MY WORST PURCHASE OF 2020 – Lincoln Navigator Review

I’ll be reviewing this Lincoln Navigator after owning it for only a couple months. Spoiler alert, I’m getting rid of it!

It’s been eight months of owning this car and i realized i have not done a review on it yet and quick spoiler alert i’ve already decided to get rid of this car and you’ll learn why here in a sec so i bought this car last year for my wife if you couldn’t tell it’s got the pink accents she customized it to her liking i also wanted to get one more tax write off before

The end of the year so it made sense now if you watch my original video on it i talk about how i was really disappointed in buying it because of this it has almost no trunk space so anytime we want to put something back here pretty much makes the third row unusable we have to put it down and in that first video i talked about how i was looking at potentially just

Trading it in altogether because of that issue i decided to keep it obviously but now in hindsight i realized that was just the first of many different issues this car would have now before i go and completely bash this car there are actually some really cool things about it so to give a full transparent fair review let’s talk about the good things first so first

Off the way it drives is really nice it’s super smooth on the road the car is big you just feel elevated over everyone else it surprisingly turns really well you know when i was first making u-turns with it when we got it i was expecting i’d have to take this huge wide turn and it might not potentially make it that’s not the case this car drives really nimble and

So when i’m actually in here i’m really happy because the experience is great it’s got a lot more power than you think when you hit it and it’s really different than the old suburban that i used to drive when i was 16 my very first car was a 2002 suburban and that thing had no power i had to really just press the pedal in order to get it moving but trying to turn

With that thing was like moving a boat and so when i drive this car it’s completely different it almost feels like it might be a crossover with how well it handles and how much power it has i also love how spacious the car is i mean here in the front seat you’ve got all this room you’ve even got the massage seats going i like where your arm is sitting it makes it

A very comfortable ride whether you’re going somewhere here in vegas or where we’re going to california where we’ve taken it many times so it’s been a great car for road trips not only as the driver but the passengers are also getting a ton of room as well having the captain’s chairs for the kids is super nice and it’s funny because we’ve actually turned that back

Area into somewhat of a playpen for the kids whenever we’re just parked sometimes we’ll go up to the mountain where we’re building our house and we’ll just have a little picnic inside of the car we’ll look at the strip and the kids just have all this room where they walk around and plan but it also works really well when we’re just going to somewhere and the kids

Want to stay in the car they can just run around and not get all mad now look the driving experience is great but i still love the look of the navigator just how mean and rugged it is the grill itself is really cool looking i also love how at night this lights up as well as the lights then you have these running boards that just come out and light up it’s a really

Cool thing when you’re getting in at night but unfortunately that’s kind of where all the good parts end now i don’t want to be nitpicky or anything over here but i’ve had five different issues happen along the way of just owning this car in eight months and i’m not even talking cosmetic issues or things that are just my personal preference these are things that

Just didn’t work properly on the car so the first one was getting the car to actually start when we got it it was kind of funny the guy delivering the car was trying to get it off and he couldn’t start it up and so for us to get the car off the truck had to get my car and jumper cables to restart it now i figured look this car’s been traveling across country it

Was the winner maybe the battery just died or just needs to be pumped up again and though we were able to get it to start it wasn’t really good enough i had to end up getting a brand new battery that i had to pay for out of my own pocket the dealer wouldn’t pay for it anyways i can fix it for about 250. even though i just bought this car from them and they couldn’t

Get it off the delivery truck to even give it to me so that was the first annoying thing and i said you know what not a big deal i’m not a nitpicky kind of guy i’m going to keep the car it’s not anything crazy well as i started driving it i noticed the second issue which was this left mirror so this left mirror while you’re driving shakes a lot it literally shakes

Just like this while you’re driving now when you go to the right mirror you can see it’s not shaking nearly as much when i tap it and just to show you again so you know i’m not crazy look how much this shakes so it doesn’t need me tapping it to do that it’s just the wind and going at higher speeds when it happens but once again i said you know what not a big

Deal i’m not gonna freak out over this who cares if it shakes it shakes and all of that leads to the third issue i uncovered during the same time that i started noticing this mirror it was this wireless charger right here as you can see i’m gonna put my phone in right now and you’re gonna see it connect and say wireless charger is active and you think that yeah

This thing is working out really good and as you can see it did it again why did it do it again that’s not good it should just be fine the whole time and then you get this after a few seconds charging terminated as you can see it has not moved it’s in the same spot so pretty much the wireless charger is unusable it’ll just keep turning on and off on its own all

Throughout the drive and honestly i’ve just given up on it and started putting the phone there because i got tired of seeing the screen always say charging active charging terminated charging active charging terminated but even with this third issue i said you know what it’s not a big deal is what it is you know a lot of wireless chargers are kind of funky like

That so maybe that’s just how it is it was around this time that i noticed the fourth issue that would continue happening so the backup camera will randomly do this you can’t even use it it’s showing this 3d view but i can’t use it like what do i even have it for i’ve kind of noticed that if you try to reverse right when you start the car this happens but even

If that’s the case your backup camera should never look like this so even with me playing with it i go into park you know everything’s on it’s good to go i hit reverse still don’t have a backup camera if i wanted to have a backup camera i would have to restart the car you know the car’s back on i’m gonna give it a little bit now let’s see if i hit reverse i

Still don’t have a backup camera let’s try it for the third time like come on lincoln you can do it you can show them that you actually have a backup camera for real i’m gonna turn off the car i’m gonna open the door so that that turns off completely we can add that into the good that thing’s actually kind of cool let’s turn the car on one more time let’s see

What happens it’s still black all right so guys like i said i can’t even get it to work properly right now but sometimes it does work i’ll give lincoln that like sometimes i can actually use my backup camera but most times i can but even with those four problems i still said you know what i trust the car who cares they’re not a big deal well it didn’t become a

Big deal until after a couple of months of driving it like i am now we were out on a sunday afternoon my wife and the kids were just touring some houses we like to do that sometimes just go out to different neighborhoods and look at real estate um even after all these years of flipping so many houses and buying all these deals i still just enjoy looking at real

Estate and seeing new homes then all of a sudden i can’t hit the accelerator i’m trying to go fast and the car’s just not doing it and i’m trying to figure out why this is happening i’m kind of freaking out because the car just dropped down to going 20 miles an hour and i’m on a road that’s doing 45 and so i pull off to the side and try to turn the car on and off

To see if that fixes the issue well that didn’t end up doing anything and i called my friend lucky lopez who’s been on my channel many different times about car flipping whenever i need to know anything about cars i reach out to him and he said that the car was in what they call limp mode where it protects itself so that nothing else breaks by you trying to go too

Fast and so we drove in limp mode for about 20 minutes on all these side streets trying to avoid all the traffic and get home safely it was actually really scary but thankfully it all ended up well and i ended up having lucky come over to my house to try and diagnose it he ended up running a bunch of tests on his computer and there were just so many things going

On with the circuits and the electrical that he said that we had to take it to ford so i ended up dropping it off and i said okay here’s the main problem we got to fix whatever’s causing this not to be able to accelerate but also please take a look at the mirror take a look at the wireless charger take a look at the backup camera and all of these other issues so

I take it back to ford and they say okay your fuel pump is broke but it’s under warranty so you don’t have to pay for that and i said okay what about the backup camera the wireless charger and this mirror if we can do it for about what 250 about 250 10 they said we don’t see the issue with the backup camera it works whenever we do it so i don’t know what we can

Possibly do they said if i wanted to fix the wireless charger it was going to be 400 bucks it wasn’t covered in warranty and then they said the mirror was another 400 bucks because it’s not under warranty since we wrapped the car now let me show you what wrapping the car is take a look at this look look at this somebody come look at this now this is not like my

Tesla where we wrap the whole entire car all we did was really minor things like paint this pink we chrome deleted it right here and right here and then here we just smoked this red part black but for them because we did that it voided the warranty and it would be another 400 bucks to fix this issue i said you know what the mirror’s not a big deal to me i can deal

With it shaking if you can’t do anything about the backup camera whatever but i would like the wireless charger fix so i’ll pay 400 bucks for that well after a week i end up getting the car back they fixed the fuel pump that was good put my phone in the wireless charger and just like i’ve shown you now on this video it still doesn’t work and i’m out 400 bucks and

I’ve tried to get my money back but they want me to just bring the car back in and i don’t have time for that so i’m just out 400 bucks you got 400 for me so if any of you guys want to donate to me the 400 bucks you can just actually bypass that and hit the subscribe button because that’ll be more valuable anyway anyways i can fix it for about 250.

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MY WORST PURCHASE OF 2020 – Lincoln Navigator Review By Ryan Pineda