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2022 Nissan Rogue Sport Previewed by Global Qashqai SUV

Hello everyone and welcome i’m sunny herbert and i will guide you along this journey 14 years ago when the first qashqai was unveiled in 2006 it invented a new segment it had no competitors and also it embodied nissan’s innovative and challenging spirit it was the beginning of a success story i’m here today with marco ferraventi vice president for product

Planning at nissan europe to hear everything there is to know about the all-new cash guy hi marco i mean kashkai is a legend what a challenge to launch a new one you are totally right sandy 14 years later and after an unstoppable journey more than 3 million kashkai have been sold across europe kashka has become an icon the most popular crossover today we are

Revealing the all-new nissan qashqai that will be built in the power plant in sunderland with this new generation we are confident even more customers will join and enter nissan world that’s amazing let’s begin the journey with the car that started it off from the very first pencil sketch the nissan qashqai has always been rooted in europe the design concept

That became the kashkai and created the crossover segment for the industry was the first project developed by the team nissan design europe after it opened in london in 2003 it’s a model that definitely holds a very strong place in the nissan history the car went from strength to strength across two generations let’s take a look at its heritage so so we

All remember those adverts they were very bold it’s actually hard to imagine now but with the original qashqai nissan created a whole new vehicle segment a rare achievement with this third generation of this iconic model the unstoppable journey continues the all-new qashqai will yet again become the benchmark for everyone to follow let’s discover it so the

All-new qashqai is now more muscular sharp and modern yet unmistakably a qashqai on the exterior your eyes will be drawn to the enhanced body stance and its more prominent shoulder lines customers will also appreciate the two-tone color option its stance is more purposeful thanks to the longer wheelbase 20-inch wheels are introduced on qashqai for the first

Time nissan’s v-motion grille has evolved to include chrome and satin chrome to emphasize its precision the advanced matrix headlights are thinner and echo the rear lights we described them as boomerang lights the interior also has more upgraded features to explore everything is enhanced everything is new the overall fit and finish of the interior has been

Elevated for example the nappa leather option takes 25 days to produce the controls and the center console being simplified to minimize distraction attention has been paid to the quality of controls giving them a particularly satisfying feel the new tft screen can be configured according to the driver’s preferences and the new gear selector is available for

Automatic versions front massage sheets offer improved comfort and an added touch of luxury hi sandy hello marco you are so lucky to try the new cash guy i know the car is more comfortable more refined we managed to prove the roominess thanks to the new cmfc platform the all-new qashqai has a longer wheelbase it has allowed us to create a more knee room and the

Smart packaging has created more shoulder space for drivers and passengers we know that our customers love its practicality so we’ve managed to increase the overall luggage capacity by 74 liters to a total of over 500 liters the rear doors now open 90 degrees for easy access to child seats but wait i’m here i’m coming so marco we can see that the nissan design

Teams in london and japan have been working really hard on the all-new cash guy yes andy irritates everything customers already love about qashqai but we have elevated the design the practicality in the onboard ambience and beyond the collaboration with the designers i know that the engineers also have a role important to play with the new platform but also the

Driving technologies on board right yes it’s true the newcastle offers segment-leading engineering but we have not added spec technology in future just for the sake of it we really try to listen customer voice and understand what their true needs once we spot it we address them perfect and actually what are the benefits of this new platform that the drivers will

Be able to appreciate maybe i should first mention what we haven’t changed we know that our customers really value the just right proportion of the current kashkai so it was key to us to retain that the new generation still balances inside roominess with the exterior easy to park dimension so the new cascade actually is far bigger on the inside but also more or

Less it has the same dimension on the outside okay so how is it to drive then well we have increased the use of a lightweight material like aluminum this makes the overall body shell stiffer and lighter this also means that we improve the refinement right comfort driving response as well as efficiency it also provides exceptional security in the unlikely event

Of an accident so the driving experience is even better then absolutely the new cascade will continue to be highly rewarding to drive feeling like a vehicle from a class above let’s talk about the new powertrain they are now electrified what does that change for the customer simple greater efficiency improved refinement and more fun to drive the new cascade

Will offer two electrified powertrain the first is an flexible and efficient 1.3 petrol engine with mild library technology available at launch mile hybrid this is the first time for nissan right that’s right the 1.3 petrol engine has been extensively updated in order to accommodate the maldives technology which allows the system to run on harvested breaking

Technology that reduces u2 it improves fuel economy actually is good for the planet but even better for the wallet that’s a good thing you were talking about a second powertrain do you have something to announce yes andy we’re simply excited the nissan unique and innovative e-power technology will arrive on the new qashqai in the near future with the power

The wheels are only driven by electric motor so you have the same instant response acceleration of electric car but without consideration for range or recharge you simply have to fill up with gas when you need to we are really excited about introduction of this new technology it’s a first for europe it’s unique to nissan and our customers are really going to

Enjoy it enjoy it what do you mean just like an electric vehicle you get instant acceleration and so much torque that makes it fun to drive and all these well been extremely efficient this is a perfect transition into an ev driving experience for crossover drivers the new kashkai brings together two of nissan’s great strengths advanced certification and global

Crossover leadership now that we’ve seen the innovative technology powering the all-new qashqai what upgrades can we expect to see in the outboard technology for the all-new nissan qashqai we have been focused on providing and technology that is useful convenient and intuitive for our customer this begins with our driving assistance technology for the first

Time we have an innovative new 10.8 inch adapt display the largest in the segment you get all the essential information within the driver’s line of vision this is a very cool technology every grade of new kashkai will now be equipped with intelligent cruise control and for farther peace of mind the new cascade will also offer the next generation of propilot

Driver assistance thanks to the link to the navigation system propilot can now adjust the car speed according to the limits it has further precision and comfort in multiple scenarios this will really help the driver in stressful highway traffic and on long journeys also nuka sky is full of safety features for example nissan intelligence forward the emergency

Braking with predictive function this reads the road beyond the car in front to prevent collision a really smart piece of technology marco how do the connectivity features offered raise the bar of segment standard i mean if the kids aren’t happy you know the journey is going to be terrible don’t worry everybody will enjoy the advanced infotainment system thanks

To the simple smartphone connection in car wi-fi and multiple usb charging points in the first 4k sky a front storage console provides convenient 15 but wireless charging for smartphone among the most powerful in assignment customers will love this the nissan connected display screen is compatible with both android auto and apple carplay with wireless apple

Carplay also available and if the driver is not using smartphone navigation apps you can always use the kashkai onboard navigation system with 3d maps live traffic street view and of course over the year updates the all-new qashqai has its own app that’s right nissan connect services is a dedicated app that allows to control and monitor your vehicle thanks to

This app there is a multiple remote function for instance door locking unlock okay i can’t wait to see this car on the road and i think the delivery starts this summer at the moment we are looking for a nissan as well it’s been such a pleasure to introduce this hugely important model we are so proud of thanks to its striking european design advanced certified

Powertrain and intuitive technology customers will fully understand how nissan has elevated the experience of nuka sky to meet their highest expectation it’s a clear breakthrough that confirmed nissan akashkai as a leader in the crossover field a segment the qashqai has not only invented but dominated since day one well i think it’s my turn to play i’m gonna

Go try it enjoy the ride thank you you

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