New 2022 GMC Savana Explorer Conversion Van Review

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Hi dan marcourt from our barrington buick gmc right behind me is a new gmc savannah explorer conversion van we are an explorer conversion dealer and have been for over 20 years one of the largest in the country and yes it’s snowing and it’s cold out but these vans are amazing and i personally drive one myself i’m going to show you what it looks like and what it

Can do so explorer does a really nice job of taking what would typically be a passenger van and making it really look like the denali of vans and one way they do that is not just custom painting all the trim to be color matched but they have a beautiful ground effect and lower fascia that really bodes beautifully and they also incorporate 20-inch wheels have

A real premium modern look so the gmc savannah also incorporates a lot of the modern technology lane departure alert and blind zone alert especially for a vehicle this size you want to have that visibility and that safety some nice attention to details that illuminated sill plates so they light up blue gives a really premium look one nice thing that explorer

Adds is this ground effects package which is hiding power running boards let’s check out the beautiful inside the gmc savannah conversion vans come in either a standard top or a high top the high top is very cool it actually will clear an 8 foot garage door look at how spacious and cavernous this is that’s one thing i love about the high tops is it gives you

This airy feel and you can actually get up and walk back and forth without having to crouch they added these vista lights which give it that open air feel it is really wonderful on the road explorer has now added smart tvs and they’ve increased the size to 32 inch so this has an hd 32 inch smart tv that allows you to stream your favorite shows from the streaming

Services of your choice the gmc savannas offer onstar for safety and convenience onstar also incorporates a 4g lte data package that enables you to have this as a wi-fi hotspot on the road so your kids can stream from tablets or you can integrate your tv your smart tv right to your streaming services and watch an endless catalog of movies and shows if you like

Privacy while you rest they also have integrated blinds that are hidden under the valence which are really nice and when you don’t want to use them they just nicely tuck right up under there so they’re for all the windows around the back area captain’s chairs each have independent slides limousine like leg room back here and they also reclined nice and comfy

Yes very comfy one nice thing they’ve added are the usb chargers there are more chargers than i think this can fit passengers someone can always charge their smartphone you can either vent the sunroof or you could open it pretty cool and it has that setting the stop stop stop in case you want to vent it very little different sequences of venting and if it’s

Too bright you can close the shade so explorer vans has made some nice additions uh one of the things that was dated pretty archaic radio system and didn’t really keep up with the times they’ve added this new aftermarket system that looks very modern and well thought out and nicely integrated it has fantastic audio systems you can see it’s a nice large touch

Screen and the main menu you’ve got android auto or apple car play usb siriusxm radio and a variety of other things all hands-free voice activated which fully integrates with the steering wheel audio controls the volume and presets and after having used it for a few weeks i have to say it’s fantastic i absolutely love it the navigation system it is zoomable

Touch screen the hard drive integration in the system is really quite impressive you can search xm by category by type of music and obviously live music i think it’s top notch and audio quality is fantastic whether you’re streaming bluetooth or listening to xm radio also done some nice interior enhancements as well there’s a fabric coating along the back side

Walls and as you can see in this vehicle showcased here the diamond stitch seating that really is is top-notch and looks stunning one thing that a lot of people aren’t aware of with explorer vans they have all the leather hides out there and so they hand select all the leather heights they cut them trim them and stitch them right at the plant it’s all done by

Hand these are literally handcrafted vans and until you see it it’s really hard to believe they can literally customize your van to whatever your specifications are so you have available heated seats i specifically really love this trim they put throughout this is the blackwood and you also have a power lumbar that’s available on both driver and passenger front

Seats so in addition to seats you have the overhead console up here which has a variety of indirect lighting and features that really add some nice ambiance and mood you’ve got lower direct lights ceiling indirect lights and even the cabinet lights behind and then you have integrated led fog lights which are part of the explorer cosmetic package with the lower

Fascias they incorporate and there’s some nice reading lights and also a homelink universal garage transmitter you’ve got the backup camera integration the rear park assist if there’s an obstruction and then you also have the factory hd camera in the rear view mirror so it’s nice to have redundant cameras for trailering and some of the other functionalities

And speaking of trailering gmc savannah vans have an available 6.6 v8 which is a powerhouse it’s 401 horsepower with the six-speed heavy duty automatic transmission and 464 foot-pounds of torque so in a vehicle like this where you can put nine passengers spaciously with the six captains chairs and the power folding rear bed sofa seat you can tow up to 9 200

Pounds when properly equipped in an extended wheelbase with a 6.6 v8 so very very impressive and there’s nothing like it out there you also have a static charger here as well another nice feature is the center console here which integrates additional cup holders but serves a functional purpose it’s a cooler for the road that’s pretty cool in the rear you

Have a large cargo area the jack and so forth is on the side a storage vacuum for easy cleaning power outlets i will show you how the power bed works so you can adjust this forward or back if you want to increase cargo space or leg room for the backseat passengers but for a road trip if you actually want to stay and take a nap or sleep even overnight in your van

You have that capacity that’s pretty luxurious so as i mentioned before the towing capacity is one huge advantage of these this specific setup with the 66 v8 can tow over 9000 pounds i personally towed thousands of miles a 32 foot travel trailer that weighs about 7 500 pounds and that was with the old generation 6 liter v8 the new 66 it has over 400 horsepower

And over 460 pounds of torque it’s going to pull that like a dream i’m sure so on a cold day like this you definitely want to take advantage of the heated seats we’re going to go for a short drive so is this vehicle kind of easy to drive around or is it like lugging around a bus no it’s surprisingly nimble you would see this in size and mass and say you’re quite

Intimidated the reality is it’s very nimble actually nice to drive it’s a great road trip vehicle because of the long wheelbase and when explorer puts the 20-inch wheels on these they really handle nicely and even though these are rear-wheel drive vans in the v8 configuration because explorer does offer a four wheel drive version that is available with the v6

Option the v8 simply has too much torque in the rear wheel drive version you can get a locking rear axle which gives a great stability um and slippery surfaces and they have standard stability system and electronic traction control as well go fast so you can see the acceleration’s quite brisk it actually feels a lot like a yukon denali in acceleration now i’m

Going to let our camera woman drive she doesn’t have a lot of experience with fans hi i’m the camerawoman i have very limited experience with vans so this will be fun if you also have limited experience with vans then let’s experience this together surprisingly for its mass it does speed up really easily you kind of expect to be driving a school bus because

It’s so big and even though it’s slippery out it’s holding its weight pretty well so would you want to drive one of these as your commuter car if i were this would actually be a really fun car if i had a lot of people that i wanted to take on road trip i thought it would be a little overwhelming with the size especially since it’s so live but the mirrors here

Make it really easy for me to check how close i am to either side of the road let’s see how it does when it stops actually okay i thought it would be like with gravity but no it actually is like hello stuff pretty nice i’ll hand it back to the boss man all right well i’m back to my camera position is there anything else you’d like to tell us about they will

Paint a chassis any color you want really a little bit of a premium cost but if you want a pink metallic fan you can get one dang that would make barbie jealous what have we learned today you can make any cartoon van you want this is exciting news thank you for watching our video i hope you enjoyed it and if you do like it please like it and subscribe to our

Channel we cover everything buick and gmc here if you would like to order your own explorer conversion van or find out more information you can call us at this number or click on the link below thanks for watching we’ll see you soon and don’t forget to grab a handful of licorice and drive

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