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My New 2023 Range Rover Finally delivered

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Welcoming another luxury vehicle to the CPRG family! This purchase is another result of the automated banking system and while we’re picking up this brand new luxury vehicle with a 4% interest rate, we’re also closing on another investment property this week with a 5.5% interest rate. We’re able to obtain loans with the lowest interest rate as a result of the automated banking system! Blessed and highly favored… Congratulation @mrecombspremierrealty you deserve it! #2023rangerover #realestate #combspremier #automated #banking

Wow look at this i yeah i can’t see behind me this is the reveal i can’t see behind me look i’m looking straight forward yes i’m ready and here’s some of the accessories oh okay there’s more selections in the back than they have on display at most these are kind of the greatest stuff you know but if there’s anything you see that you want um i don’t know

Imagine second in live from the range rover dealership um to me you know the most important thing about what we’re doing is automated banking system right automated banking system allows us to be able to buy our luxury vehicles you know through our company all right so we’re not carrying any you know um cars or any type of liabilities in our personal name how

That helps you learn how to operate with the right systems the right formulas all right so therefore you would stay bankable no matter what you do all right these increase growing up let’s see yes i love it it looks better in person that’s what’s up oh my god okay so let’s open the door ready all right okay let me get the keys out of the box step one

Foreign foreign i think you might have to just show me everything again because it’s been such a long time and like it’s gonna be like okay i gotta remember everything so that’s fine okay well the best technology with the driving is the turn release on these is amazing what the big suv like this you would think it’s hard to turn but when you turn the wheel

To the left on the front the back wheels turn to the right okay you’re gonna love the way the stride guarantee it’s gonna be the best driving drive ever yeah okay i’ve driven a lot of different types of suvs and this is by far awesome all right all right so um i want one photo just regular like this with it like this and then one with you and then one with the

Kids i wouldn’t suggest yes doing it because when you get in the car when you go to use your navigation or your maps or anything like that this has its own built-in navigation but it’s just downloaded maps so it doesn’t have like live traffic updates um tours things like that where’s your apple carplay we’ll push all that through to your car oh yeah if

The mountains my intentions i could make is blessed what’s the cost of risking it all i get paid cash it feels right foreign

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