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All New 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV – Price & Specs | Review | Interior & Exterior | Features & Details

Wow that was exciting you know it’s hard to believe it’s been four years since chevy became the first full-line brand to crack the code for affordable long-range all-electric vehicles with the customer favorite bolt ev which is getting an exciting refreshed design but chevy still dreams of putting more drivers behind the wheel of electric vehicles bringing

New options like the bolt euv to your main street chevy is also incredibly proud that the bolt euv will be the brand’s first vehicle to offer supercruise the first true hands-free driver assistance feature for compatible roads to get the full experience i along with some current bolt ev owners had the opportunity to test this feature for the first time in a

Pre-production bolt euv let’s take a look okay okay we’re driving we’re driving then there’s a little white thing tells me i can push the button and there it goes all right super cruise uh it’s so cool what if i just want to pat the car steering wheel you’re being so good keeping the right distance keeping me in the center of the lane thanks bold evie you don’t

Even feel like making corrections or anything it’s just absolutely incredible right now i’m seeing green and it’ll flash red when i need to take control and it’s so easy i feel kind of taken care of by this multi-uv with the super cruise where’s my coffee i’m an expert now that just made driving really really easy i feel like a new person after that now let’s

Get this show on the road and let the creative minds at disney and chevy take us behind the scenes of their video collaboration okay you guys ready roll camera rolling roll sound i was incredulous when the team told me that we were going to work with disney on the reveal of the boat euv when we’re initially talking about the volt uv it’s the democratization of

The electric car it’s for everybody goes up drones up thrown in the air and here we go disney is the best storyteller in the world and i believe we have a car worthy of that storyteller so we really want to tell that all-american classic road trip story the energy the excitement the possibility is palpable that’s beautiful right there that’s the tank right now

It’s our little tinker bell that starts us off you can come all the way up here here we go and action mom and dad start up the car and start the car of course at the same time little sister waves her magic wand and thinks that she started up the car the bolt euv is packed with power the battery system features 65 plus kilowatt hours of energy to provide a gm

Estimated 250 miles of range one of the things that we tried to show is just how easy and convenient it is to charge the vehicle so in one of the scenes you’ll see the family walking into the garage mom comes over unplugs the car and they get in and go there’s three different options for charging your ev with level one and level two charging this is typically

What you’d find at home or in the workplace and then dc fast charging is what you’ll find out in the public at a grocery store or along the highway a new dual level charge cord comes standard in the euv and offers both 120 volt and 240 volt options for fast and convenient charging wherever you are when you think about the typical us driver you’re driving 40 to

50 miles per day so 250 miles of driving range is going to be perfectly sufficient for your daily driving needs and on a road trip we’ve made it super easy with the energy feature on the my chevrolet app that’s where you would be able to access availability of chargers on your route and the app can actually take into consideration the weather driving terrain to

Help give you an accurate estimation of your range and the times that you would arrive at your destination we’re building out thousands of fast chargers across the country to make it even more convenient to charge your bolt euv so range anxiety is a term that we need to get rid of because really once you get into an electric vehicle and once you experience it

It’s a non-issue you want to make sure in one shot you understand that things are turning up exactly yeah when we were concepting the volt euv it wasn’t just to come up with something different we have a really loyal base of customers who really tell us what they like if they were looking for something that provided them a little bit more suv like proportions

The chevrolet bolt euv has a unique front fascia with standard led headlamps a stylized grille blended beautifully with chrome exterior accents and wheel wells that are accentuated with black trim for that suv style i wonder if it needs to be here where the mirror is on the left side of the frame we have this giant toy box of beloved characters and attractions

To play with as we tell the story of this exciting journey to walt disney world the camera here and the tail takes us to the ghost ready and action the voting uv is its own character and is a powerful addition to chevy’s evie lineup and to the growing small suv segment the car has a lot of space especially in the back seats and i can tell you that from my own

Personal experience i have two small kids getting them in and out of their car seats it’s always a chore for parents but it’s so easy in this car welcome back while you’re behind the scenes we made the jump over to epcot’s test track where guests can design a virtual chevrolet concept car and put it to the test on the road of this thrilling attraction but today

The test drive doesn’t stop when the ride’s over let’s take a closer look at chevy’s all-new 2022 bolt euv and see what our owners have to say oh that’s a good looking car wow they’ve bumped up their game this got more fluid lined and i love the lights i really like the front of it look at the room long legs fit back here you could take the whole family in this

No problem oh man all kinds of room it’s all an upgrade the fit and finish is wonderful i feel like these seats are a little more comfortable i’m sold oh my god there’s a sunroof oh wow i’m gonna take it for a test friend now it’s also worth mentioning that the bolt ev and euv have completely unique exterior designs so really you’re getting two very different

All-electric vehicles from chevy that also have a variety of styles and trims to choose from well let’s get back to the story the special effects in this are movie level it’s so fast we have to remember how fast the sequence is you’re getting the same people that are creating the world of star wars galaxy’s edge at walt disney world we originally had an idea

To have a speeder bike in this and they said x-wing our girl she’s got an x-wing fighter toy that she’s playing with all of a sudden as she’s holding up the x-wing against the window the nose of this real x-wing is gonna pull up mom’s gonna see it she’s gonna put the car into sport mode and in classic star wars fashion they’re gonna go into hyperspace this

Isn’t your typical family vehicle with a handful of modes like sport mode we created a versatile small suv that’s made for almost any climate driver interest and style under the hood you’ll find chevy’s proven ev propulsion system technology with a single motor drive unit producing 200 horsepower and an immediate 266 pound-feet of torque customer favorites

That will come standard in the boltz euv are one pedal driving and region on demand one pedal driving doesn’t require you to push the foot brake and regen on demand allows you to restore energy when you come to a stop i’ve spent a lot of time behind the wheel of the bolt uv i’m a one pedal driving kind of guy and i just really enjoy being able to drive the

Car and control everything with my right foot and the combination of that with the steering wheel paddle it just makes it really pleasant safety is one of the first things customers look into when they’re in the market for a new vehicle the hd rear vision camera and chevy safety assist come standard in the bolt euv this includes a variety of safety features

Such as forward collision alert front pedestrian braking lane keep assist with lane departure warning and more there are also a handful of available safety and driver assistance features to personalize your all-electric commute and what would an evb without the latest technology wireless android auto and apple carplay is great because now when i get in the car

And after i’ve paired up my phone i don’t have to plug it in i can just put the phone right on the wireless charger and i’m rolling the story culminates with all of our families arriving at walt disney world and you’ll notice that the driver’s hands are off the steering wheel wow super cruise is a hands-free system that automatically manages not only speed and

Distance for cars in front of you but also navigates its way through 200 000 miles of road supercruise utilizes two advanced technology systems a driver attention system and precision lidar map data the driver attention system uses a small camera located at the top of the steering column and works with infrared lights to determine where the driver is looking

Whenever supercruise is in operation if the system detects the driver has looked away from the road for too long the vehicle will alert the driver with visible as well as audible alerts to take back control of the wheel i live 60 miles from where i work and in the time i’ve been using super cruise i find myself a lot more relaxed when i was a kid and you said

Hey where do you want to go anywhere in the world it’s walt disney world right like that is the destination and this fandom is in all of us i am the father of six daughters and the grandfather to six granddaughters and i can’t wait to see their faces when they recognize that that vote euv is the one that their grandpa’s been working on since we’ve all just

Finished watching what went on behind the scenes let’s get a final reaction from our owners back at test track i’ve owned a lot of cars in my life and no car has been more fun to drive the first thing i noticed was how much space i’m gonna have in the back if i actually i’m putting surfboards i’m putting wetsuits i can fit so much gear i really like the design

Of it it’s much bigger than the bull ev that i currently have when can i buy one that’s all i want to know both vehicles will be available nationwide this summer with the all-electric 2022 bolt euv starting at 33 995 dollars and the 2022 bold eevee starting at thirty one thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars for more information please visit

Forward slash ev oh and one more thing chevrolet will cover installation of level two charging capability for eligible customers who purchase a 2022 bolt ev or 2022 bull euv this offer gives customers access to faster charging right where they want it at home thank you for joining us here at the walt disney world resort to go behind the scenes and get a first

Look at chevy’s all-new 2022 bolt euv we hope our dreams of the future have brought a little magic you

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