New 2022 Porsche Macan GTS (Chalk Color) | Walk Around | Details|

In this video we go over the new Porsche Macan GTS in Chalk equipped with black interior!

Hello thank you for joining me on my walk around video today we have the 2022 porsche macan gts my name is dennis i’m a certified brand ambassador here at porsche south austin today we’ll go over the features and benefits of this vehicle and answer any additional questions you guys may have please like and subscribe and share if you guys enjoy this vehicle

Thank you and enjoy okay so let’s move to the front of the vehicle in the front of the fascia you’ll see that this vehicle contains surround view and adaptive cruise control which we housed that unit along with those options high gloss black trim was selected which really complements the chalk really well in addition to selecting those options as we move to

The side of the vehicle you will see the window trim was selected in high golf black along with the roof rails as high gloss black as well door handles will be selected in high gloss black now heading over to the side blades there’s multiple options that can be selected you can select an exterior color carbon fiber or a high gloss block heading over to my

Favorite part of the vehicle are the 21 inch gt design wheels the over it looks phenomenal with this built with the satin platinum finish along with the wheels you have the porsche surface coated brakes they come standard in red as we make our way towards the rear of the vehicle you see the mazda’s designation at macan gts was selected in high gloss black along

With porsche and this vehicle does contain the clear tail lights which all look amazing now moving toward the interior of the vehicle this one does have the upgraded extended leather package and this customer did select the interior to be black now as we look at the headrest you’ll see that the gts comes stitched into the headrest which looks phenomenal as

We turn our attention to the center of the vehicle you will see that some changes have been made from the previous generations they reduce the amount of buttons and have enter display which makes the vehicle look modern and neat over to the steering wheel of the vehicle you see that this one does have the sport chrono package which does give you the different

Drive modes as you turn the knob you’ll see that support plus sport normal and individual are options that you can select to enhance your driving performance in the center of the button is going to be the support response button that gives you an instant 20 seconds that you can press at any time to enhance your driving experience now finally let’s get to hear

The vehicle i’m gonna do a short sample of what the vehicle sounds on a cold start and of course give you some rounds so you can see what the macan gts is all about thank you so much for taking time to watch my walk around video hope you enjoy please like and subscribe for additional content i’ll also include additional content on my social media platforms

Which will be shown in the following screen i would also love to help you find your next porsche so please let me know if i can provide any assistance thanks so much and hope you have a great day

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New 2022 Porsche Macan GTS (Chalk Color) | Walk Around | Details| By The Art of Porsche