New 2022 Nissan Rogue Review – Midsize Family SUV

Here’s the new 2022 Nissan Rogue review containing its interior and exterior design changes, features, safety, color options performance and tech details.

Hi everybody this is the nissan rogue built for adventure the rogue is family friendly and packed with advanced tech with impressive performance and mileage but that’s just the beginning nissan spent a lot of time listening to what families want from a midsize suv and it shows there are smart solves everywhere let’s check them out when you’re driving with kids

You need family sized everything nearby not rolling around on the floor solved check out this bonus storage under the center console it keeps everything within reach next up arm rests typical armrests open up like this they can be awkward and make it hard to hand anything to the second row this butterfly design opens from the sides giving everyone direct access

Want to juice no two drivers are alike roe gets that take these gauges they’re digital and customizable so you can swap out screens for just the info you want so even if someone’s using the touchscreen for music you can have a map right in front of you rogue’s head up display is like having augmented reality right on the windshield see turn my turn directions

Vehicle speed and driving aids the info you want right where you need it nissan knows you like things easy rogue instantly and wirelessly connects to apple carplay maps podcasts music and your favorite apps pop up right on rogue’s 9-inch display and check out this solve the wireless charge pad is angled to keep your phone on the charger at all times but all this

Great tech isn’t just for the driver rogue connects everybody there’s a usb a and usb c port up front and in back and with wi-fi for up to seven devices your kids can connect and stay entertained for miles when engineers think like parents you get a helping hand when you need it most start your engine and warm things up before you get in just press here or tap

Here or even from here and your family never gets into a freezing cold car again plus the driver gets a warm seat and steering wheel what do you do when you’re in a busy parking lot and you’re in a rush to get your kids inside here’s a solve nissan added unlock buttons to all four doors so you can quickly get in just the door you want loading kids can be a lot of

Work rogue has rear doors that open almost 90 degrees so you can easily get your kids and car seats in and out the door sills are pushed in so you can step closer without banging your shins they increased the door opening so there’s less ducking for us taller folks they indented the armrest so you don’t get poked in the back when you’re helping your kids in and out

Once everyone’s in there’s temperature controls for rear passengers built in second row sunshades cut down on heat and glare so there you are with a full shopping cart that wants to get away no worries just kick under the rear bumper and the lift gate opens now just drop the second row and you never had to let go of the cart rogue is fit for virtually any adventure

Even with both seats up there’s room for gear with the seats down the possibilities expand like bringing a bike without the hassle nissan solved flexible cargo with its unique divide and hide storage system drop this panel and you create a space for those awkward pedals you also have under floor storage flip this panel up and you have the flexibility to organize

Almost anything and still have plenty of space nothing’s worse than a spilled gallon of anything solved so that’s the nissan rogue looks like the only thing nissan didn’t solve is which adventure to tackle first you

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