My NEW 2022 Tesla Model Y | I Cant Believe It

Breaking down my new 2022 Model Y, the build quality, any issues it has, my delivery experience and more!

The tesla model y came out over two and a half years ago now when it first came out i was in the first 2200 people to take delivery it was my first electric car and i was incredibly excited but what followed were a number of issues with the car people had warned me about buying an early vin from any company and especially tesla and it turned out that they were right

I loved the car overall and made plenty of reviews talking about how great it was and i had great experiences with it but there was always something going haywire usually small things but i did have larger issues as well i ended up selling that car earlier this year and have now replaced it with this new 2022 model y i took delivery last thursday so today i’m going

To break down the delivery any issues i see on this new car so far how it compares to my 2020 model y the new features i received and my advice if you’re looking to buy so let’s get into it i took delivery of my original model y on march 30th 2020 and immediately made a delivery day video at the time tesla’s factory was just about to shut down due to restrictions

So my car was one of the last ones they built prior to closing for a bit overall it was awesome but i did notice a few misalignments and such i made videos about the cargo space but then came the issues the first two issues i noticed were some paint distinctly missing in three separate places on the car and the back seats being incredibly misaligned no matter how

You recline them and tried to line them up this was the seat alignment which was almost a couple inches wrong the trim that connects to the roof was really loose on the sides of the car tessa tried fixing these issues over multiple appointments but the seat alignment was something they didn’t know how to fix yet the car had only been out for a couple months i also

Had an issue where the window didn’t roll down properly so i shut the door and it gashed the trim they replaced that the headrests were very squeaky in the rear the rear seat rattled due to that misalignment and there was a pretty substantial gap in the hatch these are all cosmetic issues and tesla did fix them but the biggest issue i had was a problem with the

Front trunk sensor thinking the front trunk was open when it wasn’t this would force me out of autopilot each time this also took multiple appointments to fix tesla was still dealing with quality issues on the model y later that year but the rest of my issues were separate from tesla to summarize very quickly i started renting my car out on turo it got rear-ended

Two separate times and needed a separate substantial axle repair that was likely due to separate damage they also replaced the battery entirely was this a lemon potentially but even through those issues i could tell tesla had a great product on their hands this also wasn’t everyone’s experience far and above though ride quality was my biggest complaint about the

Model y i started with the 20 inch induction wheels and it was the harshest riding car i had ever been in i tried to fix this with a third-party suspension but the real improvement came when i switched to the stock 19-inch gemini wheels still though i’d get in a model 3 or s or any basic suv and noticed a significant improvement in ride quality in this time the

Model y was becoming one of the best selling cars in general not just electric and i was always wondering how people were putting up with the ride quality or the issues that i saw on mine tesla tends not to announce any vehicle improvements but i could tell there was a big improvement when i test drove a new one with everything i learned throughout this process

It led me to sell my old model y and order a new one the configuration i chose was very much based on my previous experience i went with the long range model in white and kept the stock wheels for the ride quality as i mentioned i don’t mind the look and with my prior experience this told me stock wheels was the only way to go if i wanted a smoother ride this

Time i opted for the white interior though as that’s something i’ve always wanted now the way it works with tesla is that you don’t fully know what features your car is coming with until you’re ready to take delivery you also don’t actually know when your delivery will be until at most a couple weeks before your delivery estimate is constantly changing and they

Are constantly changing things on the assembly line i ordered this model y back in march of this year and the delivery estimate was quicker than many orders i see because of the white interior year it originally said as early as june and i went through tons of changes there this is par for the course when waiting for your tesla assuming it’s a popular one here’s

An example of all the estimated delivery dates a subscriber got his has shown a small september window october to november august to september november to january and more i had a similar experience constantly pushing back from june to what the last estimated window was in september i set up all the financing and such in the app and then once i received a vin i

Scheduled a tentative delivery for the 14th the first time i ever heard from an actual person at tesla was when i got a call a couple days before this delivery date he confirmed all the details of my delivery and payment and said that it was in transit to arrive on the 13th for delivery the next day he’d let me know if anything happened to delay it it did end up

Getting delayed one day so i took delivery on the 15th i arrived at the tesla location in buena park and here was my experience there so this is the fourth time i’ve taken delivery of a tesla from tesla directly and i’m at buena park right now and it’s super interesting interesting how this works because i haven’t had it this way before when i got my model why

They delivered it to my house the model 3 was in inventory and we picked it up in buena park and someone showed us there and they actually handed us the paperwork the model s was a similar situation and i had to work with them in carlsbad for financing but this one i just have to go find it and there’s signs on these cars uh like inside that say your name and

Then you do it completely from the app you accept delivery i don’t think i even have to talk to anyone if the car is fine which is kind of crazy yeah so uh here it is i just walked over here i saw a white model y with white interior and gemini wheels which is what i’m getting and then there’s a sign on here that says congratulations ryan shaw i never really care

About panel gaps and stuff but it seems good there’s a couple like things that need cleaning so this is asking me to review terms and then accept delivery is a little odd i think because i can’t get into the car until after i accept delivery so i just confirmed that i do have to accept delivery just by looking at the exterior and then i can go inside so i’m gonna

Do my best uh she even said it’s kind of a weird tesla policy but i do notice this has the cargo cover which is kind of cool i hadn’t haven’t seen much confirmation that they’re making those out of fremont yet all right so i accepted delivery and now it said something about two minutes and it would pop up in my app so i’m just sitting here next to the car it’s

Not unlocking and i think i’ll get an unlock button soon from the app and then the key cards are hopefully inside so crazy that this is just completely touchless it’s an awesome process but they’re known for certain issues to the point where you feel a little uneasy so i did have to go in to sign the paperwork which was interesting i just signed just one form

Signed my name i did have to relaunch the app so don’t forget to relaunch your app because i was sitting there like why isn’t it showing up uh you just have to relaunch the app and i signed out and signed back in but everything’s looking great in the car but i have noticed one thing uh listen to how this store sounds when you close it looks like a boom like a low

Boom but this one has like a high pitch sounds like the windows cracking type of clothes oh what is that something is not right oh there we go that’s better maybe it just needs a few that’s better i think it’s fixed oh it didn’t sound good there something’s hitting that shouldn’t it feels like first drive in the model y i didn’t bring anything to mount anything

So this is just on the center console charger so far i have not hit many bumps but this is way smoother than i was used to in my previous model y like this is a huge difference i noted at the end there the first thing i noticed when driving is the massive improvement in ride quality to be completely honest in my old model y there was always a certain resistance

To driving other people because i was a bit embarrassed that my fancy car was so harsh to ride in on long trips too if we could take the model 3 we would do so for comfort now as my wife puts it this car is like floating on a cloud tesla doesn’t talk about these upgrades but i’ve talked with people that have knowledge inside tesla that have mentioned that tesla

Has done over 30 suspension revisions since the launch of this car it definitely shows and i absolutely see why people are buying this car that was my delivery experience but here’s everything that’s different in this car from the 2020 model for one the main things that are missing are the charger passenger lumbar support and radar my 2020 model y came with all

Of those things whereas this did not at delivery i did receive a credit to purchase a mobile connector since i ordered prior to tesla making that change though but buyers today will not get a charger unless you configure it online the lumbar support adjustments on the passenger seat are capped on this car as it is not movable anymore tesla made this change around

A year ago also this car now only uses tesla vision for autopilot and does not have a radar sensor i’ve heard mixed reports as to the results of this change for things added to this car a number of them are recent additions out of the fremont factory while a few are changes they’ve made over the course of the past two years first is the addition of the pedestrian

Warning speaker this means it makes a sound when it backs up which is legally required now but more importantly i can use fart mode out of the exterior of the car hmm i didn’t have this on my early 2020 model y the windows are now double paned in the front and this helps a lot with road noise in the car the chip in this car is amd ryzen and it makes a huge difference

On screen the refresh rate is much better and everything loads far quicker than it did in my old model y you can really feel that difference it’s a very welcomed upgrade that you can feel on the interface that you use almost all the time for every control in this car the 12 volt battery in this car is officially upgraded to a lithium ion battery as well that means it

Should last as long as the main battery pack does and it has eliminated issues tesla had with 12 volt batteries in the past instead of the normal air filter this 2022 model y has an upgraded hepa filter it’s a very large filter sitting behind the front trunk and this enables bioweapon defense mode i’m very happy to see this on the model y the center console is the

One that has been here for some time upgraded with the sliding door so that eliminates any gloss black around the car like my old model y hat it also has auto dimming side mirrors which weren’t on my 2020 model y when it got delivered one thing i forgot to mention is this also has a heated steering wheel so that’s very nice in cold climates as for the most recent

Features this build has the cargo cover in the rear i’m excited to see this not only for its normal functions but to hopefully cut down on road noise coming from the hatch when driving it’s a bit of an odd design but it’s very easy to remove when needed i removed it last week to fit an entire jazz drum set with hardware and symbols in my trunk without folding any

Seats down tesla recently added the door trim that is shipped on the model 3 for a while now in the us over to the model y i think it looks especially great on the model y and i noticed it’s not just black and white it has three different colors that continue from the dash all around the car there is added felt that likely helps with scuffs and noise the side door

Pockets everywhere have it and the base near the door trim in the rear where you may step has this as well overall this just feels a lot better than having plastic in all of these places then the big upgrade many have been curious about is matrix headlights this is potentially only a temporary change and not one that will last forever but my model y has matrix

Headlights i can adjust these on screen if i prefer and this is a big upgrade for a lot of people tesla has been shipping this on the performance model y for some time happy to have them on this build although i don’t think tesla is fully utilizing the hardware of these in software yet these are all things that you can point to in the car as upgrades but overall

The biggest upgrades to me are the build quality and ride quality this car is exceptionally quiet the double pane glass helps a lot with road noise but i think the overall build quality does as well i have yet to notice any rattles wind noise coming through the roof or anything like that also as i mentioned it rides incredibly well i took delivery at 10 am on the

15th and then proceeded to drive out to santa barbara for a gig i played at the libero theater so it was around 235 miles round trip it was a great drive and autopilot drove me most of the way this was my first true experience with tesla vision and it worked exactly as expected it was even better at not swaying as much in the lane as my previous model y would do on

The way there i had no phantom braking but on the way back at night i did have two instances of it they were very light though with the car breaking too slow only about 5 miles per hour in the past this would have been much more of a slam on the brakes so this wasn’t an issue for me on that particular drive still i hope tesla can truly fix phantom braking entirely

As we hear more and more complaints of it in different areas of the world based on one drive though this wasn’t any better or worse than my previous model y with radar the one thing i did notice when driving is that that low rumble you hear from the trunk is still there even with the cargo cover in place you can still hear it and it can be a bit jarring at first

I noticed it mostly once on the freeway once you listen to some music though you don’t notice it i did this santa barbara drive and could only hear the music i was listening to no road or wind noise previously the music would have to be turned up to try and drown out road noise rattles and wind noise in this car now with all of those improvements in the past two

Years it is a smooth quiet ride and truly feels like a luxury vehicle i’m legitimately blown away i had a model y for two years so i didn’t expect myself to be that excited about this new car but the difference is substantial tesla has come a long way with build quality and i am very happy to see it of course many issues like rattles and squeaks if they will pop

Up will probably happen after the car has been used a bit things adjust as you drive over time so i’ll keep you posted on anything that pops up overall though this experience is far better than it was with my 2020 model y at this point it’s also a better delivery experience than i’ve had with any tesla i’ve bought it’s a night and day difference with build quality

From the original model y and it brings a number of new features that really improve user experience in this car test this focus overall is on the model y and i think it shows big time this is the best built tesla i’ve ever taken delivery of including the model s plaid if you’re looking to buy a tesla model y my advice would be that if ride quality is important to

You get the gemini wheels i’m incredibly impressed with the ride in this new car and i know those wheels have at least a little bit to do with it i’d also say to make sure and do a thorough inspection prior to leaving the delivery center so that you have any build quality issues noted to have fixed its service i luckily didn’t have anything at delivery this time

Around which is still very surprising to me again i i’ll keep you posted if anything pops up and i’ll start working on my full review once i’ve spent significant time with this vehicle i’m very happy about the quality of it both for myself and future tesla owners receiving this quality coming up tesla is rumored to be adding a powered front trunk getting rid of

Stocks in favor of touch buttons on the steering wheel potentially adding air suspension and more they are also working on their 4680 cells and those should bring improvements out of giga texas but we’ve seen a number of delays there for now 2170 still seems to be the battery cell they’re shipping these cars with but that may change as battery production scales

In the coming years in the meantime if you want to see the 10 mistakes to avoid when buying a tesla you can check out that video linked up here or in the description below thanks so much for watching and i’ll see you on the next one

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My NEW 2022 Tesla Model Y | I Can't Believe It By Ryan Shaw