New 2021 Mercedes E-Class – WOW Sedan

Hey Guys, This is The Facelift Version of The New 2021 Mercedes E-Class – WOW Sedan! Check Out Full Review of Interior, Exterior Design, Features, Technology, Safety and Other Important Things That You Need to Know in This Video.

Hey guys good to see you my name is florian ambrosios and today is going to be an awesome day i’m about to take this guy for a ride the new mercedes-benz e-class that should be fun hey mercedes tell me a joke please sorry i’m too busy looking at the road hey mercedes i love you the e-class was always the forerunner when it comes to practical innovations and

Comfort instead is of course those models will always look good on you and this cabin which has the exclusive interior line does just that it gives you a feeling of high quality and comfort through and through i really love these well-crafted details and quality materials in here hey come over here do you see the stitching it’s marvelous isn’t it what immediately

Strikes me is this new steering wheel with touch control buttons and capacitive hands off detection means when i’m driving for example using the steering assist on the motorway i used to need to confirm that i’m monitoring the situation by slightly operating the steering in regular intervals but this new system only needs me to softly touch the wheel to confirm

Sounds like a small detail but trust me it really makes a difference before we hit the road i want to show you a unique bundle for feeling well and relaxed at any point in your drive this energizing package plus can suggest different well-being programs for the driver those programs combine for example music massage and center display visuals in order to relax or

Vitalize you the system comes with different programs that relax or energize you during the different stages of your drive they are based on algorithm or data that know how long you’ve already been driving or how tired you are the energizing app is the interface between wearables and the car when you combine the energizing app with a wearable like this special

Smart watch the system in the car can read your pulse frequency and other vital parameters and suggest a suitable energizing program and there is one more very important feature that absolutely gets me as there are many long distance drivers amongst the e-class fans the car actively prevents me from a sore back with the energizing seat kinetics the changes are

Only minimal a few degrees or millimeters even but you can actually feel it working i’m going to tell you the effects it had when i arrive at the end the gorgeous mbux multimedia system is now available in the e-class making it a digital masterpiece in its own right here it all sits in this fully digital widescreen cockpit with its two 12.3 inch displays with

This layout you have all the functions within reach the heart of the system is the mbux that comes with personalization options according to your mood and taste you can change the display styles and access all functions like navigation radio and external devices such as your smartphone most important thing for me of course is the usability you can control the mbu

X via touch pad touch screen or the touch control buttons on the steering wheel the highlight for the ladder the way they react to the movement of your fingers is more sensitive and intelligent or even easier by voice control which also comes as standard all you have to say is this hey mercedes how can i help can you show me the next restaurants please here is

What i found see how quick and easy it works let’s move on and check out more of the cool technology of this car you ready let’s hit it mbux augmented video for navigation is a fantastic helper especially in complex traffic situations in the display you can see how it captures and layers street signs points of interest and street names using cameras making it

Easier to navigate also included is predictive navigation this system will actually learn your frequent destinations and can pre-select them for maximum convenience with our mind at ease now let’s focus on the road because that’s half the fun right the e-class has always been the benchmark of how a mercedes should drive well this generation takes it one

Step further the options for drivetrains are huge but all have in common a great sportiness whilst being very efficient therefore the new e-class offers a range of various petrol diesel and plug-in hybrid engines most of them can be combined with 4matic talking about bringing the engine power to the road every e-class has the 9g tronic transmission as standard

It produces the typical smooth and superior driving feeling that this car is known for in detail it does two things in a great manner first the main job it drives and accelerates so seamlessly that it easily maintains the gold standard here and secondly it allows the engine to always run in the lowest possible rev range giving you a maximum of efficiency via

Dynamic select various drive modes are available in the e-class in this car i can choose between echo comfort sport sport plus and individual let’s go with comfort as this is something like the let’s say genuine heartbeat of the e-class this e-class is equipped with air body control it’s a multi-chamber air suspension that adapts the ride and chassis rolling to

The various situations on the road what’s very practical is that it lowers the ride height at higher speeds to reduce dragon consumption and this air suspension reduces the rolling of the car from one side to another in fast corners now i’m going to shift to sport plus let’s see what it does now this feels super agile and precise a bit like a much sportier

Car and i tell you what this is so much fun to drive let’s talk about safety and security the e-class comes with the next generation of amazing assistance systems that have come down from higher classes they ensure that the e-class has one of the highest standards of active safety in its segment on longer journeys the active distance assist distronic is really

Essential it acts as a super smart cruise control because it can automatically maintain a desired distance to the car in front of me moreover the system uses map-based data and road sign recognition to adjust the car automatically to the correct speed limit if necessary and it contains the active stop and go assist relieving you from one of the most annoying

Situations on the road the stop and go traffic of course the e-class is no small car but it parks like one especially if you choose the parking package with a 360 degree camera with its bird’s eye view parking is really easy just like that under the name urban guard mercedes-benz now bundles all its measures for car protection and security they are the

First car brand that offers this all-round monitoring of the parked car so let’s see what it consists of naturally a break-in and anti-theft alarm system and an alarm siren are on board this comes as no surprise then you have a tow away protection with audible and visible warning in the case the vehicle changes position should your car be touched by another road

User when parked you will receive a message on your mbux once you enter the car in case the system detects a movement in the interior of your parked car the interior protection will trigger warnings too if you have the mercedes me app connected to your car you can get notified via push message in case any of those incidents occur especially in the case of theft

And parking collision detection this is super convenient you will automatically be notified in the case of an attempted break-in or if your vehicle is touched by another road user while parked let’s play a little mind game imagine the design of any e-class of the last 40 or so years you instantly get a feeling for the entire era it comes from so let’s go over

How the new one looks this is the 10th generation of the e-class and to celebrate this anniversary mercedes gave it the biggest face lift ever you can see signs of the brand’s recent design language in the rear and in the front in detail the bumper and the radiator grille let the car appear with a noble and elegant impression now on the e-class this adds up to

A harmonious face which seems like so much more than just a makeover it’s a whole new beauty getting to the rear these slimmer tail lights create a wider look the lights are split in order not to encroach on the boot space practical and beautiful at the same time the line you see here is the exclusive exterior with its stylish chrome highlights on top of the

Classic mercedes-benz design it really lends prestige to the car my personal favorite is the star on the bonnet especially as today many mercedes are ordered without one now as much as i always wanted one i swear i never tore one off of a car i guess it belongs right here at the tip of the bonnet just like that another feature rounding off the front the newly

Designed lights with the latest adaptive led technology these multi-beam led have a feature that really adds comfort to a night drive the high beam assist each single led here can be individually controlled so the light cone is adjusted to give you maximum illumination without dazzling on coming drivers and by the way the main beam has an increased range of up

To 650 meters the legally permitted maximum headlamp range so design wise the 10th generation e-class for me is a major step forward but i don’t have enough of it yet let me start with the mercedes me app with this app you can check your car’s status for example mileage range parking spaces or car location you can also remotely open or close some car features

Like the sliding sunroof directly in the app also you can send your destination from your smartphone directly to your car’s navigation system should you be looking for some upgrades the mercedes me store app shows you the mercedes meconnect services and on-demand features available for your mercedes you can buy new services check their runtimes or extend them

With your smartphone third you have the mercedes me service app that can remind you of your next service appointment service appointments can even be easily booked directly via smartphone providing you with a direct link to your mercedes-benz dealership plus this app includes a selection of helpful how-to videos like a tutorial for mounting a roof rack place

The roof rack on the attachment points under the covers and screw tight using a suitable tool mercedes simply perfected the idea of the e-class by creating a super practical and smart universe around the car and me as the driver for me this is next level mobility well there you have it for me personally this has been a pretty impressive road trip i started by

Asking myself how in the world the new e-class could do things even better well all in all this car makes traveling so relaxing i still can feel the effects from the energizing seat kinetics it just doesn’t feel like i was sitting in the car most of the day for me personally mercedes has proven the new e-class has not just improved it really sets new standards you

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