NEW 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab – Review and Test Drive – Smail Ride Along

Hop into this all new 2019 GMC Sierra and take a test drive with a GMC Product Specialist.

Hello this is nick burkhardt hodgekiss over here at smell gmc in greensburg today i want to take you for a ride along on this brand new redesign 2019 gmc sierra pickup it’s a brand new model for 2019 it’s new to me as it is to you i’m very excited for this vehicle in this truck so let’s go ahead and take it out on the road okay so before we take this ride along

I want to go over some new redesigned features of this truck on the exterior so first thing we’re gonna notice out here is gonna be your fully led headlights you have your c-shape led daytime running lights as well as daytime as well as led lights and led turn signals led fog lights you have the big beautiful gmc logo in the front here gonna have your tow hooks

In the front as well as your front parking sensors right there to walking around the side here first thing you’re gonna notice on the side is going to be our new badge for the 5.3 liter v8 engine on the side of the truck you’re gonna have led mirror lights on the mirrors as well and then you’re gonna have you’re gonna have your running boards and everything like

That moving back here the tires on this truck are gonna be a 20-inch polished aluminum wheels with the aggressive off-road tires as well okay so coming around the rear one thing you’re gonna notice back here is going to be your rear parking sensors what you’re going to be located right here in the bumper and then on to our multi pro tailgate this is a first for gm

No other tailgate out there like this so there is options and customizable ways you can customize it any way you want so what you’re gonna do is one thing you’re gonna notice on the key push this button twice it’s going to lower down the tailgate then when you’re in this position here push the button on the top it’s gonna lower that down so then you can reach in

And grab whatever you need getting closer to the bed say that you needed to get up in what you’re going to do is you’re going to push this which lowers this also you can route you can use this as a bench use it as a tailgate bench another thing you’re gonna notice too you’re gonna open up this which is your handle you’re gonna grab one right up in the bed you go

Simple as easy as that okay all you do is just close this up push this button here this is going to lower down for your workstation you can do any work you need anything like that say you’re loading plywood or two by fours or any type of thing it’s going to be longer pick this up here it’s gonna stop it from sliding and going anywhere like that to no other tailgate

Like this so one thing you’re gonna notice too in the bumper here is lower the tailgate you get up in you don’t want to use the step you have integrated steps into the bumper so all you do is just get up in put in go right up in the truck you go simple as that okay so walking around this side one thing you’re gonna notice is you’re not going to need a key to unlock

This truck so right now the truck is unlocked to lock the truck keep the key within three feet of the truck push the button doors are all locked now to unlock just push the button again doors they’re all on long in the truck you can go alright so let’s get this 2019 sierra out on the road first thing i want to go over is the new push button start just put your foot

On the brake and push the button on the dash it starts the truck up nice and easy not to worry about a key anymore located on the left hand side of the dashboard is gonna be all of your controls for your full wheel drive c of your automatic full wheel drive your two-wheel drive your full wheel drive high and then this button right here is going to be your select

Terrain mode this control button up here is for your tow haul mode so if you click it to the left that’s gonna put them into home mode click it to the right it’s gonna put it in sport mode sport modes it’s going to damper what’s going to change your shifting patterns it’s going to change it’s going to tighten up the steering and everything like that as well and

You can click it right back off moving down so this is you’re going to have automatic headlights you have automatic high beams as well this button right here is gonna activate your mirror lights on the mirrors witches are located on the mirrors this is going to be your fog light button and this is for your rear cargo lamps as well so located on the left of the

Steering wheel you’re going to have your cruise control buttons right here so you have your set your resume prints control on cruise control off as well as cancel this is going to be your collision mitigation system your gap distance so if you push this there’s gonna be your your three car lengths two car lengths near okay so this is going to be your information

Control center so you’re gonna have your this is going to answer your phone hang up your phone and this is going to be controlling the center here so right now if you go over to the left that’s gonna just going to show you your mouse per hour and your fuel range as well as your time your mileage what if you’re into will drive a full wheel drive and what gear you

Are located in as well as a compass on the left moving to the right this is gonna be your you have your speedometer you’re gonna have your trip one trip to fuel range how far you can go on a tanker yes your oil life tire pressure monitor system air filter life so if you need your air filters any change that will let you now also this trucks gonna let you know when

You need new brake pads as well so it’s gonna tell you your brake pad life so you have front and rear tells you when you need new brake pads or what percentage you’re on as well really cool for that it’s a brand new feature for 2019 also you’re gonna have your fuel economy timer if you want to time a trip following distance it shows you how far you are from the

Car in front of you this is gonna be your driver assistance how long your engine hours how many hours are on the engine your transmission fluid temperature your trailer brake control and everything like that which is controlled right there your two wheel drive so this is going to show you where your full will drive your two wheel drive anything it’s in it’s also

Going to show you and out what you’re on as far as a slope or elevation and everything like that via the left and the right hand side you’re gonna have your radio controls right here which you can integrate on the steering wheel your navigation controls right there right up on the dash your phone controls when your phone is connected back to your setting controls

They’re located in the truck you’re going to you’re gonna notice your integrated trailer brake controller your buttons all right here so this is going to be your lane keeping assist button it’s going to show up on your dash your front and rear parking assist button your auto start and stop turn off and on button this button right here you push that releases the

Tailgate in the back your fault your four-way button their traction control so this button right here is actually pretty cool so say you get into your truck and you want all the windows down at one time just push it all the windows are gonna go down simple as that and touch open and close one touch she goes back and you’re gonna have your pop-up window flector as

Well click it and it’s going to go right back and it’s going to shut in the rear here so you push the button on here the windows can go back and you can close it just like that and you can stop it wherever you’d like to so located up on the top of the truck you’re gonna have your onstar buttons right here for your integrated onstar you’re gonna have your interior

Illumination you’re gonna have your garage home link which is located right here and you can turn your cabin lights on and off as well as turning them on and off with the door so yeah what we’re gonna do right now is use the backup camera i’m showing you how clear it is an hd camera now so at the camera you have your lanes your lines that keep you in your spot

And shown you where to park this button right here is gonna be your tray you’re trailering help to get you it’ll aid it in to your trailer hitch and then this one’s going to be your top down to see exactly where your truck is moving to so the alerts that are going to be coming up on the backup camera which they are right now like that one right there was the rear

Cross-traffic alert so and then on the screen down here you’re gonna see where the front and the parking sensors are front in the rear so when you get close to something it’s going to vibrate your seat so if it’s on the right hand of the seat the right half of the truck it’s gonna be vibrating the right hand of the seat if it’s on the left of the truck it’s going

To vibrate the left of the seat and if it’s in the middle of the truck or all over the truck it’s going to vibrate the whole entire seat and that is front and rear so that will ascend you’re pulling out of a spot or into a spot so one thing you’re going to notice with this truck is when you’re driving it this the cabin is going to be a lot quieter so they did a

Lot of things that they did a lot of things differently than the preview generation sierra it did some different doors different everything different door seals so it’s going to be a lot quieter truck this time around yeah the steering is very the steering is tighter it’s more you just feel like you’re more in control when you’re driving the truck it’s not doesn’t

Feel like there’s a lot of play or nothing like that so yeah the seats are very comfortable i feel like i got a lot of room i just feel i feel confined feel good i don’t feel confined at all you’ll notice when you’re driving this truck on your on your dashboard on your information screen down by your gauges you’re gonna notice the little green car so a little

Green car means your safe distance from the car in front of you the delaine’s with the green and the car in front of just texas there’s a car when you go out of your lane or you’re varying out of your lane it’s going to let you know it’ll show up on the dash it’ll vibrate your seat you have to go past 45 miles an hour for the system to activate this is going to

Have the 5-3 v8 so the ride and the pickup and the power this truck is going to be there it’s got a lot of power you it to the floor it’s gonna put you back you’re going to be going pretty good not gonna have any problem with that okay so the link keeping assist system i’m just going to display in the information screen right in the center here so when you’re

Driving into the detect the lanes if you veer out of your lane like i just did so if you look on the screen here it’s going to show a little yellow line and a car the truck moving like that so that means that you’re veering out of your lane so this lane keeping assist system is going to detect that and it’s gonna try to steer you back in the middle of the lane

Now it’s not going to do it very drastically it’s going to do it very very subtly but it’s gonna keep you in the center of your lane when you’re driving this truck on the highway or anywhere it detects lines on the road so this trucks going to have a collision detection system state-of-the-art so what that is is when you’re driving down the road it’s gonna have

Forward collision alert so if you’re the tach if it detects you’re not stopping i’m just gonna throw up a signal on the dash to kind of throw up some it’s gonna throw up red lot red dots it’s gonna tell you hey you’re not stopping it’s gonna vibrate your seat if that doesn’t get your attention that it’s automatically going forward it’s gonna break on its own and

I afford automatic braking so the texture not stopping truck can potentially stop itself also with that system you’re gonna have forward you’re gonna have front pedestrian detection front pedestrian detection if you detect a somebody walks out in front of the truck it’s going to detect that and if it detects you’re not stopping or abrasive action needs done right

At the second it’s gonna automatically brake as well and it’s gonna throw it’s gonna throw up on alert and it’s going to vibrate the seat and everything like that alright so if you look in your blind spot right now in the mirror you’re going to have blind spot detection you put your turn signal on it’s going to flash and let you know that someone’s there telling

You not to get into that lane very nice system that is new for 2019 so with this truck now with 2019 even charging your cell phone there’s a lot of ways to do that so charging your cell phone is as easy as doing this you got the wireless charging right there it’s big enough to hold an iphone big enough to hold any phone you’re gonna have a standard usb port charge

Your cell phone for the apple carplay and android auto to the input there also you’re gonna have a standard view usb c input as well also gonna have a power outlet as well as a 12 volt power outlet to house outlet per se so in the center stack here you’re gonna have the standard 8 inch touch screen newly refresh for 2019 that’s our new layout so when you click audio

It’s gonna take you right to your audio you have fm am sirius xm also bluetooth audio and all your streaming apps like pandora and iheartradio and everything like that so the stereo system it is a bose stereo system so it’s gonna be very nice very crisp sounding also going to have hd radio when your an fm to get back home your phone integration when you hook up a

Cell phone you can hook up your cell phone make bluetooth calls everything through the truck voice commands all through the truck which is activated right here on the steering wheel this trucks gonna come with a 4g watt 4g lte wi-fi hotspot help you out with all your connected devices you can connect up to 7 devices on this truck the user interface in this thing

Down their users tab is your personalized infotainment for your truck so all your personal settings all your contacts all your music everything can all be controlled via the user interface so you can have different one than your passenger or vice versa so it’s very customizable well the settings option just goes through the settings in the truck and then you have

Standard apple carplay and android auto over here is going to be the trailering app which will go over that and then you have your apps control center for different apps they on the onstar services is just the same thing as pushing the blue onstar button it’s just down on the touchscreen for easier use the climate so when you push a climate it’s going to bring up

The dual zone climate control so you can change different zones down here as well as up on the touch screen – you have your your have your fan speed your zones your ac on and off automatic mode your sync for both of them on this truck with the climate control you’re gonna have heated seats so you have the heated bottom and back option right there you have this

The heated back you also have ventilated seats as well and they’re all three stage still touching on that in front of the pass front driver and passenger side as well as third as well as back seat heated seats as well with it with air vents back there now too you’re gonna have a heated steering wheel as well so the camera button when you push the camera button

It’s gonna pull off the camera while you’re driving to see what’s behind you it’s only gonna do it for eight seconds but it’s nice to see what’s right behind you while you’re driving the truck then you can just push home to go right back home and the nice thing too is you push home again takes you back to this system right here where it’s going to display your

Radio data at your phone data as well as navigation my favorite thing about this truck honestly is just the overall layout of everything i mean everything is nice and crisp it’s nice to know where everything’s at it’s easily laid out it’s easy to find everything looks modern leather all the way around soft touch materials premium quality materials everything like

That just an all-around great looking interior and it feels good in the hands and it just feels good all over – okay so right now as you see this has the auto stop tech auto stop-start technology so right now we’re stopped the truck is actually engine has actually shut off whenever you release your foot from the brake the engine will restart so what this does is

It benefits you what’s saving on fuel economy and then as soon as you let your foot off the brake right like i’m gonna do right now truck restarts the engine you’re good to go click of a finger you’re not even gonna realize it’s doing it also the nice feature with this truck too is if some people if you don’t like the auto start-stop feature on this truck there’s

A button right here you click that auto stop turns off you can turn it back on vice versa so it’s a nice feature to have that option to do that so the wood trim on this truck it’s actually gonna be real wood it’s open for wood it feels good it’s nice and smooth and it looks great it blends with this interior very nicely so this is going to complete our along on

The newly redesigned 2019 gmc sierra pickup if you have any questions please visit us off of us 30 in greensburg or visit us at smell gmc calm thank you

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