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NEW 2019 GMC SIERRA 1500 Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive AT4

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Moonroof, Nav System, Heated/Cooled Seats, 4×4, Dual Zone A/C, Back-Up Camera, Keyless Entry, Satellite Radio, Bed Liner, TRANSMISSION, 10-SPEED AUTOMATIC, ELE AT4 trim, ONYX BLACK exterior and JET BLACK WITH KALAHARI ACCENTS interior.

You might think you are familiar with the gmc all-terrain sierra let me introduce you to the new 2019 gmc sierra 84 my name is john ambrose ik salesman at smail gmc let’s get started alright guys we’re going to do a quick walk around show you what’s new on the new sierra 84 right off the bat the new 2018 you’re gonna see have new gmc c shaped headlights you

Also have your fog lights right here on the top something that gmc did with the new trucks here is the older trucks you had a pretty low air dam around here across the front of the truck which kind of diverted air around the front wheels to give you a better gas mileage on the new models with gmc did is these are actually functional louvers right here so brings

The air in and if you kind of look around the side here you have your louvers right here which then deflect the air around the wheels and you don’t have that big air dam in the front anymore kind of hindering your ground clearance in the front coming around to the front on the 84 specific we have body color surround for the grille and you’re gonna have your black

Chrome grille itself this one here another big thing with the 84 the red recovery hooks you’re gonna see those the 84 is also going to give you body colored bumpers front and rear this one is actually equipped with body colored wheel well surrounds typically that’s going to be black plastic this one here you can actually opt for body color so they will be painted

New 20-inch wheels on this one i’ve got a nice aggressive tire with this down the side here you see the new 84 badging new style running boards on this one as well as all the other sierra’s you’re going to have your buttons on the door handles for you or passive entry bigger cab another nice thing this one here is an slt so it’s going to give you when you come

Around the back it’s going to give you gmcs multifunction tailgate so you can actually just hit the top button here this is going to flip down here give you a nice work surface if you need to if you’re doing any two-tier loading in the bed you can actually flip this up this is a tailgate stop keep anything on that second here from sliding out you have your button

Here for your normal access to the bed you can get in and out of there push this here release this this actually gives you a little bit better access to the bed get a little bit closer loading and unloading you can then open this back up that is a step you got a handle here on the side you can use this step up into the bed makes it a lot easier for you this step

Will actually hold 375 pounds you can use that as a step you can also use it as a seating surface if you were maybe working on the truck working outside changing your boots or you just wanted to sit down and take a break you can actually use that for that also along the back here you’re gonna see on the sl t’s the integrated dual exhaust tips coming out of the

Back there another thing gmc did on the new 2019 sierra’s this step in the corners of the bumper they actually made that a little bit bigger they were having problems with people that were using the old ones with work boots and i guess they were saying that they were having a hard time actually getting their boots into there so gmc made that bigger easier to get

Your foot in and out of this one also comes with rear sliding window this one is also equipped with the 6-2 standard engine in this is going to be 5-3 this one is equipped with a 6-2 also equipped with a catback exhaust system this one also is going to give you the trailering package which is going to give you the trailering mirrors adds a couple care of cameras

Underneath of each side view mirror you have cameras in the back it’s a really nice feature if you’re towing but the biggest thing with the 84 s over the old all terrains this actually comes equipped with a factory 2 inch lift gives you a little bit of height very nice anything ever goes wrong with the suspension or anything like that covered 100% by the factory

So that’s a big plus there for people who like to put lifts on their trucks let’s take a look real quick in the interior this one here is going to come with the 84 specific interior for the slt which is going to give you the black interior with the kalahari accents this one also is going to give you the wireless charging which is part of the 84 package it’s going

To give you universal home remotes you have a sliding power rear window navigation bose premium sound wireless charging front and rear park assist it’s going to give you lane change alert with side blind-zone heated steering wheel steering wheel controls tilt and telescoping steering wheel the 8 inch display one of the big things here for the 2019 that gmc did

Is they actually made the back cab bigger than previously this one here it has the integrated storage compartment underneath here for the slt they also the other thing that this adds is the outboard seats in the rear are now heated so you have your you have actually have some vents there on the back of the console right above here you have your buttons for your

Rear heated seats that’s also going to give you a 12 volt charger back there along with the usb and a usbc charger let’s get this thing on the road start this up this one here is equipped like i said earlier with the 6.2 liter v8 the 5.3 is a standard engine this is the upgrade this one is also equipped with the catback exhaust system that you can get order on the

Vehicle or you can add it afterwards which again is going to be covered under factory warranty another nice feature about this this has the towing cameras what that’s going to do is you’re going to see right off the bat you’re going to put it into drive this is using the cameras that are under the side view mirror so you’re seeing them down both sides front wheels as

You turn and move that camera is showing you where exactly you’re at pulling out you shift into reverse you’ve got your camera angles right here so this is going to be your normal backup camera you can hit this one here it gives you a little bit of a wider view so you can kind of see a little bit more if you’re towing something this button right here you’re gonna

Pick that this is basically showing you from the back of the truck here you can see the bed as you turn the lines here this is going to show you the yellow line on the side it’s going to show you where the front corner of the truck is swinging as you’re backing up this one right here is going to show you a straight down angle view of your trailer hitch so that’s

Going to come out right there so that’s nice for loading and unloading the trailer more for loading this one right here is a nice feature so that you can actually purchase a camera to put on the back of your trailer so if you have a bigger trailer that blocks your view more or less out the back window you can actually purchase a trail camera to put on the rear of

The kit of the trailer itself this camera angle right here is going to show you down both sides towards the back of the trailer you’re gonna see down here at the bottom you have your trailer so you can actually pick this which would then switch back to that trailer the camera that’s on the back of the trailer or you can hit this one which is going to give you both

View so you can see down both sides the breer what’s behind the trailer would be right there in the center which is a nice thing because again if you trailer you have a box trail or something that’s blocking that view it can make it very difficult to see what is exactly behind you this one here it’s going to show you that front curb view and this one right here

You’ve been basically it’s just gonna give you a couple different views this here’s your back up so when you have the truck in reverse there’s gonna be no lines at all this is your park assist and then you have your assist button right there for towing which is gonna line you up with your trailer so very nice features very functional features on this that again

You know kind of give you some different options and make it a lot easier if you are actually trailering something if you have seen our previous videos we’ve all done a video right along on the all-new sierra the major differences between that one and this one are going to be the 84 package again the 84 is going to give you that factory 2-inch lift and that’s

Going to be the biggest difference so if you’ve ever you know if you’re familiar with driving trucks with lifts yeah it’s basically what you’re gonna get the ride is gonna be a little bit harsher it’s not your typical ride that you’re gonna get from you know just your regular slt or your denali it’s a little bit rougher ride but i mean that’s to be expected with

A lift and you know a little bit more aggressive wheels and dyers those are basically the biggest things again this one here is an slt equipped with the 6-2 i equip the cliffy catback exhaust you know that’s gonna be a little bit different to than the typical exhaust that you’re gonna get on your slt or your denali but again that catback exhaust is available to be

Added on to both of those trucks you know that again that’s the ride and honestly for having a factory left or from that for having a lift period truck is very very well mannered it’s still you know a very very nice ride i’ve written in some trucks that have lifts that are can be a little bit more harsh than others this one’s a pretty smooth ride and again for as

Aggressive as the tires are you don’t get a lot of road noise which is a big plus you typically you get the the trucks that you know you put a lift on them you put a little bit more aggressive tire on it you start going down the road and you start hearing that just that road noise from the tires and it can sometimes i mean as long as you have the radio on it’s not

Horrible but it can be a little bit unpleasant at times this year no radio on not really getting any noise at all from the tires and again it feels very confident again you start getting the trucks lifted up a little bit higher you get a little bit more body roll you know you can kind of kind of affect the way that you drive the truck make it a little bit more

Unsure but this is you know handles very well has a nice stance does give you that nice aggressive lifted look to it without being overly high so it makes it a lot easier getting in and out of then say something with a six-inch lift another thing that you can get on this one that comes with it wireless cell phone charger just put your phone right in there pops

Right up very quick it’s the new generation of the charger which actually pairs up fairly quickly as opposed to the previous ones one of the other big things about the 84 if you’re familiar at all with the all-terrain sierras previously the alta range you could only get those equipped with heated front seats the new 84 comes in the slt you can get it with heated

And ventilated front seats so again that was previously on available on the all terrains it was only heated these ones here you can actually get both ways if you guys are looking to buy a truck come on down the smail we try to treat everybody like they’ve been customers here for years get a lot of nice things free state inspection for the lifetime of the time that

You own the vehicle shuttle service around the greensburg area you have courtesy vehicles if you need to leave your vehicle for any period of time you know we try to go out of our way to accommodate our customers all right guys so that was our ride along in the all-new gmc sierra 84 hopefully you enjoyed it as much as i did if you have any further questions you

Can leave comments in the space below we love hearing from you guys if you want to see the truck in person take it for a test drive come mountain simi john ambrose ik nests male gmc right off of route 30 in greensburg or you can check us out online at smail gmc calm

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NEW 2019 GMC SIERRA 1500 Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive AT4 By Smail Buick GMC