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New 2022 Kia Forte review // Compact cars are amazing value

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We’ve got the refresh kia forte and true to forum kia just after having this vehicle out for a few years is already tweaking the formula take it easy there andrea here we go let’s pop it in sport mode here we go all right we’re driving the kia forte with a facelift but first of all let’s get into what’s under the hood a two-liter four-cylinder engine matched with a

Cvt 147 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque front-wheel drive only there’s an optional 1.6 liter turbo 4 cylinder with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission 201 horsepower and 195 pound-feet of torque the base model in canada gets a manual transmission but not in the us but the top gt trim in the us with the 1.6 liter turbocharged engine gets a manual transmission

But we don’t in canada i think that’s a miss there for kia yeah well the thing is that in the province of quebec manual transmission based model cars are still popular and that’s why they bring them it’s also a price point thing they can get them in and advertise a cheaper car this is one of only a few cars left in the market that starts under twenty thousand dollars

Canadian and that my friends is a dying market and it’s too bad because these are great cars they sure are now speaking of that base model what do you get in it what are the key standard features the base trim features include an 8-inch touchscreen a 4.2 inch instrument cluster wireless apple carplay and android auto heated front seats cloth upholstery manual driver

And passenger seats halogen headlights heated side view mirrors 15-inch wheels and a six-speed manual transmission in canada it’s got drive modes here what can we put it in you can put it in s for subscribing if you can hit that notification valley you’ll be notified when all our reviews drop and then you can watch them and we do this a couple car review twice a

Week the first one drops on wednesday we put another one out on saturday so please subscribe hit the bell but also follow along on instagram it’s motormouth underscore andrea for me it’s motor mouth underscore auto and the links are below this video is brought to you by car cost canada get the dealer’s cost list of rebates plus discounted interest rates use the

Promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches the link is in the description below this forte the engine is matched with the cvt but you wouldn’t know it it shifts beautifully yeah it’s mimicking shifts the difference with this transmission is it has a chain driven continuously variable transmission they call it an ivt intelligent variable

Transmission but because it’s chain driven instead of a belt driven system they mimic shifts and when you drive it you honestly can’t tell in fact andrea and i both drove this and we thought is this the one with the bigger engine and the dual clutch that’s how good it is yeah we couldn’t believe it even the power 147 horsepower are you kidding me it doesn’t feel

Like it kia has tuned this beautifully we have a great hot topic coming up after questions coughing cars talking about this category and why i believe and andrea believes as well a lot of people are looking past this kind of car yeah now what about the way it drives what do you think i really like it i’m having a lot of fun with it it handles very well it’s agile

It’s nimble it feels pretty quick the only time that i’ve noticed maybe a lack of power and you can hear it right here on the highway you know a little bit it gets a little bit louder but remember the class that it’s in and it has 147 horsepower that’s the whole thing you have to adjust recalibrate your mindset this is an inexpensive um commuter car and you know

What i think it does a great job now it’s also nice to be back in a car oh my god i’m so sick and tired of driving suvs all the time every time we get a vehicle to review it’s another suv you know what people are looking past these things you can you can move it around you can park it anywhere i’m really enjoying it now it doesn’t have independent rear suspension

And that’s one thing compared to another vehicle we’re going to talk about that coming up in questions coffee and cars one thing that i noticed in the snow of course is the ground clearance we all know that with cars and i think that’s why suvs and crossovers are so popular is you just sit up a little bit higher obviously not the case with a car and i did find

That when we were in the snow the bottom i could hear it scratching a little bit we had an audi a7 same sort of problem when they sit lower to the ground but you just gotta wrap your head around the fact that you’re driving a car and it’s sportier and it is more fun you know what this is a great second vehicle to have in the family we have a honda civic as um a

Third vehicle in our family but uh having a compact car to go along with your suv that’s a really good garage to have now the koreans can’t leave well enough alone this car came out just a couple of years ago and they’re already in there tweaking it giving it a facelift what did they do well they gave it a new front grille new front bumpers and rear bumpers and

New wheel designs i like the look this gt line has the red accent in the grill i think it’s sharp it looks cool yeah they’ve done a really nice job of making it look upscale even though this is not an expensive car uh yeah i think kia one of their strong points is design and you see that on the inside as well they made a few changes to the inside they added an

Automatic emergency brake with auto hold it’s available it’s not on every model it now comes standard with wireless apple carplay and android auto and the available 10 and a quarter inch touchscreen which we have on the gt line trim now andrea is it the same conundrum we have you can’t get the large screen that we have and wireless apple and android you got it

Zach it sure is so this does not come with wireless apple carplay and android auto the eight inch touchscreen that you get on the base trims does we found out the reason behind it we were we were on an event with the hyundai and we asked the product plan and we said why can’t we get wireless android and apple with the bigger screen because when you get the bigger

Screen you get on-board navigation that’s right built-in navigation into the head unit and apple and android want their navigation to be the default and hyundai and key are saying no no no no we have onboard ours so it’s a tug of war yeah it’s all about money it’s all about money and who has the proprietary navigation so they can’t figure that out hopefully they’ll

Figure it out and we’ll get that on board now we talk about value with this kia forte it certainly is there the trim that we’re test driving is just over 26 000 but you don’t have to spend that much if you don’t want what’s the best value trim andrea best value trim in canada goes to the ex plus trim you get the eight inch touchscreen but you get a heated steering

Wheel and heated front seats a sunroof led headlights an led tail light and manual driver and passenger seats now in the us the gt line for just over 21 000 i mean what a steal of a deal you get the larger touch screen and mostly the same features that are available in the ex plus trim that we have in canada but you also get ventilated front seats and it’s moving

Power drivers let’s move to america andrea get a forte what a deal all right the back seat this is a compact car it’s not massive but it’s comfortable you just have to get your head around the fact of what you’re driving yeah the forte comes with great second row legroom at 35.7 inches but it’s not best in class act the hyundai elantra with 38 inches and the honda

Civic with 37.4 inches both offer more rear legroom when it comes to cargo capacity you can see that our carry-on and a cooler fit just fine and it’s actually best in class at 15.3 cubic feet the civic takes second with 14.8 cubic feet and it’s the nissan sentra in third with 14.3 did i mention that i love being back in a car again we got some great questions about

This let’s get into it time now for questions coffee and cars your questions from instagram how was the dual clutch transmission i heard the dual clutch from hyundai and kia is jerky and not smooth at low speeds do you want to go first yeah i’ll go first i think the big problem with people who have never experienced the dual clutch transmission is when you get in

You’re not really sure what it’s doing yeah so if you know what it is then you kind of go oh that makes sense so it’s not an automatic transmission it’s actually a manual transmission automatically controlled so all of those sensations you get when you’re in a manual transmission with the clutch going on and off when you’re backing into a spot or changing gears you

Know you put the clutch in and out it’s doing all of that but it’s doing it automatically and once you get your head around that you go oh it’s kind of fun yeah and you kind of think to yourself oh i get it now i i see how this is all working i really like it i think it has such an engaging and entertaining drive we had it in the kona we had it in the santa cruz

Um i’m trying to think what else we had the dual clutch in well hyundai uses it a lot now and their suvs are using what’s called a wet dual clutch but it’s um it’s basically more fun it once you realize what it is if you know what you’re getting into i think that you can really enjoy this dct very good price point with great gas mileage i wonder if they’re missing

Out on some sales by not having an all-wheel drive option well mazda does with the mazda 3 they have an all-wheel drive option but most vehicles don’t come with all-wheel drive in this class uh you can get the subaru impreza of course uh but yeah most of these cars if you’re looking at the corolla the civic the elantra this their front-wheel drive and that’s part

Of the beauty of them is the simplicity and you know what there is absolutely nothing wrong with a front-wheel drive car you put the proper winter tires on it and you drive with a lot of common sense it’s going to do just fine in the winter so we’ve all been programmed that everything’s got to be all-wheel drive no not everything has to be all-wheel drive this car

With the right actually has a winter tires on it right now and we drove it in some pretty crappy weather and it was fine actually we have the ioniq five all-wheel drive this week also with winter tires on and this forte and frankly i didn’t see much of a difference in our snowy conditions well you’re seeing out now the snow’s all gone it melted very very quickly

But we had a lot of snow for a few days and this was just fine and thank god it melted quickly it’s gone i said to andrea there goes winter that lasted for two weeks thank you we put out a lot of content weekly and if you’re looking for anything on a car it’s really easy to find all you do is you go to the youtube search bar first of all you type in motormouth and

Then the brand you’re looking for in this example it’s kia then all of the videos we’ve done on kia products will show up how does it compare to the segment leader the new civic in terms of build quality and drive i like it this interior is quite nice i would say it is probably equal to the civic but the civic has a higher starting price and even this top trim

This is the gt line we don’t have the 1.6 liter turbocharged that’s on the top trim we’ve got the two liter four cylinder but it basically has the same interior and look at this steering wheel there’s not a lot of hard plastic lots of soft materials used one of the things is that this comes with a torsion beam rear suspension doesn’t come with independent rear

Suspension so the segment leaders are the civic and the corolla both of them have independent rear suspension i prefer that over a torsion beam but you know driving this for a week put it this way we have the ioniq and we have this kia forte this week they’re both fantastic products i take this out more because i i like it it’s fun i like the interior i like the

Classic layout in here i like where the buttons and switches i want to put the heat on for my seat i just hit a button i don’t have to go to a menu and a screen i don’t have stupid door handles i just have everything right here and you know what i like that i think for ease of use yeah it’s really nice kay’s done a good job with this it’s hard to find a lot wrong

With it and all in this segment at this price there’s some piano black of course there is in this price point but you know what all of the stuff above your knees is soft touch well done kia yeah and now it’s time for our hot topic what’s this one andrea are small sedans or entry-level cars still popular and relevant in canada is it reliable is the hatchback still

Popular in north america with more people shifting into suvs and crossovers these days as both of them have the largest market share it’s amazing how things have changed in the auto industry when i first started reviewing cars it was the civic and the corolla were the best sellers and now it’s compact crossovers in fact crossovers and trucks now account for about

80 percent of the market and cars are just down to 20 but of that 20 this is the most popular category yeah for sure this offers a lot of space but it’s that fuel economy that’s quite incredible we’re all talking about getting into evs and phevs and hybrids but how about a car you can get great fuel economy almost as good as a hybrid well here’s a perfect example

We’ve been driving this car for almost a week yeah we’ve had some pretty cold weather it’s warmed up a little bit since we got it but this car is getting around 6.6 liters per hundred kilometers in real world economy that’s 36 miles per gallon you think about that you’d have to get a hybrid as andrea just mentioned for a lot of vehicles to get similar mileage so

You can have something that’s comfortable good on gas and doesn’t cost a lot to buy no not at all now hatchbacks well they’re great for practicality and versatility um i like the forte five i also like the civic hatchback and the corolla they’re equally as fun but you know what sedans outsell hatchbacks you would think sporty fun little hatchbacks would be the

Most popular no no no no it’s sedans believe it or not okay so if sedans sell better why do they charge more for hatchbacks why is that i mean they it’s almost like they’re saying oh we’re going to position this as a sportier vehicle so we’re going to church more for it because there’s a certain segment of people that won’t consider a sedan they want a hatchback

Well you want it you got to pay although the i have to say the forte five that base model comes with the two liter four-cylinder engine but all other trims get the 1.6 liter turbocharged engine okay i got to tell you about the reliability on this phone no no that’s do the vital stats let’s do the vital stats let’s start with pricing the base manual trim in canada

Is just over eighteen thousand dollars and the b cvt in canada is just under twenty thousand dollars just over nineteen thousand dollars u.s our best value trim the ex plus in canada starts at just over twenty three thousand dollars and the gt line in the us is just over twenty one thousand dollars the top gt limited trim is just under thirty thousand dollars

Canadian and twenty three and a half thousand dollars u.s gd power gives the 2021 kia forte an impressive quality and reliability score of 87 out of a hundred carriage states the forte will retain 49 of its value after five years here’s the fuel economy this forte gets 7.9 liters per 100 kilometers in the city and just 5.9 on the highway that works out to 29 miles

Per gallon city and 39 miles per gallon highway kia offers a five-year hundred thousand kilometer or sixty thousand mile warranty 87 out of a hundred it even beats the civic which gets great reliability and quality where it doesn’t get the best is in resale value with the 49 after five years but you know what this is what i say zach with the chip shortage and the

Used car market through the roof hey it’s anybody’s game these days that’s true well you touched on the civic it certainly is one of our vehicles to consider for your consideration four vehicles for you to consider first up is the mazda 3 with a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission 155 horsepower and a starting price of just over 22 000

The best seller in this class is the honda civic with a 2-liter four-cylinder and a cvt 158 horsepower and a starting price of 24 and a half thousand dollars the toyota corolla with a 2-liter four-cylinder engine also matched to a cvt it is 168 horsepower and a starting price of just over twenty one thousand dollars the nissan sentra with a two liter four cylinder

And a cvt with 149 horsepower and a starting price of just over twenty one thousand dollars so there are four cars for you to consider lightning round two things we like two things we like to see improved i really like how nimble and sporty this is i love how good it is on gas what i’d love to see is the manual transmission available in canada on the top trim with

The turbo engine and we say it every time kia and hyundai wireless android wireless apple on your bigger head units the saying champagne tastes on a beer budget really suits this forte you know what people are looking at suvs and overlooking highly efficient inexpensive great cars like this forte this video is brought to you by carcass canada get the dealer’s cost

List of rebates plus discounted interest rates use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches the link is in the description below

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