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What’s going on guys welcome back to the channel today we’re shooting a little vlog on my friend’s new car it’s an amg c63 running around 800 brake horsepower built by msl big turbos custom coolers absolutely stunning condition and uh yeah i thought we shoot like a little vlog rather than doing the traditional uh feature because it’s a friend we’ll have a bit of

Banter have a little spin around the block it’s a seriously nice looking car apparently the uk’s fastest most powerful i know someone in the comment section will say that there’s somebody else that’s faster but i think this is done 100 to 205.4 seconds i think the owner originally contacted me asking me to buy it for llf games and obviously my friend was after

A car so i said look just take it when you’re done with it give me a shout and i’ll probably do a giveaway on it so yeah let’s get into the video believe it or not i actually meant to shoot a collection with faisal the other day but we had to scrap that because he had been waiting for about an hour and a half so we’re sitting there now he says he’s going to be

In a set let’s just figure out just how long he’s going to be it says it’s 2 25. it’s already been five minutes let me tell you this guy long give her another five minutes trust me he’s you know what it is he’s been sitting around the corner planning his entrance bro you taking the pistols out guys yeah just pull it off what’s it been like i didn’t drive it i

Haven’t driven at all like i drew it back from where i bought it listen i do not condone by any vehicle of this magnitude and this price and this bhp yeah let me tell you saying yeah because i know ricky i’m buying this card was it’s basically a mid-life crisis every time i’m driving this car i’m in my pants this is a fast car you’ve ever owned as well yeah come

On yeah well this is built by msl firstly it’s finished in crayon grey so it’s a porsche color the gizzard bought it off you have to inquire for a porsche i’ve been number two porsche got their touch-up paint then took that touch up to get there this is apparently like a foreground wrap you’ve got the voss on wheels so these are actually made by vossen for this

Car as well yeah yeah yeah that’s right so it hasn’t got spaces on it usually apparently when you buy these rims for this car you need spaces on it yeah so he hasn’t got no spaces so these are probably like 10 and a half j or something do you know what the color of the wheels what bro i don’t know yeah this is a big boy build man this is apparently the quickest

In the country i think it’s on a five point four hundred to two hundred turbos are not fully maxed out this could do over 800 apparently it’s running a hybrid turbos hybrid comp 66 mil wheel the turbos are capable of 800 plus horsepower we’ve got brm downpipes pcw exhaust mods csf front radiator csf front charge cooler brm filters mapping was done by msl and it’s

Had some like really custom software done by uh msr as well nobody can map these gearboxes yeah yeah that’s what you say yeah there was one geezer in america that could do it i’m not sitting in this with ricky by the way that’s you bro you got this car for the rest of your life dude let’s take it on a block in it you drive it all right cool oh we need traction

Often for you this guy’s it literally look yeah guys shut away this feels like it’s dialed to 10. how do we uh i can feel the slight lag on the turbos though compared to stock so explain to the camera why you haven’t been out in a gtr yet freakshow no i don’t know ricky thinks he’s a bad boy driver i thought him had to drive have a listen to that man getting

Angry boy see i was moving into the power then rather than flattening it so it went forward yeah i was only that was about fifteen percent throttle the fires are you had the car one day and that’s it you’re done with it i wanna park at the unit i don’t want it i might so yeah guys i did say it’s like a little random vlog i don’t know um this is a car you know

That yeah i think it’s quite i think it’s quite embarrassing embarrassing yeah it’s light at the rear in it like no wonder people who sit with these faces i’m having a first-hand experience where she even doing that man we’re just chilling bro i’m just driving with confidence that’s all it is yeah yeah yeah but it is five and a half degrees outside so yeah very

Very cold man so so far you’re just sweating a bit faster bit i’m all right i’m all right i’m wrong i’ve calmed down a bit i just didn’t like them rose you know the bumps are nothing i’m right now but it’s greasy yeah guys obviously where the car is like lowered i think it’s just lowering springs but you can feel the wheel gets heavier i’ve this on many cars

I’ve owned before like as soon as i lower the suspension the wheel gets heavier i’m not sure if it’s more pressure on the i don’t know i don’t know what it is but you get a heavier wheel basically because these was usually a little bit lighter obviously four liter twin turbo v8 look at that you know i think it’s at 12.50 isn’t it it was 11.50 yeah eleven hundred

And fifty yeah it was 11.50 yeah yeah yeah over a thousand anyway that’s ridiculous it’s like it’s on ice skates man yeah literally that’s talking it’s too much yeah it’s not moving it’s not it’s not giving you um like it’s not it wasn’t giving me no installed confidence it wasn’t installing no confidence it’s feeling a bit yeah it don’t feel planted it might be

But as soon as you put the power in it sort of just it sort of makes it um but these don’t have a planted feel anyway this is the thing with the marks yeah they like um they feel that they feel a bit floaty you know like when you jump into m4 you feel every last thing that’s going on right so it actually scares you a bit because you know when something goes wrong

You can feel it going wrong whereas this okay maybe not this level but i stopped c63 like when it goes it’s like it catches your last second like for example these c63s you can fly in the rain no problem because you can’t feel the road the same as in an m4 you’re driving m4 i start driving the old-school quasi when it goes you’re not it’s all twitching and you

Can feel everything what’s going on in the rear where’s this i remember tearing one of these back in the day in the rain like it was dry would you plant your foot right now what would you expect to happen you’re quite silent oh yeah for real how long without knowing that i like the brake pedal man it’s like it is it’s solid like now it’s a quick car like with

Traction the owner did say that in the drive it gets full 100 grip and to be fair the weather right now anything rear wheel drive with this kind of power would be bad not that bad it does kind of shuffle the power what was that foot down yeah yeah like 75 80 yeah right you’ve actually got to be on ball if you want to put your foot down you’ve got to look at yeah

100 you’ve got to look at the road surface if it’s slippery if it’s yeah i mean yeah it’s cheap experience isn’t it yeah i know but you know i mean but it feels like an old-school car the way it’s just sliding out bro it’s a bad boy car man definitely not for the faint-hearted but the owner has said the whole time he’s only what for three years and he’s still

Shook of it if i was gonna buy a c63 i personally definitely wouldn’t buy a modified one what are you gonna do man you just lumbered over 63. this is you for the next 15 years g i’ve got enough power to keep me happy until then yeah i mean 100 youtube channel tell them sort it out oh this guy what did you get ten thousand subs in two videos so you know what it is

You see fuzzy yeah he’s gonna listen i need to call me i need this quality you see me i’ve got ocd but this guy’s on another level yeah more than just saying it like this is the type of guy yeah he buys the iphone you don’t take the screen protector off like you do we yeah look at this busted man will buy xbox and leave it in the box first i do keep ordering it

That’s like worshiping the box no my new xbox brother they’re called fives of the dog right now in it about 11 30 if you catch him outside his yard you see him in the window stroking his dogs on that about 11 15 to 11 35 but yeah faisal man wicked bro thanks for letting me shoot a little video on that come on now thank you for the thank you for the opportunity of

Buying this car it’s your car bro i know it’s mine but like you stop no no don’t say that this is like part ownership yeah so what i’ll do is i’ll leave five links in the description check them out anyone that uh into their dogs yeah any editors or videographers yeah please hit me up man i appreciate that yeah and uh hopefully you did enjoy the video a bit of

A random one we’ve been stuck in traffic and really got a real feel for what this car is like but absolutely animal man uh hopefully we will do a giveaway on it at some point but yeah out people or left turn lamborghini for the next journey man’s will spin and got the heads and exhaust smoke like a fire burning just brought up in my mouth buying german park where

I want didn’t buy a permit wanna join a team then buy a jersey full tank full of gasoline

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