New 2020 AWD Ford Transit Cargo Van aka family hauler and Overland van

While at the NAB show (basically a broadcaster trade show) I spited the Ford booth which was showing off their new 2019 Transit van.

All right so check it out i’m at nab in las vegas and ford actually has a booth here because they are showing off their new cargo van this is the ford transit cargo van but this is not just a cargo van they’re actually coming out with a new model has a whole bunch of upgrades that people have been asking for lately cargo vans have just been on fire everybody

Wants a cargo van big families are veers over landers small businesses big businesses they want these big vans they’re coming in really handy they’re very practical and they have one here that has a couple of things don’t let’s fly through some of the things you have a short wheelbase and then a longer wheelbase so the chassis is gonna be longer that cargo area is

Gonna be bigger a bunch of different options also roof heights you’ll have different roof height options so you’ll have a standard roof height like a normal cargo van this is the medium one you’re looking at here where you can actually stand straight up in here and almost touch your head but you could stand up in here and then they have the tall version that that

Basically gives a lot of headroom gives you a room to grow and customize or if you’re just tall like if you’re six foot you know three you can fit in the tall version another thing that’s different is the side doors actually are powered now normally cargo vans don’t have power doors for obvious reasons their work vehicles but now that they’re being used as family

Vehicles or rvs and things like that it’s nice to have a powered door so that’s a nice option another thing is the engine options they are offering three different options they’re going to have just a regular gas v6 they’re gonna have the twin-turbo v6 ecoboost and then they’re gonna have a twin turbo diesel so you get all that torque that’s pretty awesome so some

People just want our regular and naturally aspirated v6 gas engine just old-school for whatever reason they don’t want turbos but some people like turbos and they want that boost and a torque that comes with the turbos especially a twin turbo and i know people are like oh you know turbos you know you’re gonna have more issues with turbos there are more moving parts

To fail well they don’t say that when you talk about twin turbos on a diesel so i don’t never i never hear that argument oh turbos on a diesel is a bad thing it’s always a good thing so i don’t buy it the cab is cool because now they’re offering like a crew cab so there’s this one doesn’t have it but there’s gonna be a version where you can actually have a row

Of seats right here so if you have like say a crew of guys they got four guys or five guys they can actually all right in the in the cargo van plus carry all the gear in the back so that that makes for an awesome work vehicle and then as far as family van goes i have a family of five you know me my wife and three kids this would make sense for me too because now

Mom and dad could sit in the front and three kids can be belted in the back safely and legally and still have room for all of our toys the strollers the bikes you name it everything kayaks or whatever we can all still fit in the back so it makes a great family vehicle too and i think they have other options too like passenger van options where you can have like

12 passengers up to 15 passengers so if you have a huge family like we do you know you got a lot of hawaiians on our family and filipinos and our family and mexicans and cambodians you name it we got everybody but we could fill a 15 passenger van no problem so i’m actually thinking about getting a big one myself or if you own a business like i said if you own a

Business kind of make sense or rv you want to have five seats for your family and then build out like a bunkbed system with a sink and shower and a stove and all that you still have room for all that in the back and then maybe get a pop-top version take it to one of the aftermarket companies and make a pop-top version and now you can have a bed up top with bunks

In the bottom for the kids so many options with this van it’s incredible matter of fact let’s kind of show you what it looks like when you stand in here like i said this is the medium size and look i’m actually standing straight up in here i’m not hitting my head it’s perfect i’m five nine for the record five ten depending if i’m wearing big boots but yeah the

Medium size is pretty good and then there’s obviously a high high roof models well pretty standard fare up here if you’ve seen the chances before lots of cupholders that’s important automatic transmission you got a infotainment system with options i’m sure up the yin-yang navigation i think all that bliss system was like a blind-spot system nice big mirrors decent

Radio i’m sure ac vents enough to get the job done up top you got some storage up here cubbies for stuff up here as well so i heard they’re gonna come out with a model 2 that has seats that turn around aye captain shares a turn around so for your family folks and our viewers and stuff like that that probably makes a lot of sense to have seats that turn around

Just makes it more livable i only noticed this set up here has a bench seat and you don’t really see that very often look at that this second seat over here that’s a bench option so you can actually sit three up front you don’t really see that very often i like that obviously you can’t walk through it anymore but if you want to have a three seat bench that’s an

Option that’s very cool i don’t know what this is you put your cell phone on there i might crush it matter of fact i know it would crush it look at that oh yeah make sure you don’t put your cell phone in that pocket not sure that’s even there oh and the transmission that’s another one – they’re gonna offer this with a ten speed transmission before pretty much

Knows what they’re doing now they got all that technology from their raptors and other high performance vehicles and mustangs and stuff here’s the biggest upgrade that i like so they’re gonna offer these with full wheel drive or i’m actually all-wheel drive so for you guys that need to go a little bit of off-road on fire trails or in the turret or in the mud snow

Rain all that good stuff you’ll have an all-wheel drive option yeah that’s that’s a big one though guys all wheel drive i can’t wait all right guys so there you have it that’s my quick rundown of the new ford transit cargo van what do you guys think about this thing all-wheel drive 10 speed transmission crew cab configuration 3 roof tops 3 chassis lengths i think

It’s pretty awesome i’m serious it ain’t if i get one of these leave a comment below let me know what you take and leave a like to support my channel appreciate it and helps me out a lot thanks a lot guys take care

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New 2020 AWD Ford Transit Cargo Van aka family hauler and Overland van By mixflip