New 2022 Ford Ranger XLT Supercrew 4X4

Hello everyone welcome back today we are here at ford of kirkland and we are gonna be taking a quick look at this 2022 ford ranger and uh this one that we’re looking at today is the xlt trim level and uh if you look at the body you will see what makes these two really stand out here you have these uh 18 inch matte black wheels and when you come to the body you

Have this uh orange and blacker graphics on the body which i think makes this to look really cool this one that we’re looking at today is a super crew with a five foot bed you have the fx4 offroad boldly written with the fx written in orange color and when you come to the back you have the orange striper that is across the whole rear which i think makes this

Look really nice this exterior color that we are looking at today is called the cactus gray and this has a black interior with a orange station on the seats this one came with black cloth seats but it looks really nice if you look all across you’re going to find like orange stitching on the steering wheel and the gear lever this ranger that we’re looking at has

A wheelbase of 120 sesa inches which make it to be a really small and ideal truck for people who are thinking of getting something smaller than the f-150 this ranger that we are looking at today is powered by this turbocharged 2.3 liter four-cylinder engine that is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission and this engine produces 270 horsepower and uh 310

Pound feet of torque and with this 2.3 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged engine you can tow up to 500 pounds and with this you get a payload offer 169 pounds or 1905 pounds depending on the package you get which i think uh it’s really great uh payload for a pickup truck like this with this you get uh 20 miles to a gallon in the city 24 miles to a gallon on the highway

And 22 miles combined on this xlt you have a 8 inch display system and when you come to the gauge cluster you have a 4.2 inch display two which i think is really nice and uh one thing that really sets this uh ranger apart is that now you have actual gear control lever which i think it’s really nice and when you look down there you have a two usb charging port

Which is really nice enter ford have stayed with a physical button on this ranger that we are looking at this one is equipped with this really nice looking running board this one didn’t come with a power seat you have a manual seat because this is the xlt and when you open the rear door you have this beautiful and that special sun interior and there you have two

Usb charging ports and a small storage compartment behind the front passenger seat you have a storage compartment there and uh with this xlt you have two cup holders if you don’t need it you can put it away and you will have space for fifa passengers on the door you have a chrome and then you have your lock and unlock button and when you come here you also get

A storage compartment on the door which i think is really nice this xlt that we’re looking at doesn’t have a push up button so you have a physical key and let me start it and show you what it’s like when you start your ranger that is what your uh 4.2 inch screen in the digital display gauge cluster is like and yeah you have your 8 inch screen which i think

Looks very bright and down here you have your control you have your four low for high and too high and uh back there you also have your trailer control which i think is really nice and when you look here right in front of the front passenger you have ranger for the written in the in the front seat you get uh two cup holders and uh with this you also get a 4g

Lt wifi one thing that is really cool is that even though you get two usb charging port ford actually equips this with uh two two twelve volta chargers which i think is really nice when you turn off the ranger it actually reminds you to check the rear seats for occupants which i think is really nice especially if you have children on the steering wheel you have

Voice control you have your music control over there and when you come over to the left hand side of your steering wheel you also have some buttons that helps you in controlling your uh ranger and one thing with this new ranger you get uh curve control electronic power assist steering you get a ford pass connector 4g wi-fi and you get a hotspot telematica modem

Hill start assist lane keeping system pre-collision assistance with a rear view camera you also get a remote keyless entry when you come to the front of this ranger you have this uh auto high beam and auto on halogen lamps which i think looks really nice and now you also have your fog lights down there so what do you think about this uh 2022 ford ranger xlt with

The fx4 offroad package please i want you to leave your comment in the comment section and if you are new to my channel please subscribe like and share this video and please press the post notification button so that when i post future videos you’ll be among the first to see my videos and i want to say thank you to father of kirkland for giving me the opportunity

To check out this beautiful ford ranger

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