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All right guys we are back today with my 2022 ford maverick here um this is going to be about a two month update on the truck just go over the things i really like about this thing things i don’t like etc um if you’ve been on the channel you all know don’t gotta say it you’ve seen a few mavericks in my position over time um this one’s just kind of lingered around

For the most part i just really just have kind of kept it around as a utility vehicle and i really only drive it when i need it so we are about a couple hundred miles away from a thousand miles so um in about two and a half months i’ve had i’ve put up close to a thousand miles on it um but uh with all that being said we’re gonna give you a quick update on the

Truck not a whole lot to go over guys um but i really have to say i really enjoy this base model xlt especially in the configuration that i have it in with the front wheel drive ecoboost i really really like it it’s nimble it’s light it’s quick and what i will say is the initial thing i’ve noticed from driving a few other front wheel drive mavericks different

Trims and such uh particularly a lariat um my grandfather has a 20 22 lariat as well with the front wheel drive i will say i think between all the little uh lariat extras it gives you it does add a little bit of weight and now i really don’t know what the specifics are but i’m going to go something along the lines with maybe these smaller diameter and the wheels

And of course whatever else the larynx gives you is extra i noticed that when i uh you know step on the gas in the larry it doesn’t feel as quick as this um but i’m gonna probably say that’s probably all in the wheels right there but uh so as far as this configuration of a maverick goes i think you’ll definitely have the fastest one if you get something like this

Um no it’s nothing crazy maybe half you know under half a second versus the all-wheel drive but still it’s it’s a notable difference um but of course we do have the uh magnetic or this this is carbonized gray magnetic was an old gray ford used but anyways this does have the carbonized gray metallic i do really like this color it’s probably my favorite color on

The truck um it hasn’t been washed it’s i’ve only washed it one time since i’ve had it and it looks really good still even covered in dust and all that stuff but uh go ahead down here look at the wheels they are the 17-inch nice you know wheels as well they are painted i do really like these wheels i think they’re probably some of my favorites at this point

Um the tires these tires suck though i mean you can see these continentals i have no idea how these things are going to make it past 10 000 miles but looking at them they are the pro contact tires they are pretty crappy but they just leave them on for now um as you can see i have a bicycle in the back right there as well this truck handles this bike perfectly

This is such a cool truck for stuff like this you don’t need a full-size truck for to haul your bikes it fits in here sideways i strap it down um what else is there to say about it this this truck has fit my needs so well i just really don’t know what else to say it pulls a trailer fantastically um it’s got the locking tailgate right here but you can’t drop it

Like that of course there’s no drop in bed liner or spray in so it is getting a little um it’s getting a little scratched up here and there i got a little nick in that but that’s something that can easily be covered up when you go to get a spray in for it i i really find no need for something as such but uh if the time ever comes we definitely have that option

Uh we have the trailer hitch that’s the only option this truck has is the trailer hitch on it um i do wish i had the uh sliding window out back but uh no big deal as you see the bike kind of just it’s real nice in there so probably another one if i wanted to but for the most part just a quick update for you guys on the truck i did actually end up backing into

Some paint the other day so i have some paint on the tire right there but uh that’ll hopefully wear off over time um but if not you know new tires will probably be in the works at some point i’m in the near future interior it’s all holding up real nice like i said it just kind of sits in the garage for the most part so um no nothing is going to get worn out

On it too bad so do have the carpet floor mats in this one as well um fun fact for you if you end up buying a maverick from the factory with all weather floor mats you will not get a carpet and mat so definitely you know if you want carpeted mats don’t order the all weathers from the factory get those as like an accessory after the fact you buy the truck um

And also you don’t even get rear floor mats at all like there’s no option for rear carpeted floor mats so obviously you know it’s probably a universal fit you can get carpeted floor mats anywhere but for those of you that do want the carpet mats get the all-weathers later on and it’s a good decent quality enough carpet so um but yeah looking at it over here

Nothing really out of the ordinary for the truck nothing’s really wearing on it that oddly that i’d expect the mirrors they do go in and out like that so it’s pretty nice some like bird on the roof there but come inside real fast check it out look at the dashboard real fast should probably give it a vacuum at some point but uh there’s the interior on it it’s all

Holding up super nice gonna say i’m i know i mentioned it in the last video but these seats without the heating seat element they are really soft they like they are considerably more softer um and i still stand by my statement if i were to get another one of these i would definitely stick with the base xlt or lariat but that’ll be in a future video so let’s turn

It on real fast see we are low on gas right now but uh see about i don’t know 700 miles i think we had on it uh we’re getting about 23 and a half almost 24. it’s it’s strictly city driving at this point but uh yeah we have around 720 miles or so on it it’s really cool because this one doesn’t have any of the uh interior rattles like my last few mavericks had

So this one’s kind of cool i haven’t had to like modify the door panel or anything like that um yeah i’m pretty happy with it just a bs free truck so far washers so other than that you know the system works pretty good right here audio system it’s okay it’s definitely could be better um but other than that you know the steering wheel is real nice everything

Has worked very well our indicator shift for indicator right there we have our auto hold all that good stuff it’s all working well i’ll give it a quick rev 4k rev limiter um i’ll probably do an oil change here real soon on it um we’ll check out and check under the hood um there’s the back as well so everything else in the back is holding up we have our power

Cables down there we have something that looks like license plate screws or something i don’t know what those are but uh checking under the hood guys and that’s just a brief update on the maverick nothing too crazy or exciting so there is under the hood so guys i i wish i had more for you but at this point it’s just here’s the update on the maverick so um it’s

Been a cool little truck i’m super glad ford brought this back and uh yeah guys i’m gonna wrap it up here but that’s uh what’s going on with it i really really enjoy it so guys thank you for watching and we’ll talk to y’all later

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