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My VW GOLF GTI gets a CRAZY Loud Exhaust

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The GTI is back, with a new exhaust, and finally some decent size tips.

Okay it’s flaming as well right guys so the day’s finally here we’re fitting a full exhaust to the gti i’ve already got the box loaded up in the car big shout out to the guys at cobra sport so i’ve gone for their full turbo back system with some fancy tips that’s the part code there anyway i will unbox this shortly because we are going to head over to my friend’s unit

And get the car up on a two-part lift yeah what we’ll do we’ll get a cold start now so you got a little guide to what it sounds like currently and we’ll head over there can i just say how good this shot looks with both of them parked like that yeah we are going to get to the 140i soon not exactly mind-blowing but then again it is a stock car back all right

So we’ve made it i’ve got the car loaded up onto the ramp hope you enjoyed them sound clips outside give really an idea of what we’re currently dealing with so as you remember we fitted this thing about a month ago it’s an ebay d car nothing special but it’s three inch and yeah it’s done the job for now it’s gonna be blue as well which doesn’t look quite cool now i

Have already gone ahead and unboxed the exhaust it’s the full turbo back system there’s a decal all the way down there it always is surprising when you see an exhaust on the floor it’s always much longer than you think but i’ve gone for the resonate system so it’s not crazy loud and we also got a back box i want to give a massive shot to cobra sport for supporting

The gti build their stuff is very high quality as you can see nice little touches like the logo they’re stamped on it’s all tig welded as well it’s handmade in sheffield now in regards to exhaust tips because they’re quite a pressing matter i’ve gone for these which are carbon tips i was initially going to get the cerakote black ones but they were on back orders

So we decided to go with these up we go this is so much easier right so the exhaust as you can see we’ve got this huge resonator which some of you may be familiar with in the last few videos i have mentioned a couple of times so that’s going to be deleted there’s where the ebay decal finishes you will also remember we had a bit of a cutting situation with that

So it’s got a fresh clamp so don’t have to worry about anything there now if you look back here it’s all pretty much one piece there’s no joints or anything like that so the plan is we’ll get this cap back off first and then we’ll move on to the front section 13 millimeter and then we got this one as well and we’re gonna do this sleeve which is brand new from a

Month ago okay so catback’s freed from the d-cap it’s a lot of talk of cats today even though there aren’t any present and the plan next is to get the exhaust out of this hangar here i’m not going to unscrew it though because it is holding this fuel tank strap as well so this one will leave intact the rear one i might unbolt but we are gonna need the assistance

Of this top lad here okay that was pretty straightforward nearly got headboarded by an exhaust but here we are lower it slowly sounds like there’s a bunch of knocking upstairs it’s my friend knocking out a wall okay so after a bit of shuffling with those jacks it was a bit sketchy i should get the cat back on the floor by myself plan now is to get the d cat

Off essentially it’s the same process as what you saw a few videos ago so you can always refer to that if you want to get some more tips right so down pipes off there’s no exhaust on the car now would be cool to start it up but i don’t fancy getting gassed out of here but yeah ebay downpipe cobra sport downpipe i’ve just gone ahead and swapped over the o2 sensor

A little comparison with the stock catback as well with the cobra one it’s definitely a lot smaller and diameter the cobra one is three inch all the way through it also uses mandrel bent so it doesn’t sort of shrink down in any parts of the piping because if you look on the oem exhaust here it sort of pancakes in certain areas also the back box is pretty huge and

Yeah the tips i don’t think we have to explain that all right so i’m going to fit the downpipe in but it’s going to involve me twisting a bit so i need to move the camera so the power of editing this is now going to be completed in the next second so with a bit of negotiation the downpipe went in but we decided to just mark up the whole exhaust whilst you’re at

It there’s really not much to it there are a few clamps and because the cobra system is in various different pieces it’s not a complicated job if you’ve done a few bits on your car you’ll be totally fine so clamp number one from the down pipe to the middle section and the middle one next to the resonator is trying to move and then the clamp that holds the back

Box onto the rest of the exhaust get that lined up be a persuasion but we’re finally there now it’s time to put the tips on now i don’t want to go for some rice’s style effect so i think a nice oem position there be good and move it down a bit because we don’t want it to be rubbing against this lovely diffuser i’d say that’s pretty spot on don’t want to have it

Sticking out then it looks like a wheelbarrow so the plan now is i’m gonna get these timed up because we left them so we can have a bit more adjustment because i’ll see the back boxes in and yeah get these secured and we’ll get you guys a cold start right so cold start time is any different yeah that’s quite a bit different gonna make four steps i’m just going

To let it warm up for a bit and then we’ll get a few fly-bys outside even though it’s dark and raining that is a lot louder with the resonator as well in typical fashion nothing ever works right so yeah the bonnet didn’t want a closer to take the grill off imagine you do it you can’t see nothing here but at least it looks like some sort of drag corner right

So it’s warmed up definitely a bit more smokier than before i’ve taken a mic off so it’s a bit more comparable to the earlier shots not bad jeez not gonna lie folks i think that’s a bit louder than what i thought it was gonna be okay it’s flaming as well all right so as you heard there’s definitely very loud it’s quite an eventful drive back from the uni

Yesterday plenty of over and going off now i just want to give a massive shout out to cobra sport again for supplying me with the exhaust as i mentioned they are supporting the gti build and they’ve also given me my own discount code for you guys so it’s tr hamsa should be on the screen should i save you temps off your next order i will put the link to this exhaust

System in the description if you’d like to replicate this setup as you’ve seen it’s very loud if that’s your sort of thing you can actually go louder if you get the non-rest setup and yeah it does shoot some pretty big flames i’ll give you a little cold start again now just so you can hear it out here because the other one was in the unit not bad right i think

For good measure we’ll take the car around the block just to show you what it sounds like in the cabin we’ll go through a few gears apologies if there’s quite a bit of wind this exhaust will definitely drown out right traction on so not over right so second gear booty now definitely more character from it see that’s retraction on so you get one bang i don’t mind

That try first i mean the e8 is not the greatest sagan engine in the world but it does make you laugh i can’t say that for me it’s always going to be the old tfsr if you want character from a two liter the old edition 30 man that excited there’s so much you can do with this engine forgot how pretty fast this thing is man i didn’t know it’s a bit drawn at higher

Speed so i had to chat with the guys like cole brown we’re gonna likely put in a larger resonator in the center because i do want to retain some like dailyable nurse to this car if it makes sense and i’m not too sure whether or not this would be quite enough for track days these mark sevens are so well built yeah that when you put a window down they get about twice

As loud you can’t even hear the intake anymore before you see a lot of intake noise it’s still there because nothing’s changed it’s just the exhaust is like driving out but yeah here’s what it is if you like a nice loud system definitely go for one of these but i think what we’ll do we’ll end the video here folks hope you enjoyed today’s video i know it’s been

Ages again but look out for the next video in a couple of days time i will address the intercooler issue

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My VW GOLF GTI gets a CRAZY Loud Exhaust! By TR Hamza