New 2021 Kia Sedona Minivan Review Grand Utility Vehicle

Kia Sedona(Carnival) MPV is fully refreshed for 2021. Along with the updated design, the platform has also changed. Find out more about Sedona, the grand utility vehicle!

Hi everyone welcome to the motograph world channel i’m mari and today we will be taking a look at the new kia sedona so let’s take a look at what has changed so the kia sedona is actually a representative minivan in the korean market and i believe that this new version will be very popular with revamped design and now looking at the overall view you see

That it has much more presence and it looks sturdier while it’s standing on the road so i think that a lot of our users and drivers would like that a lot you’ll see two distinct changes in terms of the design first the radiator grille and also the headlamps here personally there are two things that i do not really like about the new model one of them is the

Radiator grille i’ll get to that but first actually the headlamps and how it actually connects onto the radiator grille i think that gives it a much more modern and futuristic look and it’s the overall trend in the car design market in which you have these headlamps kind of merge with the radiator grille but if you look at it the radiator grille for me it

Really doesn’t cut it because it really i don’t know what they were going with this uh it reminds me of do you remember bane in the dark knight or maybe venom imagine the teeth coming out but i think it’s quite divided in terms of who likes the design and who doesn’t so now taking a look at the side profile you can see at a glance that the design has become

Much more improved you see much wider windows and i think that the viewing angles or the viewing sites will be much better one thing here is that the c-pillar is accentuated i mentioned that there are two design features that i don’t really understand but one of them is the radiator grille and the other is the c-pillar i kind of don’t really understand this kind

Of chrome or this metallic c-pillar design but once again there may be some drivers that really like this feature other than that i really like it because it’s much more sturdier it has at horizontal lines it also has a floating roof feature which i really like and there’s a lot of designs these days in which the floating roof sinks but this one is quite linear

And it goes straight through giving it a much more masculine presence so one more feature that i’d like to explain about the side is the side power sliding doors and it opens quite easily but for me i thought that the door would open up a little bit wider if you can see it opens up just before the headrest of the back seats but i thought that it would actually

Move further behind but this is all you can get in terms of opening up the doors so this may be a slightly inconvenient for people if you want to go in and out without kind of brushing against the door so here you have the 19 19-inch feel and the tires that are attached to the car you have the options of the 18-inch and the 19-inch wheels two options for all

Of the models whether it’s a 7-9 or 11-seater just like the front there’s a lot of design changes put to the back and i personally love how it’s changed once you see the lights come in you’ll see the linear tail lights coming in and that has simplified the design to a great extent but then again you have a much more wider stance on the back so that gives it a

Masculine look as well i personally think that it looks much bigger with the new design features but i think from the back it looks quite nice so now let’s open up our trunk to see how big it is as you can see it’s an automatic open as well as automatic close this one also has foldable seats that you can pull out they’re quite small and narrow but nevertheless

You still have this option and now let’s put it down and see how many luggages we can put in i bet that you’ll probably be able to store one of the bigger luggages and maybe one more of these carry-ons if you would want that extra space but there is a slight hump over here you might have to kind of lift up your luggage to put it in but nevertheless you can put in

A lot of different luggages with the bigger sizes even and much more storage for you and your kids if you have any in the back seat in korea we have two different options you have the diesel version as well as the gasoline version but in the united states you’ll only have the gasoline version gdi engine g 3.5 gdi engine is included with the 8-speed transmission

So this one has a maximum horsepower of 294 and as for mileage i guess it will defer from a city driving to highway driving but the comprehensive mileage is around 9.1 or 9 kilometers per liter so if you can see inside you see that it’s quite full you don’t see a lot of extra space hanging around if you see i kind of presume that the engine has become more

Centric or put towards the center in order for better balance of the car and if you see here too i think this is one of maybe the advantages of a kia car this is the air filter and it’s made so that it make it easy for you to change the air filters so now here you have a couple of different layers in order to adjust your seat so i will try to fit it for my

Height this is the lowest that it will go in terms of your steering wheel so i will leave it at that okay so now we’re inside and you can see that it has completely changed in terms of the composition it kind of reminds me of the new ikea k5 model i believe that the overall interior design is following alongside the other models in the kia lineup as for the line

Of sight in terms of visuality it’s it’s quite open and it’s i bet it will be very easy to drive because of all of uh the white space and even with the side mirrors they’re attached onto the door so you don’t have any blind spots you see that little gap on the front there so that allows you a little bit more visibility in terms of the blind spots um i think

They’ve upgraded the seats quite a lot the design has changed i also like the color actually this is a light gray slightly beige color so overall they’re quite comfortable to sit in they are slightly small for the size of this car maybe some bigger or taller people might find the seat a little bit smaller but in terms of comfort it’s quite comfortable and

Even with the back and the headrest oh when you’re driving long distances i believe that this will come in real handy and you can also see that these uh seats both the passenger and the driver’s seat have both heating and cooling functions to the seats you have the ventilation in three stages and the seat heating in three stages as well i believe that some

Of our viewers mentioned that they didn’t like such of a glossy finish because of all of the dust that it gathers but you still see middle frame here all in black high glossy plastic material but i do like the new display system this is the 12.3 inch display you have the wide view here and even with the panels they’ve become more digitized here you all have

The touch panels and you also have the rotary transmission for me i think if you want a sporty drive i much like the handle system but in terms of a much more comfortable drive like the sedona i think that this will be quite easy and it’s much more intuitive because it’s just a simple twitch with the hands and you don’t have to put in too much effort you have

Two compartments here in which you can store them and i also want to show you this part the middle console doesn’t really have that much of a deep storage unit you could probably store maybe three water bottles inside but that’s probably it it’s not that deep the glove box isn’t quite deep either so if you’re considering this to be one of your average sized

Water bottles it might not close all the way you can put it in this way so now i’m sitting in the second row the adjustment for the seats you have the front leaning and then it leans back as well and this is automatic so it’s much easier to control if you have kids sitting at the back you also have these and as for headroom as well since i’m sitting and i’m

Uh 162 centimeters you have a lot of headroom maybe two fists above my head that’s plenty of room and there is this kind of hump right here i’m not really sure if this was actually a characteristic of the previous sedona as well but i just noticed it in the new version where you have this line and a curvature and you have a wider window but nevertheless this

Space is a bit narrower if you had the door be wider it would have been even better you have more space right here third row is slightly tighter than the second row and i think it goes on the last row will probably be the most uncomfortable but in terms of the actual seats they’re the same as the second row seats so it’s basically what you can expect except

For the armrest you only have one arm rest here whereas you have the cup holders on your right hand side or your left hand side this is the nine seater version in which you can fold the the last row seats but if you were to have maybe a 7-seater or the 11-seater it would be a different configuration once again you have the 7 9 and 11-seater options to choose

From depending on the size of your company so this version if you are sitting in the third row you’ll be hidden by the c pillar so you won’t have a window right next to you the window from the second seat or the second row is quite wide so you will have a little bit of visibility from this wide window but not directly next to you because it will be hidden by

The c-pillar and even with the last window it’s quite small even though it had the floating roof and the bottom part was slightly lower it’s not that much of a big or wide window and they don’t open so it will just be a clear glass as for the panoramic sunroof this doesn’t have the panoramic sunroof it only has a dual windows so it will be a little bit

Uncomfortable maybe for the the backseat people because you still have this little hump right here and the headroom might be a little bit lower but still it do have access a little bit to the the sunroof here but maybe not the back row seats so now we’re in the fourth row seats and these as i mentioned before when we showed you the trunk are foldable so because

Of that it’s sitting on a right angle so it’s not that comfortable and in terms of the leg room as well we’ve folded the third row seats but it’s still not that spacious in terms of the legroom as for headroom it’s not too bad it’s the same because as you saw from the floating roof and there’s no slant at the back so you’ll still have a lot of headroom here

But as for the comfort in the seats if you don’t call shotgun you’ll have the the bad seats so everyone how did you like the new kia sedona that we showed you today well it’s very popular even after its release or the initial release in korea and as you can see the media is really raving about it as well it will range in the united states from thirty thousand

Dollars to forty seven thousand dollars depending on the trim and the option levels because it has been equipped with a lot of new safety features and as for the safety features we’ll be able to test them during our test drive so please stay tuned if you have any comments or questions please post them down below and thank you for watching you

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