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New 2017 GMC Savana Explorer Quigley 4×4 Lifted Conversion Van – White Bear Lake, St Paul, Mpls, MN

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Hello my name is mike enos and today we’re going to go through 2017 extended quigley van i have a three inch lift on this van a lot of special stuff don’t understand i have bilstein shocks on its way bars that kind of thing really really unique piece of merchandise and that’s what we’re going for here at the white bear lake superstore kind of nice today we’re down

At the minneapolis auto show here in minneapolis minnesota so we’re going to be going through the van today and then showing you all the features of the van if you’ve seen to my other videos we are a our vans or all explorer conversions that’s in the country explorer has been around forever have great great quality equipment just looking at this van now this fan

Does have a full bumper wrap on it and when i go through this and you see something you know hey i really don’t want that or i want this we custom build these vans so these are our one piece order vans everything is custom made this one here is fully loaded has all the stuff on it so if you want to you cut something back you can do that first of all when we look

At it you know the gmc here big and bold looks looks awesome have the explorer grille right here that they put in we have our our step here to get up and wash the windshield because we do have a three inch lift on the van i’m at six one i don’t think i could even reach that if we look down we have our led lights in the bumper that that are showing off pretty good

Very very sharp van a lot of ground clearance so this van really is designed to take off road and it will go off-road so it has great ground clearance looking at our wheels here too we have the new middles on here which is the i think they’re the ridge grapplers so a great tire rim combination on the on the explorer conversion van here and there again that’s

All custom so if you want different rims different tires however you want that van update we can do that so open up the passenger door here notice there again we have our power boards led lights on those on the board’s right there so that looks great just stepping back here so you can see the full board open up the next door here and this is kind of where where

You know the band changes from a rugged tough van to a luxury vehicle this fan setup as a nine passenger van we do a lot of them that are seven passenger vans so we can have more room in them so these seats right here power recline that one’s just flipped up right there that we head up they are all on quick release brackets down here i can take the seats out

In a matter of minutes to accommodate you know more passengers more room that kind of thing so just kind of sneaking in the van here all the audio controls the speakers that kind of thing have all been upgraded we have jl audio speakers we have the 32 inch samsung tv we have all our our lighting which is on a dimmer switch moving down to the dvd player which is

A blu-ray player we also have the 110 game prep on there with the hdmi so if you want to plug in a gaming system while you’re rolling down the road the kids can be in the back or or maybe you can so that’s all the features and benefits on this van and i’ll just write down to the blinds right here very quick very easy up and down nice and quiet no rattles that

Kind of thing so let’s shut up the doors here just getting back you know look getting a getting a view of this van it is a sharp sharp sharp van so i have a number of vans in stock right now largest stocking quigley conversion van dealer in the country largest volume explorer van conversion builder in the country as well back of the van here of course we have

A trailer hitch already on the van with our 7 pin in our 4 pin the van will tow up to 9,500 pounds we do put airbags in vans quite often this one does not have a minute not that you’d probably need them unless you are really up pushing the limits of the van everything comes standard with a backup camera we do have the full park sensors on the van opening up the

Back swing out doors here and we’re a little tight here down the show because we had the vehicles tacked in here but so this right here is basically your cargo space i’m going to step over here now this this is a 3-way power folding sofa this moves back and forth here about four and a half inches and what i can do that can fold this down and we’ll see that this

Goes into a complete bed right here so it’s just over six foot so if you’re on the road and you want to get a little nap in you can do that and the other seats do swivel around to give you a bit more length there as well so very nice feature back here on the van we can get a nice nice view from the van here as all the features and benefits on the van as well so

I’ll put the filter back up here and the sulfa just it is on a there’s a relay in there so if something was stuck in the sofa or a young child or something like that they’re not going to get hurt and that’s going to kick out another thing i’m just going to move over here so maybe we can get a shot of this unit right over here i want to point this off because this

Is a pretty big deal so right here what this says is that for the rear heat in there now that’s all been upgraded i do order the band’s with the condenser and stuff in it but what they do down the explore van company is they upgrade all the tubing the blower that kind of thing to give us better airflow so we have no problem with heating or cooling the van and

Then also the van itself has sound deadening material throughout the van and insulation and again you know looking over the van if there’s a something that you’re looking for that you haven’t been able to find and i’ll call us up at the white bear lake superstore my name is mike keinath and i cut some bill lot of these vans so give us a call and we’ll get you going thank you

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New 2017 GMC Savana Explorer Quigley 4×4 Lifted Conversion Van – White Bear Lake, St Paul, Mpls, MN By White Bear Lake Superstore Buick GMC HummerEV