New 2022 Infiniti QX55 – Fastback SUV

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So all-new infiniti qx55 the qx55 pairs unapologetic style with inspired dynamics a spacious sporty cabin and the latest tech for owners from front to back the look and feel of the qx55 makes it stand out from the competition it’s provocative presence that doesn’t sacrifice substance in the name of style one of the most recognizable design elements of the qx55

Is the double arch grille inspired by folds of japanese origami this air intake off the grill asserts the vehicle’s confident look the pronounced grille is flanked by infiniti’s signature headlights that are as intense as they are alluring for an even sleeker appearance we’ve also added angular gloss black accents deeply set into the front fascia that bracket

The lower half of the qx55 space above a clamshell hood visually integrates with the a-pillar thanks to a clever four-link hinge and as you can see it really gives the qx 55 a dynamic head turning profile qx 55 really is a bold execution in design and looking at the side profile i’m instantly drawn to these incredible 20 inch wheels and the low aggressive stance

The standard 20-inch alloy wheels and deeply sculpted body sides position the qx-55’s visual weight low on the vehicle connecting to the road underneath for an assertive and planted look the qx 55’s d-pillars make statement in relative silence the fast angle connecting the sloping roof line to the pronounced rear fenders is stylish yet understated this leads to

The suv’s expressive rare featuring unique piano key lighting elements in the tail lights with 45 individual leds in each light cluster the rear of the qx55 embraces a minimalist approach the liftgate is clean with an infinity badge spanning the center of the gate that’s free from large deep and intrusive stamping for license plates the infinity badge is dual

Purpose not only is it a beacon for the road ahead but it also houses the power liftgate release and review camera also available is a motion activated lift gate convenient when hands are full activated by waving a foot underneath the rear bump the interior continues the provocative and sport inspired exterior presence looking around the cockpit what immediately

Stands out is the wide stage of the low dash giving both the driver and the passenger excellent outward vision the standard power sliding glass moonroof brings in loads of natural light into the cabin owners can select an interior color combination that complements their style with up to three bold color combinations a graphite stone and this stunning moniker

Item opt for either a dark aluminum trim or a black open pore wood finish on door panels and dashboard the standard heated and ergonomically designed zero gravity front seats help reduce physical fatigue assembled with precise stitching in leather or premium semi-analyzed leather upholstery the seats give a tailored appearance to the interior with a crafted

Feel while adding to the luxurious cabin the qx55 carries up to 762 litres of cargo behind the second row and a maximum volume of 1532 liters with the rear seats folded which is more than you will find in even some traditional style suvs in this segment the qx55 also boasts up to 38.7 inches of rear seat make room that is in line with or even beating similar

Size competitors and its innovative sliding second row seat that travels nearly six inches maximizes cargo and passenger space these elements combined provide an interior that can be almost instantly configured to support owners busy lifestyles the qx65 cabin features four usb ports to provide convenient charging options the cabin and the console of the qx55 is

Designed with driver in mind the center console is tilted towards the driver to make sure that all controls are easily accessible while creating a cockpit atmosphere that wraps around the driver up to 16 speakers are available on the qx55 thanks to bose performance series audio which replicates sharp high and low frequencies resonant bass notes and nearly every

Note in between via custom engineer tweeters woofers and other speakers placed inside the cabin for the driver infiniti’s most advanced driver assistance systems can support and inform when needed the qx55 offers infiniti’s pro pilot assist driver assistance system which helps keep the vehicle in the center of the lane even around gentle curves reducing driver

Fatigue and enhances comfort all the while maintaining safe distance from the vehicle in front the groundbreaking variable compression 2-liter turbocharged engine powers the qx-55 and produces a spirited 268 horsepower and impressive 280 pound-feet of torque thanks to its innovative design in conjunction with paddle shifters and infiniti’s drive mode selector

The driver is empowered with multiple drive modes to change the driveline’s character including shift points steering force and engine mapping the engine and transmission shift power to all four wheels via infiniti’s intelligent all-wheel drive system which is standard on all qx-55 models

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