Introducing my new 2019 Honda Civic Type R build to the channel!

Hey what’s up guys welcome back to the channel follow me super excited for you guys remember what i said dude it looks so good i want a type r for a daily so bad oh hi there this i need one for a daily really bad remember me and do you remember this yeah i i need one many months later foreign guys well i got one i got a 2019 honda civic type r it has been a

Dream car of mine since i want to say when they came out and it’s crazy to say i finally got one and i’ve been loving every moment of it got in championship white to match my 2014 wide body honda civic si well it’s not exactly matching it’s a a tafia white or capital white or something like that whatever they’re both white cars when i first saw the type are listed

I was like yeah it’s kind of meant to be but yeah this is a car that kind of started it all for me so let me pull it out really quick show you guys the cars and then go war into the thai bar all right foreign all right guys this right here is my 2014 wide body stance out honda civic si car is really what started off for me guys i got the thing brand new but

In fact i actually money shifted third to second on my test drive the salesman you could definitely tell here and try to give me the letting me test drive it but i bought it so you can’t complain when i first got this car all i wanted to do was really get it low have an exhaust and intake so the vtec could crack a little bit louder and nice wheels you all know

How that goes guys one thing led to another it went through its stock body phase and well here it is i don’t regret it whatsoever in those years i’ve met so many amazing people through the car community they really pushed me to pursue photography full time and this car helped me meet other people that were in photography and cars so it was a win-win situation now

That this car is kind of pretty much where i wanted to be and this car really got me into hondas and made me pick up one of my dream cars the 2019 honda civic type r this is going to be my track build slash daily since i can’t really track this or a dawn seem to be really funny if i did could you imagine this on the track with negative i think 12 degrees of camber

That would be insane you know what maybe maybe i’ll have to do that one day so now i got the stance car here and the track daily here so i’m super excited take you guys on that journey on the track build and kind of fixes and stuff i want to do to the stance build i know this has been kind of an automotive like photography channel so don’t worry it’s still gonna

Be a lot of that but i’m gonna sprinkle in some mods in the type bar and the civic got some super exciting stuff already coming for the type r so i’m very excited to show you guys that i didn’t expect to have some of these parts so soon but i can’t complain but other than that guys i hope you guys have been enjoying the few content or enjoying the content i’ve put

Out now and i hope you guys enjoy the future content of the wide body si and the 2019 honda civic type r until then guys i hope you guys a wonderful night and time go all right three two one go sh no when you pull in in front of me stop at an angle right in the middle of the road all right ready on three two one and pull up uh go that way and try it again

You’re gonna point it towards the rail across the yellow line in three two one pull okay foreign

Transcribed from video