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Need For Speed UNBOUND FULL CAR LIST CONFIRMED! (All Cars!!) | TC9700Gaming

What is going on y’all and welcome back to another video on need for speed unbound now in this video we’re going to be covering the entire confirmed car list which is available on need for speed’s official website which i’ll have linked of course in the description down below but in this video i’m going to be going over the entire car list and i want you guys to

Let me know in the comments below what cars you’re most excited about and if there are any cars that aren’t on the list that you want to see added later but without any further ado let’s go ahead and get into the video all right so let’s go ahead and jump straight into the car list now a couple of things we’re going to be reading down this list alphabetically and

Occasionally i might pause to talk about an individual car or two so we’ve got the first car at the top of the list being the 2017 acura nsx followed by the 2004 acura rsx type s then we have the alfa romeo julia quadrifoglio then we have the 1964 aston martin db5 which is the first classic car on the list then we have the 2018 aston martin db11 volante that confirms

Convertibles in the game we’ve also got the 2017 db11 the 2016 vulcan and then we move into bmw with the 06 m3 of course an e46 m3 then we have a 1988 m3 evo 2 which is a e30 m3 then we have the 2016 x6m 2010 m3 2018 m5 2019 z4 m40i 2018 m4 coupe 2019 m2 competition in 1981 m1 followed by the 2018 i8 coupe the 2016 m4 gts as well as the 2010 m3 convertible the 2017

M4 convertible we got a lot of convertibles in here apparently we’ve also got the 2018 i8 roadster and then we move into bugatti which we only have one but it’s a i mean it’s a mega car for sure the 2017 chiron sport then we move on to the 1987 buick grand national gnx i’m sure there’s going to be a lot of people that are really excited to have that in the game

Then we move on to chevrolet which we start off with the 2020 stingray followed by the 2020 stingray convertible then the 1965 c10 stepside pickup which confirms both pickup trucks and classic pickup trucks in the game we’ve also got the 2017 corvette grand sport that’s going to be the c7 grand sport then we’re followed by the 2014 camaro z28 which is basically

A stripped down track package uh camaro then we also have the 2013 z06 followed by a 67 camaro ss a 55 bel air 2019 zr1 2017 colorado zr2 which once again confirms more pickup trucks then we move on to dodge who has absolutely no shortage of insane cars in this game starting with the 2014 challenger srt8 then followed by the 69 charger rt again that’s another car

That a lot of people are going to be really happy is in the game then we also have a 2019 charger srt hellcat then we move on to ferrari which has a surprisingly long list of cars in need for speed unbound starting with the 2016 laferrari then the 84 testarossa the 2016 488 gtb followed by the 1988 ferrari f40 then the 2009 458 italia the 2019 488 pista then the

Fxxk evo from 2018 the 2011 458 spider then finishes out the list of ferraris then we move on to ford which has quite the list in this game starting with the 2017 f-150 raptor then followed by the 2015 mustang gt the 2017 ford gt the 1969 boss 302 1965 mustang 1990 fox body mustang the 08 crown victoria the 2016 focus rs and the 2019 mustang gt convertible then

We move into honda with the 2000 civic type r 2015 civic type r 1992 nsx type r and 2009 honda s2000 ultimate edition moving on into infinity we only have one model from infinity and that is the 2017 q60s and then that leads us into jaguar with the 2016 f-type r coupe and the 2019 f-type r convertible then we also have the 2016 koenigsegg regera which is currently

The only koenigsegg in the game but again these cars could change a little bit later on or potentially get more added through dlc then we move on to lamborghini which has a enormous amount of cars in the game at launch for example the 2021 countach lp 800-4 is in the game that is massive that is confirmed we also have the 2018 huracan lp 580-2 then we also have

The 2018 aventador s the 1989 countach 25th anniversary edition the 2010 murcielago sv the 2018 lamborghini urus we also have the 2018 huracan performante 2019 aventador svj 95 diablo sv which was a favorite of mine from many classic need for speed games we also have the 2018 huracan lp 580-2 spyder the aventador s roadster from 2018 the aventador svj roadster

From 2019 the aventador lp 750-4 sv roadster which is a massive name mouthful and finally to round off the list of lamborghinis we finish off with the 2018 huracan performante spider we have two land rovers that launch the 2015 range rover sport svr and the 2015 defender 110 double cab pickup which is another off-road vehicle in the game then we move on to lotus

With the 06 exige s and the 2021 emira being confirmed in the game at launch then move on to mazda so mazda starts off actually really interestingly with the 2002 rx7 spirit r the fd spirit r then we also have a 96 miata we also have a 2011 rx8 r3 we also have a 2015 mx-5 then we get to move into mclaren so we have the 2014 mclaren p1 1993 mclaren f1 then we have

The 2015 570s the 2018 570s spider the 2018 600 lt and the 2015 p1 gtr the p1 gtr is actually a really interesting choice for this game now we move into mercedes-benz we have the mercedes-benz 190e 2.5 16 from 1988 1988 you guys already knew that that was going to be in the game with the 2018 c63 coupe the 2017 g63 the 2019 amg gts the 2016 a45 amg the 2017 amg gtr

The 2019 amg gts roadster the 2018 amg c63 cabriolet and the 2021 amg gt black series that is definitely a car that i am really excited to try in the game then we also have the 67 mercury cougar going back into that classic car category in the game well classic car classic muscle car then we have one mini which is the 2017 john cooper works countryman which is a

Odd choice but it is there then we get to move on into mitsubishi which i know a lot of you guys are excited about and that starts off with the 07 evo 9 the 2008 evo 10 and the 1999 eclipse gsx which is one of the most anticipated cars in the entire game then we get to move on to nissan which the list for nissan is massive starting off with the 2017 gtr premium at

The 1999 skyline gtr v-spec r34 of course we also have the 2019 370z heritage edition the 1998 sylvia k’s we have the 2022 nissan z proto we also have the 2002 sylvia spec r aero the 93 gtr v spec the 2008 350z 1971 skyline 2000 gtr as well as the 71 240z g the 1996 180sx type s and 2015 370 nismo followed of course by the 2017 gtr nismo then we get to move on into

Another supercar category car which is the 2017 pagani wyra bc followed by the 1970 plymouth cuda then moving on into the future with the well i say technically the future but a futuristic car the 2020 pole star one which was of course one of the main cars from need for speed heat then we also have the 77 pontiac firebird and then we get to move on into the extensive

List of porsches starting off with the 2019 gt3 rs the 1973 carrera rsr the 2015 918 spyder of course we also have a 2018 718 cayman gts followed closely by a 1997 carrera s then a 2018 gt2 rs 2017 panamera turbo 2018 911 turbo s exclusive series 2020 porsche boxster 718 spyder 2018 911 carrera gts 2018 turbo s cabriolet exclusive which these names are starting to

Get a little bit wild at this point uh porsche’s naming is very it’s very interesting the way they name all these different packages moving on we have the 2018 targa 4 gts the 2018 carrera gts convertible and the 2015 porsche cayman gt4 we also have the srt viper gts from 2014 followed by the 06 subaru sti 2014 brz premium and 2010 wrx sti then we finish out the list

With the 1963 volkswagen beetle 76 golf gti 2016 golf gti club sports and finally the 1975 volvo 242 dl and the 1970 volvo amazon p130 and that completes the launch car list for need for speed unbound so after going through the entire car list what cars are you guys excited about do you think there are any cars that are missing are you happy with the car list are

You not happy with the car list do you think there should be more of one type of cars and less of another type do you think it’s good do you think the current list is really really good but just needs a couple of additions let me know any thoughts and opinions that you guys have on that in the comment section down below and make sure you’re subscribed to the channel

With notifications turned on to stay as up to date as possible on anything and everything related to need for speed unbound and of course when the game launches on the 2nd of december we will absolutely be jumping into it straight out of the gate with both videos and live streams and with that all being said and done hope you all enjoyed the video and i will see you guys next time

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Need For Speed UNBOUND FULL CAR LIST CONFIRMED! (All Cars!!) By TC9700Gaming