see my other two cars here!

Okay right so i am at the car dealership at mercedes and i think i just bought another car i don’t know what’s wrong with me i’m feeling voids that um i guess i need filled and i fill them with cars no it all honesty like i have two really flashy cars that draw a lot of attention which a soul of attention i still like attention but i don’t do like to be like hello

Ki sometimes and when we drive in jason’s infinity it’s like a black infinity there’s never anyone waiting by the car there’s never like jumping out in front of it which i like i like i like it i like that people know it’s me it gives me like it’s fun to see people light up and get really happy but someday is like saying where i’m just straight up on then i just

Want to be incognito okay guys here we go say introduce yourself you may mr. shi penis and i am about to show you my card to where i have to tell you this is like so nice i love i think the only one who appreciates it like me everyone else like what why won’t you to render it why don’t you guys hey guys played i’m like i don’t know doesn’t beaver guys’s car right

Honey yeah or did you lie to me jason’s like this is the car justin bieber to one point i saw him in one anymore i was like a service car for one who’s getting it actually car maybe yeah look at how beautiful well brain is your mom told me my arms look like the lady from a 600-pound life that your arms do i really want to work out even more they say you look a

Tv star when you bought the car you were like yeah and it’s got 7 seats in the back and i was like hmm i was like that’s awesome i was like but on what occasion would trisha have seven people well we’re gonna have five children so oh let me out right here this is my mom car let me out hey baby on this man i have sex with four different women that he great i love

That i love that i’ve only had sex with two people in my life i just don’t like you and kate hudson gansan you got you have your kids in you thought about it they just a mouthful you got me in a lie no oh you lied to me yeah so where where are we headed today trish i’m kidnapping jason he left me once were you not gonna do it again i love spending time with you but

Sometimes it’s like i i’d like to take a shower because i mean they’re running to you or david know when i shower like what i always how you want every few minds try to shower more now know that you met me i’m the boss i’m like i’m really yes oh really i think you like to make me think that i am but i’m definitely not i’m like when i think about it’s always jason’s

Decisions or everything granted you do care about me and a lot of those things are in my favorite but you make all our decisions i mean but i think we all need to lower our expectations mika’s already lowering that the day i met you oh yeah we’re sweep all over naked pictures like a video yeah let’s just some pictures for your instagram i mean i was thinking like

A park but this is fine – well i was thinking like oh a park where’s the park i was thinking those palm trees on perkins burton way you know that like starts with palm trees there’s a lot of palm trees oh yeah oh i know you mean in in beverly hills i’m left cannon yeah that sounds great actually that’s right did my choir back to her it does it gave me a little

Bit of food that be good – oh my god i’m so hungry i was gonna eat and then you said you’re coming back and i was like i don’t run my lips because i’m doing a video huh oh and you can put a different mode sport you see all the molds you can put it in i don’t really know the difference between any of them he took it this is 0 to 63 in like 10 seconds he did it he

Was like driving it from me and like they love me at keys i can’t go into everyone’s like oh really buying cars like you trying to sell something you don’t to sell this to me like i just want it so tell me how i get this i hate when i like watch just can park itself and i will never use that feature i don’t care like it it’s such an interesting design the way it

It’s like concaved in there i think this can go up because it looks like it’s able to buy like a bullet to your brain is your ringtone ricky martin no it’s this is halloween forever i’m pretty sure i heard did that did i thought that after the halloween yeah no they’re your own beverly hills tyco sure what happens in there it’s thai food that’s kosher hmm modern

Institute maybe you should go in there it’s a crazy institution it’s modern institute of surgery oh do you think so you think i’m the nuts one here yeah okay you’re so handsome i look at use whenever i click that natalie sent us this like instagram boomerang and like i was really excited to see it and then i saw it i’m like oh i look so frumpy and dumpy and easily

So handsome and i’m tall and i’m like it’s not cure the hot one and i’m just this little from no you’re the one that’s got the trainer now ain’t i got it going ever since that person told me my arms look like my 600-pound life i’m like my arms have always been my biggest insecurity in school even during the summertime i would always wear like long sleeves i’ve always

Hated my arms so i’m like i told my i told the trainer i was like i need my arms to be toned because arms are big i also have big wrists it runs in my family well i am getting hungry i hope to should we eat somewhere okay hey guys what is up i am doing another art store it is my third part or in one year i’ve had a program a lamborghini i kept the lamborghini but

I got this car because i needed a low-key car it’s not caused so much attention looks like we were never gonna beat you again so i got the mercedes g63 me away from jason that liked it and you know me doesn’t mean we drove it but now we don’t know if you actually drives it or if you see it so i got this clark i don’t really know how i feel about it it’s big its

Basic kind of like me so this is super star is the mercedes and front it has a nice little round front feel so funny having you do it you want to do it no no no i want to say thank you for just funny to have you holding the camera okay so has a nice around a friend and then you hop in the passenger seat show them okay why should you happen to drivers this is what

The inside of the car oh i love the i love this step oh yeah i’ll stop to get on there i don’t know the weight limit on that step i’m scared to go on it so i gotta go like this i like it go this way you think what do they brake the car look at the interior oh my god so nice yeah so nice yeah seven people wow i think you can do it here babe okay yeah i see buttons

Oh yeah there we go and then those seats go down wow get that so you can have extra room but it’s a seven-seater wow house boosh that is great so you can have as many people as you want if i were to go to the farmers market and buy you like a ton of flowers huh and it was so many flowers and it wouldn’t fit back here i could just go like this oh do you want to

Borrow my car for that there may be more flowers all for trish right here what are you gonna do that when you want to borrow my car hey i’ll be back from vegas tuesday morning okay i love giving jason my surprises lamborghini other guys just kind of special ones that’s the other thing you guys my lamborghini is broken right now and i needed a new car so instead of

Getting it fixed i just got a new mercedes and this little head rest this looks like one of those looks like a i’m one of those droids in the star wars movies never seen it can’t relate not a geek how do i get this down okay the two least technical people we’ll see what this is good huh oh good job babe wait for a top person back there yeah you want to lift up the

Engine do you do that lift it up meaningless at the end it no i just show the static babe and then there it is the gls 63 keys at van nuys they always hook me up they’re good well they don’t really hurry up i just send the door but i think didn’t shut it so much and then it closed by itself it’s a smart car huh i love that here oh yeah this is really cool you can

Do it with the key to so i’m a car maybe one day i’ll be a mom and i can drive this car yeah it just walks away yeah let’s get in front here let’s shoot you in here what’s get in front here in my car yeah cost i bought the new house with maybe that’s actually the surprise so i got us a house back no nothing it’s just it’s in her house huh nothing i was joking i

Got the joke like oh i bought you a new house crazy i’m gonna go meet you here okay so it is a keyless start which i love it’s a convertible like this where you just had the key in a theme and then you push it the worst part or ever i mean i mean i always suck at giving car tours but like this is a great car i don’t think i’m selling it quite right it’s awesome

If there are you an everyday car the seats are so comfortable the most comfortable seats you know there’s no cup holders for the g-wagen and there’s no cup holders for the lamborghini yeah it’s on me perky and get a big ass oreo shake and have nowhere to put it you know what i mean yeah maybe you need to do that today and break it in burger king spicy chicken

Sandwich i had it five times i can’t have it again i’m a big shoot tomorrow i’m gonna be a vegas showgirl and i need to start looking like it don’t laugh i am i think you are alright guys thanks for watching this car tour it’s really nice hey thanks for watching this car to him check out key zambian eyes they never give me a good price but they always give me a

Check out maybe for jason’s channel he surprised me with a trip to a special location and by the way for all those comments who said yeah a surprise that sure had to pay for i didn’t so i don’t know every comment decide that everyone’s like oh church over i paid for this yeah oh well your broker what i don’t know i don’t care what people think so doesn’t matter to

Me that’s bad inside okay all right you try my gucci shoes in the mercedes yeah those are really cool you sure bought those the other night i was like okay she’s like she wanted me to get matching ones no i’m not gonna wear my how to match with you i’m my own person really yeah that’s ridiculous they look good on you i wouldn’t those wouldn’t be good on me alright

Guys i hope you enjoyed this cart or if i should buy another car let me now fill the emptiness inside of it so what’s it on twitter every time trisha buys new cars she’s going through a breakup with her and jason are okay we’re fine i just i didn’t know anything something she was alone yesterday she bought a car i had something to do is this you in about a car

I had a really bad day yesterday oh really bad am i carl made you let every no matter i’ll feel i’m the inside so what i have a mercedes so all truth if you’re gonna beat a pricey milo a depressant on mercedes depressive controller to tarnish you have so much going for you you know that thanks guys see you the next video

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MY NEW CAR (MERCEDES AMG GLS 63 TOUR) By blndsundoll4mj