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What’s going on guys welcome back to the channel this is day two from the video y’all seen yesterday let’s go ahead and get straight to it so i’m gonna go ahead the car is not starting but everything is cutting on so i’m assuming the battery’s not dead right all right let’s start one more time it’s just giving me that tick and i put that cold reader on the

Car and um yeah it’s pretty much no codes but i don’t know why the car’s not started man this is ridiculous i was heading to the gun range too and i hopped in here you know i let the car sit overnight thinking you know maybe it just overheated or whatnot it was just having cooling problems thought it started it’s not starting so i got the tow truck coming in

About an hour yeah he’s coming at three it’s two so he’ll get here in an hour but i don’t know what’s going on with this car man maybe because we’re coming up on 60k miles and these are the problems you you will have you know in this car with 60k miles but yeah y’all see everything is cutting on everything’s on navigation yeah i don’t know but let me show

You under the hood though so y’all just cooling that splatter though yeah see all that it’s all the way down there too i’ve been reading your young guys comments i am taking everything into consideration uh check the battery leaves it’s on tight said that one that’s on so yeah who knows what’s going on got the appointment schedule at infinity tomorrow so we

Shall see what they say but i got everything out of this car though because i’m probably sure they’re gonna go ahead and get me and loan the car i don’t know if i told you guys in my last video but we got all the parts off this car y’all see the duck bill swallows off the diffuser and the canards that go on the side so yeah man really pretty much done with this

Car i don’t know y’all let me know should i keep trying the only reason i keep trying is if y’all want me to keep this car but if i get enough of you guys to say sell it get out of it that’s what we’re gonna go ahead and do but we did that yesterday we went ahead and we um wrapped this emblem black and also wrap this too because this was honeycomb but to me

It just didn’t fit well with the regular carving but get out of this sun cause i am hot guys and i’m gonna cut you guys back on once the tow truck here tow truck here i see what’s wrong with it i think he could be able to test the battery too yeah okay okay go give me a jump so the battery might be dead oh no we shall see what’s going on with it man

So we got it started so i just had a dead battery anything else no no but we uh still got a tour there though yeah because i i have to take it there tomorrow anyways uh it’s like it’s leaking like cooling yeah i got a leak so i was like all right so we got it started right now i’m going to somehow put it on this trunk all right all right so we’re gonna

Go ahead and try this bad boy oh his his bed right there so the battery was dead how though where you going i’m gonna wait for him man it’s in there youtube we’re in the pontiac right now guys we got the car towed it’s at the dealer right now where it should be i think i got a notification saying it was delivered at the dealer but tomorrow we got the

Appointment at 11 so i’m gonna go ahead and vlog that and um we should see what’s going on with the car hopefully they can find out and hopefully we don’t have to get a loaner car we could just get it you know that same day but um i’m reading y’all coming so keep flooding the comments um telling me what y’all might think you know it is today i want to go start

The car and it did not crank so i was like man what’s going on you know what i’m saying um i think my battery’s just weak so i may have to get a new battery for the car which i’m i’m not really trying to go ahead and do but if it comes down to it i get the battery but i don’t know man should we start car shopping for another car again man oh man we might we

Might have to comment down below some cars y’all would want to see on the channel but to be honest like what i’ve been going through for the last nine months it’s just like very very hard on me man it makes me not even really want to hop into another car but um this is all the learning lesson just you know take this and keep moving forward you know for my next

Car really take consideration you know looking at the car fast and doing what i got to do but yeah i also want to tell you guys too don’t let my problems discourage you guys from getting you know your infinity q50 q60 um i just feel like i got the bad bastion probably the previous owner he beat the car you know i’m saying he beat on he probably was pushing like

A thousand horsepower taking it to the track every weekend who knows but um overall man the car is great y’all know but it’s just it’s happening to me and one thing about it i’m gonna go ahead and record it i’m gonna end this video right here hopefully y’all enjoyed it stay tuned i’m gonna keep updating y’all um another video tomorrow and we’ll know what’s wrong

With the cube so i love you guys i’m gonna catch our next one we going peace out that’s your six heart bro i want to drive one so bad let’s check this out oh the gray interior this is hard sheesh i like this you got exhaust on it this is nice though that’s a nice color all that ca sounds so different than the other ones i was brand new or something like that

Again gt 500 with the carbon package the carbon wheels man yeah

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