My Hardest Workout Ever *1800 Calories Burned*

After my run streak got me training for 10km race it got me watching ironman & ultra videos. I wanted to see how closer (or should I say far) I could get to the olympic triathlon world record with zero training. Was going to do a marathon without training, but swimming sounded like more fun….big mistake

Today i’m going to attempt to break the world record for the olympic distant triathlon and for every one minute i’m off i will be donating five dollars to feed those impacted by hurricane ian plus all adsense of this video will be going to the charity as well oh yeah with zero training aside from my run streak 1500 meter swim 40 kilometer bike finishing off a 10

Kilometer run with a world record of 1 hour and 58 minutes can i even say i’m doing a triathlon if i don’t have a carb low the night before time to carbo load it hasn’t really hit me they have to do a triathlon tomorrow with no training this is so dumb for charity nothing says i’m about to do a swimming event like a bagel with peanut butter and electrolytes i

Was a competitive swimmer for 10 years i’m a runner now hate biking how you survive with no training electrolytes curves game plan oh no i’m so nervous why did i do this because there’s gonna be so much swearing youtube don’t demonetize this it’s for charity reaching to monetizes this this is the worst sign they could possibly have a man over there just grabbed a

Crab if you’re watching the new game of thrones i now have an irrational fear of crabs and what a walk here boom man-holding crab i’m so nervous it’s gonna be so cold okay i think dude crabs just bite i don’t know if you can see it’s not bleeding i don’t really want to show my feet on the internet for free okay i gotta get back out i lost some time for the

Kids it’s for the money right okay my bike oh let’s see we creeped me out in so many points i’m gonna lose so much time on this professional triathletes have it down to a system their transition good job and i would run with just the swimsuit but it’s the wrong size so there’d be so much chafing my time’s a little slower than i would have liked can’t blaster

Camera once again i’m not getting paid enough for that okay also losing so much time insert zoolander oh my god if you don’t give me a thumbs up for that come on please it’s like four minutes okay let’s go one kilometer four and a half can and my ass hurts 5k i just realized i don’t know how to pace myself i lost my airpod where is it on the sea wall this

Place you have to walk your bike losing a bit of time we got this wind ah i’m on black ground and i can barely move update i just remembered i don’t know what gears are easier i don’t know if i’m making this harder or easier on myself teresa go drink some water i should have mapped a root i’ve just done one kilometer loops because i don’t know where i’m going

And there’s pedestrians is this excuse number four yes i thought it was doing good i’m not taking a break because i’m lazy i’m charitable water break number four not just water especially for my athletes electrolytes you all know how obsessed i am because the worst thing to happen in fitness industry was the anti-salt movement oh my back no i was faded now i feel

Good casualty of this race blood warning three two one i honestly have no idea i’d like after getting dizzy from doing loops around city blocks i decided to do a 10 kilometer loop around stanley park this is where things got weird i did one loop around and i was cruising looked down on my watch five kilometers had only gone past then i did a second loop which

Should have been 20 kilometers done it said 10 kilometers third loop should have been 30 kilometers it said only 15. yet i had been biking for an hour and a half which is how long i thought 40 kilometers would take me yet i’d only gone halfway through this is when i decided to stop looping around stanley park kilometer left so normally you do it at a transition

Station but i can’t just leave my bike anywhere downtown so my transition statement is in my apartment now we go run i think i actually pause i watch i’ve run in a kilometer and it didn’t record i’ve never been so upset in my life i had to take it back to break through here then porsche i’ve never run so slow in my life okay this might be the most mentally

Tough challenge we’re done my legs are dead i just keep saying one more step one more step is one last step so i’m thinking about the next step okay 5k halfway through sorry is back when 6k done last four foreign my lungs are fine it’s like my upper body is sore from the bike like this that’s the hardest part this is all tight last one that’s 500 meters

Seems so far away i should flip around and go that way let’s do the starbucks and you bet your ass i’m gonna get myself a pumpkin spice latte i don’t care it’s basic it’s what i want it’s all i want it’s all i deserve it is my oh i can’t even think of a trophy it’s my gold medal it’s by wimbledon foreign this is my super bowl it’s all worth it all worth it

I’m telling myself but like i don’t i can’t feel my legs i live here now this is a level of exhaustion my legs had never understood oh my god oh i would i would think of something funny but my humor has left my body so update research healthy put on her thinking goggles and it turns out the loop around stanley park is 10 kilometers i do not know does anyone

Understand this that my apple watch would only read five kilometers every time i did pence we did the math i actually did 60 kilometers is this excuses for my time yes no the apple watch just wanted me to give to charity so it was just over 500 will be donated to charity this was fun next summer i will be doing a full olympic triathlon myself and i’m training towards

It and one day i think in two years in iron man so this is kind of like a nice little baseline but i screwed up my hip on the last kilometer i had this incident without getting into it do not do this in anything you should progressive over time you need to build up volume don’t go zero to 100 this was down but was it dumb or was it charitable you make the decision

Um i survived i’m still here just in pain if you guys are wanting me to try something else like this let me know hit subscribe throw this video a thumbs up and most partly have a great day go pet dog love you guys bye

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