I am so happy to finally be able to drive and ALSO to have my dream first car!! Hard work pays off gals and guys!!

It told me you believe in something and you say you’re done pretend only one and welcome back to my youtube channel i haven’t done a video for a while but i had some really exciting stuff happen this year and i thought i’d show it to you all so this year i passed my driving test in august and a couple of months before that i brought my car because i found the

Exact right one for perfect price that i wanted and i didn’t think i should wait until i passed my driving test basically i also managed to get a loaner insurance so that i could practice in my car get used to my car get used to driving on the roads and as long as i have someone in the car with me it was so i bought a 2007 mini convertible in the cream color

Which actually in many turns is called pepper white i absolutely loved the color of the car i knew exactly what i wanted but weirdly i never thought i was gonna buy a convertible i managed to find this one on a site while i was looking for a normal mini and it just happened to be the perfect one i really enjoyed having implementable and actually had a bit of

Summer this year which means i’ve been able to get the roof down so much more than i thought i was gonna be able to so i’m going to show you how it works my roof controls are up here in the top so here we have the controls to put the roof up and there’ll be a little light on here as well when the roof is actually going up so that you can tell and this is the

One to take the roof down you have to press it twice because it does have like a sun roof which only comes up at halfway okay there’s the sun read from the car which only goes about halfway so gives you a little bit extra air but i like it all the way down so now i’m gonna take a look inside the car we’ve got the rev counter up here and you can also change

The display inside using one of the little buttons down here and you can change this to your speed to the time – how many miles you have left there’s a couple of different things you can change it to but i like having it on my speed just so i don’t have to look at the big speed dial onto the middle we’ve got the hazard lights and we’ve also got the display for

This little screen here as well now i like to have the time on and i like to have how many miles that i’ve done all together so when i bought the car it had 76,000 miles 900 something i think something like that so it wasn’t too bad we’ve got a old-school cd player so the mode i can change from orcs now which i’ll show you in a second to radio and then to the

Cd which is actually the drake one at the moment so if i put it back on orcs because it doesn’t have a high-tech kind of technology system i have to use a makeshift lead basically so this is the little one that connects to my iphone and this is the ox lead that goes into my glovebox now if i open that up you can see it goes all the way inside and just kind of

Sit in there and that’s how it connects to my phone so now just if you look into the back of the car and there isn’t a huge amount of space because it is a convertible it’s just enough for me so if i pop the seat down this seat goes all the way forward and there is enough legroom for one other person in the back there’s less on my side because obviously i’ll

Be driving get a little bit cramped but when the roof is down you kind of don’t really notice and when the roof is up it just feels a little bit more swish i don’t really use the seats in the back that often it tends to just be me and one other person so it hasn’t really affected me that much but if you’re going to have it so take a lot of people around just

Beware this is the place now i’m going to take you around to the back of the car and we’re gonna have a little bit okay i’m sure you’re all wondering whether it’s tiny by the roof goes where everything goes basic boot is a pulldown boot which actually confuses people sometimes a lot of people try and pull it up it’s not particularly big i’ve got one of these

In there which is my car cover in case i want to cover it up from the rain or the sun or anything like that that could damage the car and when you get inside it’s not particularly big but you can definitely get a few shopping bags and everything like that in there i always keep my bags for lights in here for when i go food shopping if we lift up inside here

We have basically got a kit and everything you need to change a tire that we did actually have to use this note that long ago because i did manage to pop the tire and it’s actually pretty good it’s got everything you need in there and stuff for when the tires run flat as well now there is no spare tire in this part so everywhere you start you will have to pull

Out the risky service a rac or something like that because there is no spare tire underneath the boot and something that was a real selling point to this car for me especially as a first-time driver we’ve got parking sensors so there’s parking sensors on the outside of the car and also a couple on the middle bits as well now these are an absolute lifesaver when

You’re just learning how to park in car parks learning how to three-point turn in random places they’ve been an absolute lifesaver now we come down to the wheel for the part these were previously like normal silver color and i kind of didn’t feel like they match with the car or matched with my personality so i got the whole of alloys spray-painted i then got the

Inside bit painted black as well but they did actually warn me that when they do it they have to spray paint over the mini so currently i’m waiting for some more mini stickers to go in there and the wheels will be finished i think they make the car look so much better and yeah i just love having the black world so i actually bought a mini one and this is a lot

Cheaper on insurance don’t get a cooper if you think you’re gonna pay less for insurance because it’s not true definitely get the mini one if it is a first car because there’s still big bucks on insurance now this one here is actually a 1.6 liter so again massive on insurance but it doesn’t really kiss that much in petrol which is not too bad this probably takes

Between 50 and 60 pounds to fill up petrol wise so it’s not actually that bad so driving wise the car is super easy and simple to drive it’s really lightweight but when there’s always people in the back event it struggles a little bit more it is kind of heavy but it’s not that bad talking is super easy in the car and as you can imagine it’s tiny so it gets us

The smallest of spaces if you’re really gonna park in if you’re like me then you just go for the big ones like everyone else but it is super simple to drive and i absolutely love the way it looks and it’s just such a me car and it really fits with my personality so there we have it my first car tour i’m extremely happy with her her name is carrie actually like

Carrie from second city got to be done thank you so much for watching and i’ll be back with another video very soon and you feel that this is your there’s good

Transcribed from video