NEW 2022 Mercedes SL 63 AMG | Full Review SL 55 V8 Design Interior Exterior Sound

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Check out this feature you can actually tilt the screen by pressing this button you can make it lay all the way down or up hello guys welcome to merge ben’s king this is the all new generation mercedes amg sl it is back to its heritage repositioned under amg and this all means it has a soft top at a two plus two seating position and it even has a variable

Spoiler interviewer and the rear axle steering so from the sl63 we will move over to the more comfortable sl55 amg and i really love this one in particular especially because of all the gadgets and comfort luxury beautiful new generation interior which is called the elegant design and yes it has the portrait style screen but still the gt still center console

With a v shape in this video i will show you the full exterior interviewer and all the new gadgets so this is a full touchscreen as you can see we already have it in the c-class and s-clause if you press the home button you have all your fast options but there’s also a heart button option which is to open and close the soft top so you can just press the button

Over here and close it by swiping to the left and there it goes great mechanics relatively fast and if i release the button it stops so let’s continue amazing and now that we have the soft top closed we can enjoy the full beautiful interior with the ambient lighting and i love that this sl is called the sr55 it has a more comfortable feeling especially

Because of the seats here it says amg of alterbach and it also has the massage function which i didn’t expect in the new sl looking over into the cockpit you can see it has the turbine style air vents and the start stop button is actually behind the porch that style screen i really would love to see it on the steering wheel or somewhere down here but this is

Very well hidden not for the driver because it immediately catches your eye so you can also change it into the support plus with the dynamic select switcher on the steering wheel and here you can see it has a very dynamic feeling to it also on the center console display you can change the exhaust button start stop function amg dynamics and you can even open

And close the spoiler the gauges have a very interesting design and you can also change the content for example to sport or classic so let’s go to the sl63 and therefore i will open the roof there we can see it only takes a few seconds for it to be finished and i really love this gray color the sl55 this particular one has a gorgeous color the alpine gray

And here on the site it says v8 by turbo 4matic plus which is also very special given that this is an sl it is seven centimeters longer and that is what makes the two plus two possible i really love these amg ramps with the red brake calipers beautiful with definition it sticks out a little and 21 inch and from that angle you can see the very wide positioning

And the new design front with the front bumpers and the edgy headlights the shark design i really like it it looks very aggressive and the sl has a huge spread between comfort and sport you can see it in this sl55 with the massage seats but let’s talk about the figures of performance with this sl63 in a beautiful patagonia red exterior color and it has the

Carbon ceramic brakes so i will open the bonnet this very long as you can see it has the folded in door handles so guys make sure you follow me on instagram the link is down below and i have amazing content special for you about all new mercedes-benz vehicles and the most exclusive ones of amg let’s open the bonnet beautiful how the headlights are integrated

Into the hood with the dodge design and the carbon fiber front lid it still has this secure that you have to pull for the bonnet to open and there you can see a beautiful v8 bi-turbo which produces around horsepower from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in just 3.6 seconds so let’s close the bonnet and let’s have a look at the rear because i love the beautiful

Light design in these dots horizontally biased and this really reminds me to the more gt style design you will also see it in the s-class e-class horizontally biased this specific sr-63 has very aggressive rear diffuser with carbon fiber and blacked out exhaust tips now we are on the other side of the metal this is the very sporty variant of the sl the sl63

With supportive options like the amg sport cup seats these are very light and you don’t have the massage function of course on these ones you can also see it has the carbon fiber details around the center console but of course still the glossy black you have your wireless charger for your phone and you can actually tilt the screen as i showed you in the start

In different angles so guys thanks for watching merge bands king i hope you liked the video with the mercedes amg sl and i hope to see you guys next time bye you

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NEW 2022 Mercedes SL 63 AMG | Full Review SL 55 V8 Design Interior Exterior Sound By MercBenzKing