NEW 2022 FORD F150 LIGHTNING PLATINUM, LARIAT & PRO: Trim Comparison and Review- Americas EV Truck

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What is up guys this is walker with the car guys youtube channel we’ve been working hard to bring you the best youtube content best f-150 lightning content and we’ve got three trim levels that we’re going to show you today we have the platinum this is your top trim level f-150 lightning of the year you have your f-150 pro that is your basic entry level f-150 lightning

And you have your mid-trim level f-150 lariat we’re about to dive in and show you all the stats all the differences and let you know what we think what’s up guys it’s jake from the car guy here with walker paul tetters for the car guys youtube channel today we are checking out three 2022 f-150 lightnings we’re gonna break down the difference between these trucks

We’re going to show you some of the things we love you know a lot to talk about we’re going to dive right into it coming right over here you saw me hopping out of the frunk of my 2022 lightning pro but this is the lightning platinum man this is the top level trim this is that best of the best the show stopper that thing that lets them know how you rolling like that

You got it like that this 22 legend pro some things that are unique about it you’re going to get the light bar that is not present on the pro you have a platinum specific so this is only on the platinum this nice kind of faceted front grille front fascia you’ve got the same front hooks across all of the trims these steel hooks here but one thing that you don’t have

On some of our lower level trims like my probe is your front parking sensors let you know how close you’re getting when you’re parking when you’re sliding up into that space so that you can charge this beautiful 22. now these wheels are specific to the platinum each different trim level does have its own specific wheels all of them have a fantastic look they’re

Refined coming to round two are mirrors here you’re going to see a camera on the bottom also not present on my pro not present on some xlts and you also have your blind spot there but that is present across the entire trim range of the f-150 lightning same lightning badge down the side but you do have these nice running boards in this gloss black finish with

The uh warning light letting you know when the door is open you know when the truck is in use as your parallel parking taking care of business they’re coming around to the we’ve got this tree blocking us everything is very similar on the rear but one thing i did want to point out is that we’ve got this different tailgate it’s even got a different shape than our

Traditional f-150 tailgate i believe my lightning tailgate is interchangeable with any f-150 whereas these tailgates are only interchangeable with other f-150 lightnings another thing that’s different about the tailgate that you will see on both the lightning and the lariat won’t see on most xlts and definitely won’t see on my pro is right from the key on one of

These trucks i can drop the tailgate down or actually retract it super nice feature straight from the factory don’t have to do any extra aftermarket type stuff now as far as the beds you can go like this lightning lariat and get your ford tough bed spray and liner i will be doing a uh a linex spray and liner so something that we got done locally and another thing

That we see here in my bed and i believe in the bed of all of these lightning trucks is that pro power on board so three different chargers with a generator there um super easy to use can power your house up to three days super handy coming around to the interior we could hop in my uh my 22 pro first and check out some of the differences everybody so immediately

Upon entering into my pro you’re going to notice the 12 inch digital dash that is the same across all trim levels but one thing that is different you’ll only see this touch screen on the xlt and the ford lightning pro across all trims we do have this cool startup animation here in the different animations associated with the drive modes um super cool and super

Handy straight from the factory here we do have the collapsible shifter everywhere um but we don’t have that vertically oriented touch screen and we don’t have our flip out center console i’m going to show you when i hop out and get into our lightning platinum another thing that’s different the dash you’ll see is a little bit different this has leather wrapping

Going further back actually than your higher level trims same dual glove box same 12 volt and 120 volt so a lot of similarities but a lot of differences too so we’re going to check that out no blue crews in this model but we’ll show it to you in the platinum come on now checking out the interior of our 2022 platinum this one is the mack daddy so there’s a lot to

Talk about from those suede inserts on your door as well as this nice gloss black finishing and the wood finish as well we see what i was talking about with the leather wrapping on the dash coming forward a little bit but as far as differences we’ve got contrast stitching as well and that matches these nice two-tone seats so black and gray both integrated in with

The banging olafson’s unleashed sound system so that is the best of the best speaker in the headrest speakers up top speakers all around you hop on in walker and we will show them a little bit more of this interior another feature that is different on this 22 lightning platinum is the ford badging itself this is actually more of a monochromatic badge where as you’ll

Notice a little bit more color in the other badges here you see what i was talking about with the 12 inch digital dash there but back to differences we’re talking about blue cruise right here blue cruise is that hands-free type of driving that uh that car driving truck driving for you experience that everybody’s looking for will work on any of the highways that

Are set up for blue crews that are millions of miles as i understand it right now um so you can really get out there and check it out we’ve got the same two-tone seats in the rear you of course have carpet and floor rubber floor mats in this one whereas in my truck we have vinyl on the floor ring and as far as the top you’ve got that show stopper that baddest

Of the bad full panoramic sunroof super nice hard to beat as far as trailer setups we’ve got pro trailer backup assist as well as an integrated trailer brake right there super handy for the you folks that want to tow this is a max trailer tow package as is my truck but i don’t have those nice pro trailer backup integrated uh trailer brake features in my truck

You’ve got a qi or a qi charger present as well as a touch of a button will slide back this nice center console cover with the wood finish there no center console cover on my pro i don’t believe there’s one on the xlt and i believe we’ll see one in the lariat here in just a moment let’s check that out thank you now as far as the exterior of my truck you’re going

To notice the plastic front grille front fascia missing the light bar across the top and you’ll also notice those differences we were talking about in the tailgate with a more standard f-150 tailgate coming over to our lariat it does get a little bit more reminiscent of what we just saw with our platinum but we don’t have that gloss black front finish this is more

Of a matte gray look so people will know the difference you know just visually from the front of the truck from the lightning to the platinum even though you’ve got the same bar coming across the top still have your front sensors but we’ve got different wheels now i myself am kind of partial to these lariat wheels and i also very much like the pro wheels that i

Have so let us know what you think we’ve heard some folks are not a fan of these wheels whatever you think you can customize them you can swap them out i just think this is a great option from the factory that we do have the nice gloss black running boards down the side and we do have our 360 camera so as far as the exterior in my opinion this is kind of similar

To our lightning platinum as far as interior you’re going to see some differences let’s check it out foreign coming on into the interior of this 22 lariat we just saw our platinum so you’re going to immediately notice some visual cues that are different we do have kind of a wood grain appearance um plastic door insert here you also have your leather wrapping and

It is still contrast stitching but it isn’t quite to the level of that nice white stitching in our platinum truck you do still have of course your same shifter but you do get this center console work surface here the old tax write-off super nice option to have for you folks who actually want to use your truck you know to get some work done as far as our seating

Here we’ve got two-tone seats as well and a gray and black configuration it will not have any kind of massage feature like you’ll see in your platinum but it does get you that leather definitely a step up from the cloth in the xlt or the vinyl in my pro your panoramic roof is the same one that you’re going to notice in your 22 platinum but some other features are

Different as far as back to that center console cover here you do still get one unlike the pro but it is going to have that different texture there that different kind of uh more granulated look in my opinion um our center console still has usbs usbcs we’ve still got our 12 volt or 120 volt but let’s talk a little bit about performance guys um you know as far as

Performance this is an extended range the platinum is an extended range and you’re going to see it 100 charge depending on how they’ve been driven they’re going to get somewhere in the twos as far as mileage whereas a lot of my times mine will get in the low ones or in the high ones low twos um versus the mileage that you’re seeing represented here on our lariat

And our platinum so you do get better range with these and the charge time does not change by a whole lot it actually just charges a little bit quicker a little bit more capacity you do still have your heated steering wheel your heated seats and your cooled seats that you’re going to see in your platinum you don’t see any any of that in my 22 pro so some nicer

Features as well some comfort stuff and then as far as performance we both have 775 foot-pounds of torque in each trim level every trim level standard with the lightning but you do gain i believe over an extra 100 horsepower from stepping up from your standard battery to your extended battery which again is only available in the xlt and up in your retail configurations

Here so all all-wheel drive trucks all absolute torque monsters electric vehicles great options from ford with that big cabin feel and a lot of modern technology and features that we’ve come to appreciate so let us know in the comments send us an email which f-150 lightning you love what you think the best bang for your buck is i know i’m happy with my pro but i

Know if i was dropping a platinum i wouldn’t have no problem guys this has been jake fry the car guy with the one the only walker paul tether is here for the car guys be sure to like and subscribe right now if you haven’t subscribed already you’re gonna miss some awesome trucks because they’re coming at you fast and they’re coming at you quick we’ll see you soon

Guys jake by the car guy walker paul tennis we out

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NEW 2022 FORD F150 LIGHTNING PLATINUM, LARIAT & PRO: Trim Comparison and Review- America’s EV Truck By The Car Guys