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New 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L – Perfect Family SUV (6/7 Seater)

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Hey Guys, Here’s The Detailed Review of The New Redesigned 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L (Summit and Overland Models are Shown*). Checkout Interior, Exterior Design, Features, Changes and Updates, Off-road, Tech and Other Details in This Video.

The jeep grand cherokee is breaking new ground with its first ever three-row iteration the grand cherokee l which will soon be rolling into dealerships as the most awarded suv ever the grand cherokee now delivers even more legendary 4×4 capability with superior luxury and comfort and next-generation features and technologies in the all-new three-row lineup

Pricing for the 2021 jeep grand cherokee l has a starting u.s msrp of 36 995 dollars for rear-wheel drive vehicles and 38 995 dollars for 4×4 models prices exclude 1695 destination the lineup consists of four models laredo limited overland and summit and is being built at the new detroit assembly complex mac plant in detroit of course being a jeep is going to

Have certain jeep elements including the seven slot grille and the trapezoidal wheel arches notably this stood up leaning forward imposing grill to it the way that the pillars are defined and even some of the lamp details the other element that we picked up from the wagoneer was this idea of outward visibility being part of the luxury package so we moved the

Belt line down worked hard with the engineering group to make all the pillars a bit slimmer and opened up the glass expands lighting is key the exterior lighting is all now all completely led on the door there’s also now a little sculptural american flag the new vehicle is just as wide as the outgoing car but the track is wider so we’ve pushed the tires out

Even farther and they’re very flush with the sides of the car it just for us it’s been a goal and it’s a more tailored appearance to the vehicle when we added the third row the goal was to get it not to be just we squeezed a third row in the back of the vehicle had to be a very comfortable third row i’m happy to say an adult comfortably fits in the third row and

You could go for a long distance in the third row the way the entire instrument panel leans away from you in a way also improves the feeling of spaciousness the combination of the width which is created by the wing and the mid bolster and then the speed created by the center console flowing up into the instrument panel it creates a unique spatial feeling where

The interior’s moving around you but it doesn’t feel obtrusive it feels open and spacious in the grand cherokee l we really looked at all three rows equally we wanted to make sure that no matter where you were in the vehicle you had a nice comfortable space so in the third row we sculpted the seats in such a way that they waterfall you know at the bottom cushion

So they’re super comfortable for you no matter your your height your stature we find when we look through the industry even luxury car makers sort of forget about the third row and it’s just like this sea of black plastic but we really wanted to take the time and attention to not only make it comfortable but to design it in a way where all of the surfaces are

Soft all of the nice leather wrapped parts have beautiful stitching or the sculptural wood you know all of that stuff is there to create this feeling of artisanship the screens and the displays straight to the point black glass and metal it has a very clean very modern appearance but then the other functional elements are you know all of the storage bins the

Door pockets we really wanted to be able to take these functional items have them organized easy for customer use and then surround those with all of these beautiful elements the leather the wood it’s the beauty that you notice first but we don’t take away from any of the functional elements so they’re they’re hidden in plain sight in this this piece of art

Bringing the new technology but also refreshing the design bringing something that doesn’t lose the past but you know look at the future i think the grand cherokee l as it’s presented today delivers on pretty much everything it’s it’s an overachiever in every category it’s an overachiever in performance it’s an overachiever in design it’s really beautiful

I think it’s the lines are very very sophisticated but it’s a very simple design at the same time beautiful contradiction in the grand cherokee the contradiction of being a rugged product but at the same time being as sophisticated and premium as it is being at the same time capable off-road and truly capable with water forwarding and at the same time the

Outstanding on-road with outstanding on-road manner makes it really an interesting product so that dual personality makes it the success what it is the customers never get disappointed because they always have that overachiever providing them what they need when they want it we’re able to be number one in the segment with the two rule which was quite remarkable

Now we’re going to have the opportunity to really break through in this segment because we’re going to have that three row and that two row which is going to also come this year and on top of that we will have a version plug-in hybrid that will come later this year you

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New 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L – Perfect Family SUV! (6/7 Seater) By Supercar TV