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Check out the latest New 2022 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab 4×4 Rig Ready Ram featured with Emily at Redwater Dodge. This Ram 1500 Sport offers an abundance of Rig Ready comfort for all off-road tripping needs!

Hey guys it’s emily here at redwater dodge home of the 10 oil change rig ready rams and now we buy your ram this is a 2022 ram 1500 sport and it is a rig ready build so let’s go check it out up at the front of this one it is a night edition so you get the blacked out grill with your blacked out badging as well as your smoked out headlights they are led headlights

And fog lights on this one color matched bumper in your patriot blue color and then you are going to have your front park sensors all along the front here built in sport hood and then lifting up the hood you’re going to have your 5.7 liter hemi along the side of this one since it is a rig ready ram you’re going to have your six inch bds lift with the upgraded

Fox shocks bushwacker fender flares kickback mud flaps 35 inch toyo tires and 20 inch fuel wheels coming along the side you have your flip up toe mirrors color match door handles with the proximity entry as well six foot four bed on this one and then coming into the back you do have the color match bumpers once again all of your blacked out badging because it is

A night edition four and seven pin wiring with your hitch receiver all ready to tow and of course your backup camera popping this one open it does have your spray in bed liner right from factory but now we’re gonna check out the inside up in the front of this one you do have your black leather seats with the cloth inserts and they are going to be heated as well

Lots of storage in your center console here the top of your center console does have a usb charging option in it you also have your sliding cup holder right here as well as a place to hold your phone below that you are going to have a 115 volt plug-in and then of course right here you’re gonna have your usbs usb cs and aux plug-ins and then dual glove boxes on

This one as well big 12 inch screen on this one you can hook up your alexa to it which is pretty cool with the new uconnect 5. here’s where you have access to that rear view camera if you’re hooking up your trailer you can hit the little plus sign it’s going to zoom directly in that’s super handy coming over to your phone you do of course have the option to hook

It up for your bluetooth this one does come with the navigation in your comfort this is where you do have access to your dual climate control as well as the buttons for your heated seat and your heated steering wheel here’s where you have access to all of your radio and then if your phone is hooked up it will be in there too and then of course you can split screen

It as well if you don’t want to use the screen you can turn it off with the click of a button and it’ll turn back on as soon as you touch it built-in trailer brake control you have your tow haul mode and then you do have the option to turn on and off those front and rear park sensors if you’re not wanting to use them coming over to the steering wheel it is leather

Wrapped it’s going to have all of your hands-free controls on it as well as your cruise controls auto headlights on this one power folding mirrors as well coming up here you do have the alpine sound system in this one as well as another charging option a 12 volt up here universal garage door opener so each of these buttons can be programmed into a different garage

Door and that’s going to save you clutter from having to carry around a whole bunch of clickers up on your visor you do have an auto dimming rear view mirror in this one as well as a power sliding rear window we’re now gonna check out the back seat the back of this one it is a crew cab so you have a ton of legroom here for your passengers your passengers also have

A ton of charging options they’re gonna have a 115 volt us2 usbs and two usb just on your center console here as well as two cupholders right here and two more that fold out in your center armrest underneath these cloth floor mats you are gonna have these in floor storage bins and they actually pop out super easy just like this for cleaning lifting up your seats

You do have a ton of storage underneath here which is super nice if you’re going to the lake have any sporty equipment or groceries you want to put back here if you like some more info on this rig ready ram you can click the shop now button below for pictures and pricing or give us a call 780-942-3629

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New 2022 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab 4×4 Rig Ready Ram – BDS Lift Kit | Stock # NR18745 – Redwater Dodge By Redwater Dodge