right let me do the inside now oh here it is that’s fine i never knew where the drain was all the crap is coming out of here so look you can see i just totally blasted it all in here and now it’s

All over here oh yeah look at all that crap yeah that’s disgusting i think we have success now before i completely drench everything i’m just going to get a water bottle and i’m going to fill this little reservoir thing up here and i’m gonna see if it starts to drain out those holes um if not i’m gonna hit it again oh i did i almost forgot to plug them back in

Pour it in it just goes right on the seat whoops let’s see if we can look at that outside the car not inside amazing oh that’s still work oh i just missed but all right i think we have cured the problem now if this was something that you were doing at home and you didn’t want to take apart the whole headliner basically the little tube thing is like over here so

What i would do is go to the store and get a can of compressed air that has one of those little straws on it and the straw should be able to navigate i have this little you know this little stubby thing um i this probably isn’t the most ideal for something like this for like diy stuff but if you had like you know like the keyboards prior the compressed air with a

Straw you get it in there and then you should be able to sneak it under here under the rail and then you should be able to blast it out so now that i think i’ve cured the issue let’s go soak it and see if i’ve really fixed it all right let me make sure i close this thing before we start our test all right even with that i would have soaked the interior there you

Go you can see it going out there that’s why if your car has like a weird water stain right there that’s what it’s from all right let me soak it again and we’ll open the door oh no it’s locked go around there’s no water up there so that’s good let me just make sure everything drain 100 percent yeah everything drained all right cool he stayed on we’re good to

Go all right so i think it is safe to say we have cured the problem however now i have to deal with the aftermath of the flood damage in my car all right good news i was able to successfully water test the f-3328i as you saw everything worked flawlessly and the car is now in a warm dry area so that i can start ripping apart the interior unfortunately i am out of

Time for today so be sure to come back because there are some drastic changes coming for the f30 328i once again my name is brian thanks for watching keys motorsports if you like our videos give us a thumbs up make sure to subscribe and check us out at thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video foreign

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