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My Kia Sedona randomly doesnt start

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For whatever reason, my 2007 Kia Sedona randomly won’t start at the most inopportune times! Help!

All right i have a question for all you car folks out there we’ve been having this issue with our car for the last maybe two years or so it’s 2007 kia sedona and what it does is it just randomly out of nowhere decides to not start i can start this thing up perfectly and have it run smoothly everyday for six months and then all of a sudden i can get in the car and

I can turn it on and then all of a sudden just nothing happens i could flip the camera around here i would show you see if it’ll let me turn my phone okay so as you can see all my switches battery works just fine turns on radio turns on clock turns on locks work fine okay nada nothing see that okay and so i know the first reaction you’re gonna say is well it’s your

Starter well we’ve taken it into dealership to mechanic to everywhere you can think of and said hey we need to take the starter checked because we keep running into this issue and they keep saying no it’s not your starter we can’t recreate the problem your car starts up just fine it’s not an issue and we say well the problem is is that it does happen and it happens

At the worst possible times and they say well we can’t recreate the problem so we can if we can’t recreate the probably can’t fix it so they’ll they’ll run a test on the starter and the starter checks out just fine and then they’ll we run a test on everything else that we’ve had a theory from a mechanic who said that it might be the anti-theft mechanism that isn’t

Working for whatever reason that the key and the anti-theft mechanism are not matching up and that’s why it’s not able to start the car that there’s a glitch there so we took it to the kia dealership who you would think because this is their car they could fix it without they you know charged us a few hundred dollars fix that and then within two weeks or a week

I think after it happened after we got it fixed supposedly it happened again and so like i said it just happens out of nowhere i literally just drove this car over here to where i’m at right now for work work meeting that i had i literally just drove it over here an hour ago no problems and i have not run into this issue for at least two months and usually when

I do it’ll start up you know after a few tries but right now i’ve been sitting here for 25 minutes and the car will not start the other solution we’ve had in the past is to unhook the battery and rehook it up i don’t know if that resets some sort of device thing or whatever but like i said i don’t think it’s the battery the battery is not an issue the battery’s

Fine you know the batteries you know only a couple of years old so any of you car people have any ideas as to what this might be

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My Kia Sedona randomly doesn't start By Aman Chabra